Monday, September 29, 2008

Glimmer Mist hanging file folder tutorial

I thought I'd share with you , how to assemble this hanging file folder.. out of Manila file folders..using Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Screens. Super easy to make.

Start with 4 Manila file folders.
*note* all of mine just happened to have the tab in the center..but as long as the one you use as your front flap has the tab in the center.. the others really don't matter that much, but if you have the option, you may want to line them up with the tabs alternating from side to side.

You will need to trim the tab and about an inch or so off one of the folders. (like shown below)

That piece(above) will be the piece that is the back. Lay it down opened with the straight edge (without the tab) along the bottom. Then lay the other three file folders (still folded) on top.. with all the bottom edges lined uplike this (below)

fold the top part of the long back piece down over the others.. making a flap. ( below)

Lift the flap and ,Punch a hole on each side about a 1/2 inch , towards the top , all the way through all the file folders including the back piece. I used my cropodile..and did them all at once ..but you can also just mark it off with a pencil on each manila envelope and punch them with a standard punch separately if you want, just making sure they all match up.

Now that you have this part done, your ready to start using your Glimmer Mist and Screens.

Pull the inside folders out, keeping the front folder and the long piece( that is your back and flap).

These are the pieces that will show, so this is were you will want you design. (below)
You will be working on the back side of the long piece and the front side of the folded piece.
So lay them out , as shown below so that you are ready to spray.

I started by spritzing lightly , over all (both pieces) , with Vintage Pink.
Personally I like the look of the larger splotches of ink.... so if you have them and like them .. Leave them. lol But.. I want to show you this trick, if you prefer not to have them. (below)

*Hint* If you want a more uniform "splotchless" look.. you can just ball up a paper towel , and lightly tab all around (don't wipe..unless.. a very smooth wiped look is what you're wanting). I like to wait a minute before using the paper towel if I do this.. to give it a little time to start to soak into the paper. No sense in wiping all the color off right?

* like the way I just made up the word.. "splotchless" ? lol
You can achieve different effects with Glimmer Mist depending on whether add you next color with the previous color is still wet.. or if you let them dry in between. When they are still wet, you will get more of a blending of the colors of course. It's totally your preference depending on the look you are wanting to achieve. If you want to speed up the drying process , you can use a head gun or blow dryer.

After my base layer was fairly dry, I laydown my Glimmer Screens and start spritzing on my first color. If your working on a large area like this you will have to start at one end and work your way across, moving your Glimmer Screens at you go.
After laying down my Screens, I spritzed on (Pink Ink) glimmer mist. (below)

Then I spritzed (Spring Mist) in some areas. I didn't wait between the colors..but I did put them on lightly.. and I've found that , although you can let the colors blend... spritzing them in somewhat different areas, shows of the individual colors better, without getting a muddy look.
When you're using the Screens, adding light spritzing of color .. letting them dry some in between, gets a crisper image. If you add alot all at once.. it will pool and naturally seep under the stencil.
That can also be a cool effect, but if a crisper design is what your wanting..more light layers, allowed to dry some in between, has a better effect.

Next I added some "Robins Egg Blue" (below)

You can lift your Glimmer Screens off at anytime. I just usually leave mine a few minutes before lifting them off, to avoid smearing them when I'm taking them off. I just do something else for few minutes and then lift them off.

* Again..if you want you can dab with a paper towel if you don't like larger blotches. I like them.. so I left some.

Like I said before , a heat gun can be used to speed the drying process...but you have to remove the Glimmer Screens before doing so.. or you'll melt them.
I did use the heat gun on the long piece.. because I plan to add Glimmer Mist and repeat the design to the other side of this.. and if I add more color to the back side, when the folder is saturated all the way through, the chance is, it will mess up the image I've already done on this side.

Once it's dry, I turn the long peice over to do the back (as seen below), and also lay out the other folders , so that just the tops are showing. (There is no reason to to the pattern all over them , because the tops are all that will show, once it's assembled.)

*HINT*sometimes you can see that the paper ripples a bit. No worries, is will flatten out. If you have an iron you use for crafting, you can certainly use that , if you want to really smooth out the paper, and it will speed the drying time also.

I sprayed mine , with them laid out , just like the above photo, and as you can see below, this is how it will cover. Once it's assembled, this is all that will be seen.
After it's dry , you can assemble it again.. with the folders inside and the flap folded down over them.

