Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Fancy Pants layout (Splendid line)

Well, Jan and I got through all our class kits yesterday.. so that fills good. It's always fun to get to spend some chatty time with my sis. She also brought me a CD Keith ( my bil) has made me with the Tilly's on Sesame Street. I hope it's on youtube soon, so I can share the link.. I keep checking up nothing yet. It's SO cute!

So I don't for get I wanted to mention to you to pop over to the Heartwarming Vintage Blog and Check out the new post. I don't remember if I ever even posted a photo of the "Spoolie Bra" I made for Crafty Secrets.. because it was way back before I even started blogging.. but Sandy has a photo of it posted with the story behind it.. and it's pretty funny. The story alone is a hoot!

The layout below is one I did using the new "Splendid" line from Fancy Pants. As you can see, you can easily adapt it to "non Valentine" layouts also. The colors are so fun.

You should be able to click to see it larger. I used my Heidi Swapp distresser on the edges. Fancy Pants, paper, felt, and rubons. And the little doll.. that's Addison.


I got some fun mail today , so I wanted to share ... The card below is from my blog friend Bev...

Check it out.. again, she used one of my photos for the background of the card. How cool is that!

That little girl with the pumpkin and the crow just tickles me!!! Thanks Bev!!

Created by: Bev Breisinger

I also got this card from Tera Fujan. This girl is the technique queen, I tell ya! Thanks Tera!

Created by: Tera Fujan


And ... remember a while back when I showed you this little witch sucker idea? Well I got an email today from a reader , showing me how she made some for a retreat.
Here's mine...
and below are all the ones she made.. and in this cute container too.

created by: Sharon Meachem
Kinsa's Retreat Enterprises
Tofield, Alberta

Thanks for emailing me the photo Sharon!

Thanks also to all of you who asked how my mom was doing. She got another shot for her eye yesterday, and is doing really well. Thank God Medical technology has come so far!

Hope you all have a really great Day!


Country Liv . . . said...

Hi Sweetie! So glad Sweet Momma is doing good and that you have been able to spend time with Sis! I love that photo of Addison . . . couldn't you just eat her up!
Kim is still doing pretty good . . . a little dehydrated last night but I got her to drinking flavored water and off the carbonated drinks so she is much better today.
I bet it's beautiful out there in Oz this time of year. Are the pups enjoying the cooler weather?
Gotta go and work on my catalog-it's now pared down to a little less than 5,000 items from the over 10,000 I had! It's a good thing digital elements are much cheaper than the 'real' thing!
PS: Happy Scary Day!

rose said...

oh love that layout of that cutie pie shes is a doll.
Oh I got my mail and that was totally hilarious about the men and darn camera not working to shucks,I love the bra idea and I HAVe NEVER seen it before but you did a wonderful job on it
Love the halloween pops great,we are preping now for stuff lol!!
and had a nice muddy trip to pumpkin patch but had a total blast

Bev said...

Sounds like you had a great time with sis and glad mom is doing well. I love that layout - especially that just want to pinch those cheeks!! And that Spoolie Bra - Oh my, what a HOOT!!

I'm glad you got the card BEFORE Halloween. It was my first digital project - self taught too!! (you probably could tell that!LOL!!) They say practice makes perfect - right??

Have a great weekend! Huggs!

bnovacek said...

addison actually looks like a doll! so sweet!

i'm glad your mom is doing better.

miss you!

TattingChic said...

Everytime I view a blog post of yours I say to myself "I don't have time to leave a comment so I'm not even going to look." so then I say to myself, "oh, I'll just take a quick peek, I don't have to leave a comment" and then I end up seeing something sooooooo cuuuuuuute that I can not hold myself back from telling you how cute it those darling witchy hat lollypops! How cute are those! Toooooo cuuuuuute!!! :)

janel said...

Happy Boo Day to you!
What a darling layout of Addison. She truly is a doll baby. That paper is perfect. Have a great weekend, and don't have too much fun! Enjoy!
Now off to the CS blog. :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that layout, just took my breath away V!!