Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CKC Seattle show photos

Oh.. the view from the plane when I was flying in, was just gorgeous!

I'm always fascinated by mountains and oceans... because you know we don't have much of either of those here in NE, so it's something I'm always mesmerized by when I travel.
Maybe someone who's reading , who's lives or has lived in the Seattle area, knows if this is Mt Rainier or Mt Baker? I've hear that Mt St Helen is flatter on top.. (makes sense).
It was so cool to be close enough to see the snow blowing at the top. Glad I as on that side of the plane and had a window seat! woo hoo!

It's always fun to see all the goodies..but most fun to see friends.

Here is sweetie pie Allison demoing in the Tattered Angels booth. We went out to dinner with the TA peeps that first night in Seattle.. always a great time with them. Lots a laughs!

Always look forward to seeing Michelle. She teaches for Quick Quotes, and works LOTS of shows.

And what a treat to get to visit with Elaine.

Michelle from Tattered Angels flew in for one day of the show, so it was a busy time for her I'm sure..but I was thrilled she found time to stop by and say hello.

And Kristen from Serendipity Scraps. I did some damage in their booth. Yikes. Got me some Gorgeous papers, that I'm looking forward to working with.

We had make & takes both days in our booth. It was fun and we really met so many super nice people.

Even had a "little"crafter. What a doll she was.. and so proud of the tag she made.

Everyone seemed to enjoy trying different techniques with the new Christmas stamps. We used pearlescent chalks after stamping with a clear resist pad and switched off to stamping and going over the stamped image with a Quickie Glue Pen and fine Iridescent glitter ,or a SAKURA clear Stardust pen. ( oh.. how I LOVE that pen)

We were doing the demo in "three's".. so we had three chairs...but as us can see, some fiends who who were at the show together wanted to all do it, so they were squeezed in a couple of times. Sharing chairs.. or kneeling. Die hard scrappers for sure. lol
They were having a good time!

During the time the show is open, the booth is so busy, it's hard to get away to take photos, so I have snap a few before the show or after...but below you can see a couple photos of the
My favorite part of set up is seeing all the beautiful samples in person. The Crafty Secrets DT has some crazy talented girls. If you think the samples are beautiful when you see them on their blogs..you can imagine how stunning they are in real life.

I say it everytime..but it just blows me away that all these people work together setting up their booths to take one BIG empty space and turn it into this amazing set up.. filled with so many booths, displays, products, ect... it's really something to see.
And (below).. you can see , when the announcement is made that the show is now over... tear down begins and by the end of the night it all works it way back to the way it was.
Tomorrow I'll share some photos of what we did after the show... and of a TOTALLY over the top .. coool store we checked out.... lots of fun.
Okay.. I have to be honest... below is the real reason I didn't get all my photos from the weekend gone through to post this morning. The Wizard of Oz was on TV.. and I LOVE is SO much ..
I threw in a load of laundry, took a shower and put on my pj's and then put my feet up in the big comfy chair with a blanket. aahhhhhh it was good.


Becky said...

Wow! What a trip! I would have loved to go to CKC Seattle, but we had family plans.

The mountain is Mount Rainier......always gorgeous. :)

TattingChic said...

It looks like everyone had a ball! What a fantastic event to be able to attend!

Cassie said...

Looks like a really fun time! Your pictures of the Mountains are awesome. Can you imagine how darn cold and windy it is up there?! I watched the Wizard of Oz this weekend too!

harrahx2 said...

Welcome back. I sure caught the excitement from your pictures. I can't imagine all that room filled with ideas! No wonder you are so talented. I am glad it was such a great trip and I know you must have been tired.

Sharon in NE said...

Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I'm jealous. Love the pic of Mt Rainier

Elaine said...

Hi Vicki,
You are such a doll!! I mean seriously - cute, and so sweet, and you make the bestest stuff ever!! Oh, and you're a great teacher too! The home in Santa Barbara is SAFE (whew!), but there were many people not as lucky as we were...we'll have to say a prayer for them. I'm digging out Crafty Secrets tonight :) Have a great day and I hope we get to meet up again next time you are in town!

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Oh my gosh this looks soooo fun. I would have love to have gone to this...but I probably couldn't have handled all the visual stimulation! hahaha, it looks marvelous. That mountain is gorgeous too. Good for you I'm glad you had a great time!

chelemom said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there! I probably would need to refinance my house! : ) I am so honored to be a part of the CS team....thank you so much for the warm welcome....it means a lot to me!

Anonymous said...

The mountain is Mt. Ranier! It is gorgeous!! Looks like you were one busy gal!

Shawn said...

looks like you had fun!! I love the sky pictures.

janel said...

Looks like a great weekend, and those photos of the mtns. are beautiful, especially the close up of Rainier. Haven't ever been to Seattle, but would love to go. Thanks for sharing the fun and beauty.

Emma's Paper Patch said...

love your pictures of the mountains...looks like you had a great time! wow! what a great booth...looks like a lot of goodies. glad you had a safe trip.

rose said...

wow some great photos from the plane.
oh the CS stand ohhh wow wee,beautiful!
4 weeks and we will be seeing the wizard of oz for sure

AliGripp said...

Wow! I love that tree..and what and easy way to make it with that die! You need to follow the yellow brick road down here for a visit!! Take care.

Michelle said...

Looks like a fabulous time! I watched The Wizzard of Oz, too! It was fabulous in Hi Def!!

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a great time! Been thinking of you a lot, hope you're rested from your trip and doing great! Miss you!! xox.