Below you can see the bottom edges of all the folders together. I lined the bottoms up and added stripes of double sided tape between each of them...just along the very bottom.
At this point I inked the edges of the assembled file folder .. with my "Chestnut Roan" Colorbox CatEye ink. Just for a more aged look. This is optional of course.

I then cut about a yard of lace, and ran an end through each of the holes.. from the back , through all the hole in all the folders , and tied it off. Once I have that done, it's easy to find the center of the lace, by pulling it up above the envelope. I cut it in the middle and then tied it.

(below)Now for the flower. umm.. well as you can see, that pink is just not going to work with this ..just too pink. ( is there such a thing as TOO pink) ha..usually, not in my book.
But it's just not matching is .... No problem...

I'm going to make my flower match by using my left over Glimmer Mist. I'm just basically going to mop it up from my work mat. Why waste right? Glimmer Mist is water based soa couple of good things about that are... one... it cleans up really easy, and washes out of clothes, and off your hands, and two... even if you walk away and it dries on your work can just spritz it with some water and ... wah la... it's re hydrated again..and you can use it.
*HINT* after I got it about the color I wanted. Instead of trying to link the edges with an ink pad.. I just spritz a little "Sandy Beach" colored Glimmer Mist on my work surface.. and lightly let my flower tips touch the mat, as I turn the flower back and forth in a twisting motion.

(below) see, the same flower, before and after.

I love to use these big flowers, but I don't like the big plastic piece in the back, because it makes in hard to attach to things and lay somewhat flat.. so here's what I do.
I pop that inside and back piece off. Sometimes I leave the little plastic separators between the layers of the flower, if they have them,...just for lift. Once the centers are out. I run a piece of lightweight wire , through the button and down through the flower to the backside.

Then , so I have a bigger area on the back of the flower to actually glue to the project. I take a piece of chipboard, punch a small hole in the center, and run the wire through it.

Once I get the wire through.. I pull it tight, I cut it off and bend the wire over, or tape it down.
Now I have a bigger firm piece to help adhere the flower to the folder.

I added the flower to the front, and added a Glimmer Glass piece to the folder tab in front and to the corners.
And here's what the inside of the file folder looks like opened up. (below)

(below) is what the file folder tabs look like inside. You could add labels if you wanted.

I added a little Glimmer Glass Butterfly to the lace. I've found that clear adhesives work really well for adhering these. I used Diamond Glaze.

I hope this gave you some helpful hints.

Have fun creating!

Crafty Secrets DT Project Challenge

Here it is Monday already.. wow, where did that weekend go? I'll tell you more about what I did with mine, further down in the post....but right now I want to tell you about the Challenge I posted to the Crafty Secrets DT...that they jumped on enthusiastically! Woo!

I love the "Artsy Alphabet" set of Clear Art Stamps from Crafty Secrets.. so the Challenge was to use this stamp set with any other Crafty Secrets products, to create... a card.. layout, altered project, ect... Whatever they choose. The girls on the team will be sharing their projects on their blogs today, so be sure to check them out.. THEY ARE INCREADABLE!

Anna Wight
Heidi Blankenship
Lisa Zappa
Marisa Grossman
Pam Hooten
Vivian Peters

Okay.. here's my project using the stamps. I used the "Artsy Alphabet" for the words "Remember" on the hanger, and the other stamp set I used was from the "Frame it"
stamp set. All papers are from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage also.
(Classic Paper Pad)

***You can Click to see it larger

I love altering these Pants Hangers for projects like this. Target has the best.. they come in natural or dark wood, and the hardware part is black on silver.

I have to say .. I LOVE Chestnut Roan colored ink from Clearsnap ..for the perfect Brown color for a soft aged look.
Oh.. and that border punch.. Martha Stewart.

When I cut and stitched these on , I really wanted them to have lifted edges for dimension.. so before stitching them down.. I folded them in half .. so that the edges would stay up a bit.


Okay... here's a little something I saw this weekend. One of Wes's friends and his wife, who live near us, where out of town and needing someone to look in on these little cuties .. born 5 days ago.


Proud mama "Shy" , stayed close to her babes.

Saturday.. I baked a peach pie with the peaches we picked last weekend at Aunt Vivs.
They were so good! I took this with us to Lincoln Yesterday , since we were helping Wes move to his new apt.

After many many trips from one place to the other and many many trips up and down the steps (apt is on the third floor. ugh) ... by the time we left.. he at least had a place to sit, a bed to sleep on, and a tv. Now that he has the basics.. he can go from there with the rest.

