Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving photos

Hope you all had a really nice Thanksgiving. We had a great time with the family. The photo below seemed to pretty much sum it up. lol
I'm just now getting around to posting Photos from Thursday... simply because we havent really been home more than a couple of minutes since. After heading for Omaha to take Donna and Ron back to the airport to head home... we went back home long enough to gather some things to head off to Jarad's to watch the game on the big screen. Kate had made a big pot of her yummy chili, and the rest of us brought dip, snacks .. ect... They had invited a bunch of us over for the afternoon to watch NE play CO. It was so much fun. I think everyone side aches.. either from laughing so much (or eating too much). Totally enjoyable afternoon and evening!!

Back to Thanksgiving. There was about 40 of us this year. We learned a long time ago... when we started renting this place (because having it at any of our houses was just too crowded).. that is was easiest just to have all the food on the big open serving area, fill our plates and then be able to sit together. If we sat down and started passing food , we'd still be passing and hour later, and everything else on your plate would be cold. Filling your plate at the counter, using "chinet" instead of "Fine China"... well.. these are the sacrifices we are defiantly willing to make to all be together on holidays. lol
Here we are gathing to say the blessing before digging in.
Here's Grandma (my mom ) , and Nathanial.. digging in .

It ended up being 5 long tables pushed end to end.

And ...there where a few deserts.

Grandma's apple pie , peach pie. Lori's pecan pie, Jan's traditional pumpkin, and two other fantastic new recipes ..that looked YUMMY... Neely's Pumpkin trifle, Donna's sugar free strawberry, ladyfinger desert, and tasty desert Kiley made. Good grief!

It was great having my sister Donna and bil Ron here for the Thanksgiving this year!
Below is my sis with our youngest .. Jarad.

And... hows that for a sweet little face. It's the Griffster

I snuck this one of my Brother Ray and my brother Dan, looking at photos with mom.

Neely and Alan.

Jarad and Kate

Below is the "surprise" we had for Thanksgiving. Taylor (my sister Donna's grandson) .. is a tattoo artist in New York. He was traveling to a conference so had made plans to be with us for Thanksgiving. It was SO great having him there. What a sweetheart he is! And talented ... oh my! If you want to see his work.. check it out HERE. This one..just blows me away!

And the other person we don't get to have with us all the time , since he moved to Denver , is (my sister Jan's son)... Ryan. It was Fantastic having him home with us this year.
The photo below is Ryan in the middle with our boys (Jarad on the left and Weston on the right)

How does that commercial go??
124 laughs
97 hugs
64 kisses
............................... a day spent with the fam.... PRICELESS
So thankful


TattingChic said...

What a delicious meal it looks like everyone had! You have a lovely family!

Cassie said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! The food looks really good!

Judy B said...

Vicki, those pictures look great...I think your entire family has a definite creative gene!!! With Neely, Taylor, yourself...Lots of creativity!!!

stampqueen said...

Great bunch of pics - I miss the BIG family Thanksgivings....
How about those HUSKERS!!!!!! It was a good game and it was accually on tv here too - thought we were gonners the first few minutes!!!!

harrahx2 said...

Oh my gosh,good looking kids! Really great pics and thank you so much for sharing them. Sound slike you all had a blast and I am really glad. My thanks to you for all you give!

Gail S. said...

Your Thanksgiving meal looked so good! And how about those HUSKERS???!!! WhooooHooo!!! That field goal was awesome!! Our whole household was sure hollering (did you hear us)!! Isn't it fun to have family around?

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my, your food looks wonderful. How great that so many of you can get together!!Laurie

Michelle said...

I love large family gatherings. The problem is none of us have room for everyone either. I love your idea of renting a place! I'm going to search around and see if I can find a place to do this.. Its such a fabulous idea!

Shawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving Vic! Love your famiy pics looks like a great holiday time :)

Country Liv . . . said...

Vic, once again you have made my heart sing with your wonderful family holiday photos. I could look at them all day as they remind of a Norman Rockwell painting. I have always wanted a large family to love, thanks for sharing yours. I never realized what a baby you are compared to your siblings! And the children are as beautiful and loving as always. Happy Days!

rose said...

wow what a family gathering here on thanks giving and some surprise family popping in
great pictures and wow the food looks so yummy

janel said...

What wonderful memories. I love that you can all be together. The desserts looked like heaven to me. You mom looks fantastic. Such fun.
I too think your family must have the corner on artistic very special!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ohhh that looks awesome V!! what a great idea for renting the place..

Pattyjo said...

I will give you 5 yrs. and you will have a bunch of little red heads running around your house. Seems like Jarod and Kate are together alot. Are bells starting to ring in the background?
Rich just had another redhead last month. They now have 3 boys and 3 girls. :-)

Paben said...

It's wonderful to see the family,even if it is through pictures!Ron did Run into Scot at the store!We expected 16 had 26 and Ron did his majic with Thanksgiving dinner!He even served that delicious apple,cream cheese dessert!YUM!I was feeling well enough to eat!LOL!