Thursday, October 02, 2008


Friday already? Whew.. another week that just seemed to fly by. It's Friday..that means Taylor has given us another great sketch to work with. For this card ,I used Fancy Pants Papers, and stamps, Glimmer Mist.. and watercolor pencils for coloring.

Taylors Sketch And here is the rest of the cupcake crew. Pop on over and see what they created with the sketch this week. These girls always do beautiful work.


Taylor Vanbruggen- Taylored Expressions
Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper

Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme

Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp

Stephanie Hargis: Steph's Stampin' Stuff

I've been in a bit of a slump lately... not feeling super creative. I decided instead of forcing it .. I'm just going to focus on working on some other things. There are certainly plenty of things around here that I could be doing. ( none of them are looking to fun at the moment though) ha

I had to go get my drivers license renewed today... because I'm turning another year older, soon. ish!! Hey.. may be that's my problem.... the "OLD" thing. hmm.. funny , I never used to give it much thought..but sometimes now, when people ask me how old my kids are , and I have to say 23 and 26 , eeek... it freaks me out.

Geezz.. it seems like not that long ago, I was that age. Where the heck does the time go?

Well, I did get some fun mail that cheered me up today... like this ATC from Catherine.

Thanks Kitty! I love it!

by: Catherine Matthews Scanlon

and a box came from Scrapbook Trends with some goodies and the Oct issue. Inside was this

PageFrames Ad using two of my clear albums. That was a fun surprise. I knew they were being used for an ad, but had kind of forgotten about it and wasn't sure where and when.. so I wasn't keeping my eye out for them.

This layout of Griff and Addsion was in the October issue also. Cute little munchkins aren't they?

Because I've been in a bit of a funk lately.. when I was looking through my Mary Engelbreit's-Home Companion, and ran across this.. I instantly tore it out and hung it on my inspiration board , right above my desk. It just tickled me.
I'm sure that will help! ha

That along with the fact that I'll be spending this afternoon with some other creative souls. We'll be gathering at Paula's, for lunch and some creative time. I'll be sure to take my camera so I can share with you.

Hope you all have a great Friday!


Sugar Bear said...

I know what you mean about being in a slump but the holidays are coming! There will be much to do that's for sure.

Nat said...

love what you are showing :-) we are having a holiday today it is a very slumpy day- LOL

Sherrie said...

Look at you Vicki! Stamps and watercoloring! Beautiful....sorry about your "funk" sending happy mojo wishes your way!

Charmingdesigns said...

Have a great weekend...the slump will pass! Laurie

Taylor said...

Vicki... you used stamps!!! :) Awesome! Love your watercoloring too!

Sharon in NE said...

Well, I don't know about YOU, but if my birthday was around the corner and someone (even that sweet Cat) sent me something that had "Nearer my God to Thee" on it, I don't necessarily know if that would improve my mood about turning another year older. snicker snicker

Snuppeline said...

Great colorful card! I hope that both the age-thing and loss of creativity comes back soon. I can really relate to the age-thing. I've just become another year older and feel really very very old now.Much older that a week ago. Strange thing.

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear you're in a slump....just go the junk store (can I come too) and do OTHER things that will spark your creativity..

Glad you liked the on the look out for birthday lovelies next week! :-) xox.

Catherine said...

ha ha ha. I just read Sharon's comment...ha ha ha...can't stop laughing...and if you want a good laugh call and listen to our answering machine'll crack up....

silke said...

Vicki - your card is beautiful - love how the Glimmer Mist looks on your card!!!

Ditto on the slump...I started off that way, but then Taylor brightened by day/week with asking me to be the FCS!!!! She saved me this week - let's see how the next week is coming along....hang in there!!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Great card! Love teh pretty colors and the flower image. TFS!

MJ said...

Poor dear being in a slump. Your post reminds me of when I used to get insomnia and I'd crack out the Plato for a little insomnia-relieving remedy1 said...

Birthdays can be a good time for introspection, can' they? And taking a creative break seems to be a good idea when needed. I usually end up missing my studio and can't wait to get back to it, all energized after a break.

janel said...

I can't imagine you not being creative..that is not possible for YOU. Everything you do is creative! Hope you have a great weekend, and just get to hang out with food, friends, and fun!
Thinking of you!

TattingChic said...

Those cards are all so cool!

Anonymous said...

The volume, quality, and originality of your creations astounds me. I know how frustrating creative downtimes can be, but yours is not obvious to anyone but you. Just the photographing and posting you do would wear me out.
I look forward to your blog entry every day and am never disappointed.
Cia Tate

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture from the magazine!