Monday, October 06, 2008

Quick and easy Christmas Cards

I decided I'd share some more quick and easy Christmas cards made with the "Christmas" Image and Journal Book from Crafty Secrets. I just can't believe how quickly cards come together when, "the focus" the beautiful image.. is all done for you .. and you get to do the fun part.. and just embellish. I did these three cards and even decorated this candle in less that 2 hours.. just sitting in front of the tv. ( now that's my kind of crafting) ha I'm not much of a tv watcher.. more of a tv"listener".. while I work on something.
( you can click to see it larger)

This is the Christmas Image and Journal book . Each of the images have a journaling spot below, you can use them together or separately.Sorry about the "not so great" photos on these..but I had to take them without daylight. (dread)
Because I have to leave in the morning before it's light out. (did I mention I'm not a morning person?). lol One more day of supervising the movers for my friend.

Like I said.. super simple cards..but fun and easy to make.

It's hard to pick a favorite image from this booklet.. all the images are all really beautiful.. and each one very different from the other.

Today is the day... my "B" day. Grrr... not thrilled about having to be "older" , but considering the option.. I'll take it. lol

I got this sweet card and box of goodies in the mail today from Miss Kitty!
Totally made my day! Thanks Cat!

I wish you could see better... the ATC , little cards , and cool magnet she made .. like all her work.. they are so cool.

Yesterday when I was out and about in Omaha.. I stopped at a thrift store, and found something I've been on the look out for .. for a long time. I've been wanting an old lamp shade wire frame to suspend from the ceiling in my room to hang altered tags and cards people have given me.
Is this the coolest shape ever or that??? YAY! I was thrilled! Now.. I little spray paint and some ribbon.. and I'm ready to put this together. Here's the icing on the cake.
* This was connected to a "oh so UGLY" lamp and fabric shade. When I went up to pay for it..... $1.99 WOO HOOO... oh wait .. it gets better. I said to the clerk.... "I really only need this wire part... do you want me to leave the lamp here?" The lady standing next to me says.. "hey.. I could use that lamp... how about I pay half and I'll take the lamp and you can have the shade". So she gave me $ cost 99 cent. Little did they know.. I wanted it so bad, I would have probably paid $10. hahahahah
Cant picture it? I'll show you when I'm finished

I found this little "Bird" stand , photo holder when I was in Lincoln last week. I thought it was cute..but it was black .. so I spray painted it white. 50% off .. ended up being $4.
Oh.. how I love a bargin. ha

Okay.. I better quit with the chatter and get to bed. I'm posting this tonight because I'll be to lethargic that early in the morning tomorrow. lol
Wishing you all a fantastic day!


sarita said...

i love your little "bird" stand..and i also love that you painted it white! i had a black "basket" that i painted white! it looks so great! i also took a wooden picture frame - painted it white - sanded, distressed it - and it's the perfect frame for a picture of my new daughter in law, her mom and i at the wedding! added some ribbon and buttons..TA DUM!! just love white paint! :^)
you have a great blog! lots of good ideas thanks for sharing

Elly said...

Happy to you, happy to you....!!!!! I'm a few hours to late (well, here it's tuesday morning already!)but I wanna wish you many happy, creative and crafty years together with your family! I enjoyed your post very much, love all the christmascards (easy you said hûh???), you're the queen of vintage!, and the iron purchases. The lampshade is great! Oh, and when I'm in the neighbourhood, I'll visit you (you neverknow, hahaha!!! I'll keep on dreaming!)!

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday! The B-day card and goodies you got are so much fun. You make the cutest things. Your cards turned out so cute! How nice of you to go help your friend with the movers! Can't wait to see how the lampshade turns out. From what I've seen here it will be gorgeous!

Bev said...

Happy B-Day! So sly putting it in your blog almost unnoticed! Hope you had a great day! Goodies are coming soon.

p.s. I'm not a morning person either!

Birthday Huggs!

stampqueen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (said in the voice of Frosty when he first wakes up :).
I haven't had much time for blurfin lately but love the keyholder and the littlr bird photo holder!!! The Christmas cards are sooo sweet!!!
Hope you had a GREAT Birthday!!!!

Shawn said...

Happy Birthday friend!!!!!

karin said...

just great, great stuff, all of it!!
take care

Catherine said...

So glad your box got there for your birthday...woohoo! HAPPY Birthday my friend. I love you Christmas cards...especially the way you scalloped the music sheet paper. I think I may stop by JoAnn's and see about some fancy scissors for me.

Have a great day! xox.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh I cannot wait to see what you do with that cute lamp shade!! and that bird stand....sooooo cute! Nothing like a good deal huh. Laurie

Micki said...

You have been tagged!!!!

Come play!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh OH oH! Happy Birthday to YOU!!! You have been a wonderful friend! Laurie

Susan said...

OMG Vic! I've been looking for a lampshade too! What a deal you got. Can't wait to see it finished. I have one of those bird stands too - mine is black with bronze accents. I think we must have been related in some past life...

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Vicki! Hope you get to do something nice for your special day.

Your Christmas cards are so pretty and I love the spray-painted bird frame.

Sugar Bear said...

Happy birthday! Such lovely Christmas cards. It comes upon us so quickly each year.

KimmyS said...

Happy Birthday Vicki!!!!
Big fat smoochies from across the pond!

Oh and I am so ready fro Christmas now, seeing your wonderful cards

Pam said...

Wow!!!! This is my first visit to your blog. Love your "stuff". What a great idea with the lamp shade frame. I'm looking around my studio to see if I could use one.

Nat said...

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet friend!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!! Huge Love!!!

A Robin's Nest said...

Happy Belated Birthday Vicki! Love your bird stand and lamp bargains!

Elaine said...

Man oh man! I just love the way you do up a shabby chic card Ms. Vicki! No one can make them as cute,, as charming and just darling!