Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sharing some photos

What is this , "Cute kid week"? ha I just snapped a couple of quick ones of Wyatt in this! How darn cute is that? His Aunt and Uncle brought it back for him. It's a bit big for him at this point..but it wont be long and it will fit.. ( and I'll be there with my "good camera". I just had my little one with me in my purse, this day.

He is growing up so fast. The entire time Gabby was doing my hair.. he we just jabbering up a storm. I am TOTALLY sure "he" knew what he was saying. ha

Those photos were from Friday. Yesterday after photos with Griff, I had make a run out to the cabin.. so I snapped the next two there. ... What a gorgeous day it was.

The nice cool weather lately , has been so good for my plants.

It will be sad to see them freeze when the cold weather gets here.

so I better enjoy them now.

These were so small in the beginning, now you can hardly get around them to get up the steps.
We pull in the garage and come in that way anyway.. so not a big deal.

It's super nice AGAIN today! I can not believe how fantastic the weather has been for August.
I took a break and went outside for a bit.. but I'm working on a number of projects. ( that I'll hopefully be able to share soon)
I'm trying to get caught up as I'll be leaving for Canada at the end of the week. I always look forward to seeing the CS girls! It will be alittle work , alittle play. Certainly looking forward to the seeing Sandy's new place by the ocean! WOO HOO! Cant wait!
I LOVE the ocean.. you know we don't get to see much of that here in Nebraska!
Promise to share something creative tomorrow! Really...ha


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

These photos are ALL fantastic!! Your plants are really thriving ... mine are starting to wear out from the heat we've been having here in NE Ohio.
Little Wyatt is adorable and the outfit is precious!!! Maybe you only had your "little" camera, but you caught some "huge" photos! GREAT job!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Sharon in NE said...

That outfit on Wyatt is so cute! What a precious face he has.

Love your flowers!

janel said...

Oh what beautiful photos. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Wyatt could not be cuter! That is one sweet outfit he has on, and I love his long funny is that?
Enjoy the week and we will all be anxious to see your fabulous projects. You deserve some time at the beach, although your post today looks like paradise to me. Thanks for always helping me stop and smell the flowers!

KimmyS said...

Awwwwwwwww he is sooooooooo cute. I am loving his little outfit as well.
And dang, how amazing are your plants?? You really have the green thumb!

Juliana said...

Beautiful photos!! The flowers and Wyatt!!! What a cool outfit--wonderful photos--such a sweet face!!

I stink at growing flowers--so I REALLY appreciate those who can--and I REALLY appreciate looking at the beautiful photos!!

Scrap for Joy said...

You have no shortage of cute children surrounding you. Love the pigtail!!! Your plants look great..mine are suffering this lack of rain.

rose said...

what great photos! oh he is a cutie and what a great outfit!

Anonymous said...

Wyatt looks so cute in his outfit! He is a doll!! Your plants look beautiful!!

Have a great time in Canada with the CS gals!!

Micki said...

The photos of Wyatt are just precious!