Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Fancy Pants "Splendid Line"

I was so excited to see the new Fancy Pants lines in person... and yay.. they came this week! They are fantastic! I just finished this project with the "Splendid" line.. I'm loving the colors soo much. One of the sheets is just filled with these CUTE little Valentines. You can see it all below... or HERE.. so you can see all the new Fancy Pants stuff.

I have really been trying to alter things from the "many" boxes of alterables I have in my supply closet.. so I grabbed this tin with container for this project. I thought it would be fun to fill them with Val day candies. (which...btw.. are a bit hard to find when the candy isles are filled with Halloween candy right now... lol)... So I just went with "Reds".

My mission is to get a lightbox made for photographing projects..because again.. it's a rainy DARK day my photos aren't the best.

The paper, pin, felt, rub ons , buttons, ribbon ect.. are all Fancy Pants.
The rubons for this line.. are the cutest! I used them on the tops of the clear lids for the round containers.

The hardest thing about using Fancy Pants papers is trying to decided which side to use. Both sides are always great. This line is defiantly no exception. Every sheet.. front and back are just super cute.

wow.. I cant believe I didn't even blog yesterday.. and even stranger.. I didn't take even ONE photo all day. Not of anything... even projects. That is really weird for me .. as I don't know when the last day was that there was a day that I didn't use my camera. I took the day to just do things around here, and it was nice. The kids came for dinner last night, so I spent time in the kitchen in the afternoon getting a "home cooked" meal together. I love doing that.. so it was a treat.
I cant believe I didn't even take any pictures when the kids where here last night. Everyone got a break from the camera, I guess. lol
The weather is so icky out today.. I'm just staying in the rest of the day.
I'm in my comfy clothes and we're having leftovers tonight. Ah..... life is good!


Anonymous said...

Vicki! That project is truly adorable, I can't wait to get the new FP line to work with-you've given me a great peek here! (I know what you mean about the lighting- it seems to be a problem all winter for me!)

rose said...

oh love the little box with the vd goodies in super cute,yes totally agree with yah on the fp papers " what side shall I use" lol!
oh sounds like you had a great family day off with super company & homemade food what better way to spend it

chelemom said...

This is seriously, over the top cute!!!

Theresa said...

This is too cute! I am a red-a-holic so it only makes sense that I would love the line...but that little box with the red treats is too sweet - no pun intended!!!

janel said...

Loving those Valentine projects. Just darling!
I am not sure the lightbox is really the answer...I have the Quantaray Portable Lighting Studio, and I just couldn't ever get it to look very good. Maybe user error, but I didn't think it was worth the $.
OK, now I am ready for some Valentine conversation hearts! Always love your projects!

cyndi said...

this is sooooooo cute! I can't believe it isn't even Halloween and you are working on Valentine's!!

Dru said...

Very cute Vicki - love your creativity - always a great place for inspiration. Dru

Shawn said...

Valentines day already???? :) That paper is super cute but I gotta get through Halloween and Xmas first! The light boxes are really handy. said...

Love all those pretties! The goodies look sooo yummy~

And hurrah for comfy clothes and leftovers! Glad u enjoyed ur day ofgf! :o) LOL [pancake nite here!]

Paben said...

Oh I love these papers!Of course i don't have to tell you all your Art is over the top! You will always be my favorite Artist,friend and cousin!

Kara Ward said...

Oh, this is so fun. Great concept and the papers are just perfect for Valentine's Day. I would love this box from my sweetie. Kara

Catherine said...

comfy clothes, does that mean pj's??? I need a jamma day here REAL soon!! Miss you. Love the VD projects.

MJ said...

K loved the very last photo of this post! She said, "isn't it sweet" and it is!

Great eye candy!

I've started posting my CS crafts now!