Jarad was a huge help! Great to spend time with the boys, and be together..(even if it was an exhausting day).lol
I (like most of us) struggle to find a happy balance at times, when it comes to work.. family, ect... . I am really really working on making sure I always remember to take time for the things that are most important in life, the things I enjoy. Days like today , spent with the boys .. just reinforces how important those times are. No special occasion, no big event. ( for pete's sake ,... I was scrubbing bathrooms and whipping out cupboards) lol But yet it was really good.

Now that I have myself teary.. I guess I just needed to say, I'm really proud of the "men" our "boys" have become. ( that's okay to say right?) lol

I can tell you , that place smelled like "clorox clean up" before I was outta there.
It's bare..but clean , that's for sure. Wes has a good eye, I'm sure he'll have it whipped into shape in no time. I shared with him this idea I saw using album covers.. I think he might use
Album cover wall . The one I was telling him about was done with them hanging from a thin metal rod and hung with wire and metal clips. I just can find the link..but it was really cool.

I really enjoyed the ride home last night. There was a lightening storm off to the North that was so beautiful. That in combination with great tunes on the radio.. I was a happy camper. Very relaxing.

Just a couple of other things.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Liv!


and Deniselynn.... good to hear from you girl! I've been miss'n you!


Okay, I've rambled enough. Hope your weekend was nice. go conquer the day!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Altered Photo holder

I've been wanting to do a little something with these photos for my brother-in-law who has been sick, .. and with all these photo holders sitting here calling my name, I decided I'd give a "masculine" themed altered photo holder a try.
I took photos of closeups, but you should be able to click to see them larger anyway.

The photos are of my brother-in-law when he was a boy , living here in Nebraska. They now live in AZ. He is out of the hospital and into a therapy/rehab facility. Doing better each day. Thankyou all for keeping him in your prayers.
This is the front.

I used different parts of the photo holder, a mix of papers and lots of rub ons. haHope he enjoys it.

Okay... I HAVE to share with you, the most amazing bunch of lace and trims ever! Woo Hoo!
I'm in heaven. I don't know when this obsession took hold of me ,.. but I can not get enough of lace and trims. The weird thing is , it's not even that "using " them is huge, for me .. just HAVING THEM thrills me. I just love looking at them. (weird I know).
Anyway, the story behind this is... My cousin/dear friend Paula gave me these for a early "B" day gift! She is collector of many things herself.. and she knows lace and trims are one of my weaknesses. She actually gave me all kind of fantastic things that I cant wait to use, like a beautiful Martha border punch and those cool Martha bird stamps, a darling cupcake card she made... and ALL THIS LACE!
I just got the tiered iron piece in the photo above, when I was in SD last weekend. Now I know just what it will be used for. It's a perfect place to hold and display these pieces of lace in my studio.

There were some amazing tatted pieces in there that I will never use on a project ... just enjoy... like the butterfly piece I put on my lampshade in my room.
And this beautiful doily below, that I just have draped over this stool. I'm planning to hang in over a shelf.

Late last night. (when I was "not" sleeping again) grrr.... I sorted trims. Finally put me to sleep. ha Some people count sheep.. I sort trims.

It's a beautiful fall day... and the pups are wanting to play outside, so off we go.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Friday, September 26, 2008


It's Friday! Taylors Challenge day. Below is Taylors sketch for this week

Taylor VanBruggen
I decided to use her sketch for an altered project this time. I guess it's hard to t ell how big this is , from these photos, but it's an 8x10 frame. I stamped the 4 backround pieces using one of the fourishes from the "Flourish" set of Clear Art Stamps from Craftys Secrets.
I stamped them in Black and embossed them with Clear. ( Clearsnap ink and embossing powder)
You can click on it to see it larger
I love this fourish

The flowers are from Prima and the leaves are just cut from paper and inked on the edges.

I used the "ABC TopHat" alphabet set to stamp the word "beautiful" along the bottom.

I cant thanks Taylor enough for comming up with these great sketching for us to work with each week. I'm always honored to be a part of this group of stampers extrodinare. They do amazing work.
You can check out what they came up with , with this weeks sketch here

Cupcake Crew
Taylor Vanbruggen-Taylored Expressions
Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff
Jami Sibley: More is More
Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper
Mary Jo Albright: Beauty Lies Within
Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme
Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp
Have a fantastic Friday!