Saturday, October 18, 2008

The colors of fall

These cards are one of the projects I've been working on for Clearsnap. It was an assignment to make a simple card using ColorBox Pigment ink and Top Boss (Clear) Embossing powder.

You can see better here , the effect of the Top Boss (clear) Embossing powder with the ColorBox (Copper) Pigment ink.
It really does have a beautiful effect.

I also used it on the ribbon stamp here ,that runs vertically.

" Thankyou, Thankyou, and Thankyou again" !!! X 26 lol
Lets just say.. I repeated this a few times. lol ( I think I've got in down pat now) lol
Now, time to right up the directs and label the backs of the cards. ( I have to say, I like the paper, glue, and scissors part of any assignment ,more that the paper work) lol I guess that's only natural right?
I do love the colors of fall, and the fresh brisk air. Fall used to be my very favorite time of year. I still really like it.. but as I've said before.. just not crazy about that comes next. (and hate to see all those pretty plants outside ,that i nurtured all summer.. FREEZE.)
Anyone who's been to my house, knows that it's obvious that fall colors defiantly influence my decorating. I find the colors so warm an cozy.. any time of the year.
When it comes to my studio..that's a different matter.. I love pinks, blues, ect... but remember I've been the only female in the house for going on 30 years... so I only pushed the "foof" thing so far.. and then found other colors to decorate with , that I still really enjoyed.
Our other house was much ,much more"girlie" that this one is.. the guys were troopers and never said a word.. but I was ready for a change by the time we moved here anyway.
I'm sharing this photo especially for AMY , who gave me that beautiful round mirror when she was here this summer. AND to Cat ..for the suggestion to hang it "there". I like it hanging there.
Good thinking Cat!
I found this photo at Goodman's yesterday.. and just loved it. I used to spend alot of time decorating my home.. but times they have changed. lol I just don't seem to have the time for that , that I used to.. and I miss it. I spent alittle time yesterday , moving things around and putting out some other fall things, that I hadn't gotten to yet. It was fun to just take the time to do that.

The cool pear on the shelf was from Deb for my birthday.

My sis gave this to me a few years ago.. and I still love it just as much as the day I received it.

And this ... well, Sandy has one of these that she uses for
displays at shows.. and I've always admired it. When Mom , Jan and I went to SD a while back.. the gift shop we stopped at had them. Woo Hoo!

I don't know how many of these little sets of birdies I've bough for gifts over the past couple of years.. I just think they're so cute.

the smell of fall candles ... nothing better about now.

Yesterday Deb and I got together for our October Birthdays and went to Venice Antiques and a little lunch. ( photo below was taken there)

We both found a few little treasures. ( I some how can't find the photo of my goods , in my files, or I'd share it). Catherine would laugh ..because I bought some more wooden cheese boxes to use for storage in my room. She said , she hardly ever saw those until she came to Nebraska.. and EVERYWHERE we went .. I mean everywhere.. .there they were... Cheese boxes.. and more cheese boxes! lol

We're a cheese luv'n bunch! ha


Enjoy your weekend!


Kimberly Johnson said...
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Precious Treasures said...

The mirror looks wonderful there. When I seen it I thought it was "So Vicki!". I felt like I had already been to your house with seeing pictures of it on the blog.

TattingChic said...

No, no...thank YOU!!! Thank you for a fabulous fall post! You've done such a lovely job decorating for fall and your cards are always so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Vicki those cards are STUNNING!That looks like a very useful product. I am jealous of your decor photos, I don't do that nearly so much anymore either!
Take care!

MJ said...

I'm going to have to get a photo thru the hand feature on my camera! I likely have it already but haven't paid much attention to the manual!

What is a cheese box? I've never seen one, I don't think, unless you are referring to those wee Velvetta cardboard boxes (wink)!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i love all your decos! i wanna come for a visit so i can touch them all! LOL :D and those cards... so elegant!!

Elaine said...

Such pretty cards!! I'd be tired of looking at all 26 if I were you. Well that last photo is so cool with the "cheese box"? Is that what the planter thingy is? I like it!

Elaine said...

OK, that did not sound right - I didn't mean that I didn't want to look at the cards - just that after 26, I don't think I'd want to see them again for a while....Gosh I hope you know what I mean!

Country Liv . . . said...

Absolutely delicious long post! The 'thank yous' are totally beautiful (as always, the little elves did a fine job! LOL). Your fall deco is beautiful. What a treat it must be to look around your home and see the love that friends give you to commemorate your friendships. I'm surprised you have room for it all. Take care and keep warm,

PS: I finally had to turn on the heat last night!

Catherine said...

It aint easy bein' cheesy is it? Your cards are beautiful, I've been on a card making bend myself! I do love your mirror there, thanks for sharing how it looks. What's so great for me is now I can place myself in the exact spot in your house and actually "see" what your deco's look like, and that's great!! Miss you friend! xox. BTW, Nat and I had a video skype yesterday, we tried to call you to join but you didn't answer! It was GREAT fun.

Michelle said...

What a great stash of Thank You cards! I love your deco! That think of pumpkins, squash etc is fabulous! I need something like that :)

janel said...

So warm and cozy, and I just love those colors. Of course, they are my favs too. I guess I will just have to come to NE for some cheese boxes, as I have a couple and would love to get more. You birthday celebration outing looks like a wonderful place. Happy Sunday to you!

chelemom said...

Your decorating is fab!!! IT has such a warm cozy feel to it!!! Love your cards too!

aimee said...

Fall decorating is the best isn't it? I love everything you've done. I can smell those fall candles from here!

The cards are gorgeous, I'm going to have to try that embossing technique soon. Happy Fall Vicki!


Anonymous said...

Great cards and I always love seeing your decorating!

Kara Ward said...

Your home is so beautiful...and I love the photo of the tree too. I just might have to stop at Gordman's if I am ever allowed to leave this basement mess. Still Cleaning 4 days until the ultimate garage sale.... Kara

Anonymous said...

Lovely autumn pics and so wonderful things you do! Just love them!

happiness blooms said...

I love these little sneak peaks into your world! When I *finally* get my new house will you come and decorate it? :)