Monday, November 03, 2008

Easy Card packs for gifts

Hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend and super start to your Monday. We're still enjoying fantastic fall weather here... so we're just trying to take it all in. I know winter is not far away.. and here in Nebraska, when it actually comes and how fierce it is when it does , is anyones guess. ha Thanksgiving isn't even here, and I keep hearing talk about Christmas. Oh.. I am SO not ready for that. But... I have been giving some thought to "handmade" gifts , and if that's the case, I NEED to be thinking about it. I love handmade gifts and I don't think there's anything more meaningful and special... but "time" to do it , always seems to be an issue.
I was thinking it would be fun to make some simple note card packs as gifts. Who doesn't need note cards around right? Here are a few I thought I'd share with you. They go really fast..and you can do them up so many different ways.

Here are the first four sets I did last night.
The scalloped card I used for these is Accucut A2 Card-Scalloped-Crease NC213CLC ( Check with your local Scrapbook store to see if they have this die for you to use in their crop room)
I set the bottles of the color of Glimmer Mist I used on each set, next to the cards. You can click to see them larger.
The stamp set used for this set is Crafty Secrets "Bird Lovers"

On this set, I just used a large button as them embellishment, with the ribbon.

Here's a few of the other cards , using stamps from that set. You can see , with the scalloped edge on the card , being inset.. it leaves a cool pattern on the inside of the card.

Below is a set of "Christmas"themed note cards, done using the "Vintage Christmas" stamp set.

Here are a few of the other cards from that set.

For this set I used the "Glamour Girls" stamp set. All of these stamp sets have many other stamps on them, not only images ,but words and sayings. I just decided to use only the images to keep the cards very general. Not.. specifically , Birthday, Thankyou, ect... so they would use them for anything..but you certainly could make them more specific.

I thought a little purse charm was fitting for this set.

As you can see, I just misted along the edges of each of the cards, with the Glimmer Mist.
I hold it over the trash can in my room and spritz.. just catching the edges of the cards.. (and envelopes too). They dry super quick.. so as soon as they're dry , you can just stack them up and keep going.

There are so many great Crafty Secrets stamps with fun themes to do these card sets with, I'm sure I'll be doing lots more. I just did these four last night. I'll share the others as I get them finished.

Here is a baby girl themed set.. done using the ... you guessed it.. "Baby Girl" stamp set from Crafty Secrets.
oh.. so cute.. little charm , huh?

Here are a few of those cards.

I used Glimmer Mist around the edges of all the envelopes also. Having the envelopes done, just really pulls the sets together.


Okay.. enough yackity yak from me.
Have a super day!


rose said...

oh wow we I love this idea and your cards and so perfect what great little sets,I`m sure anyone would be happy to recieve these I know I would! Good old Glimmer Mist so versatile and love the colors you have used along with the CS stamps,so pretty

Sharon in NE said...

YES! Love these. Especially the Glamour Girl ones. I love anything 20s and that era.

harrahx2 said...

kay, I need to get caught up. First, I love the fire and the picture of you in the window is fantastic as are all your shares. The sets are wonderful. That vintage ladies set is so cute. Great idea and great gift idea. Loved the music from your son and have listened to it several times. Of course, he comes from talent........duh! Have a great day.

Rainy said...

These are great! I love them all, the birds and the glamour girls are my favorite.

Monica said...

love your card creations ,especially the birds!

Shawn said...

Very cute! What a perfect gift!

Susan said...

What great card sets - they are so beautiful! Love that glimmer mist.

Check out my blog - I gave you an "award."

TattingChic said...

Lovely cards! Simple, yet very beautiful all the same!

chelemom said...

I love the simplicity of these cards! GORGEOUS!!!

Catherine said...

these are gorgeous that Accucut machine...have a great day! xox.

Chris said...

love this idea!!!!! and love the comparison of the pinks.... one color i am needing to pick up.. made my choice a little eaasier!!!

Angie said...

Such cute cards! There you go with the Glimmer mist again, I'm already addicted to it, but i spotted a couple of colors I don't have. :O

Precious Treasures said...

I just found a punch from Stampin Up that makes the scallops like on your card packs. I love those cards and you are right they would be a wonderful gift.

Paben said...

Oh Vic These are all so gorgeous!They just look yummy enough to eat!I love these Glimmer Mist colors