Monday, November 24, 2008

Just because I had to

That's why I stopped what I was doing when I found this, and scrapped this photo... because I just had too. I see all these darling photos people are scrapping of their kiddos at Christmas.. and I'm so sad that I don't have better photos of when the boys were young. I guess I have the what I could get with my 110 film camera. lol I started thinking about "quality photo" thing again, and how I find myself not scrapping these, because the photo's are such poor quality. I stopped what I was doing and did a simple layout with this photo , last night... because THIS PHOTO IS PRECIOUS to ME! I have to document this day.. put it in a book... so we can always remember what a precious memory this is.

(you can click to see it larger)

It doesn't need to be a "fantastic" layout .. it wont be submitted... but it's a great memory.. that I want to preserve. Oh yeah.. that's why I started scrapbooking. lol

*** I have to say... I was missing the boys being little , when I was looking through these photos.

I've said it before , and I'll say it again... "Where has the time gone"?

I am so proud of the men my boys have become..but when I look at photos like these.. I just wish I could go back for just a bit.. and sit with them on my lap.... and just enjoy the moment.

(I'm having a sappy mommy moment) lol

The Journaling reads:

You were so worried there would
be no way Santa could deliver
presents to our house, since we
didnt have a fireplace with a
chimney. We assured you that he
would use the old coal shoot in
the basement. You insisted it was
way to small, he would never fit.
Silly boys.. you know that
Santa is Magical. He would have to
be, to put that sparkle in your eyes
Christmas morning when you were
sure you found evidence
he had been there.
“Always Believe”

Taking time to scrap that , was good for me.
Here are a couple other photos I ran across.. so.. I have to share.
We lived in this big old two story house for 20 years. It's where was lived from the time we got married until about 8 years ago, when we moved to were we are now. This house held alot of memories for us. I love where we live now..but still miss that house at times.

It had a big open stairway... the boys would come bounding down on Christmas morning.. to see what Santa had left.

You know .. my mom said something to me one time.. and it's really makes sense to me now. She was talking about when she was young.. growing up. She was telling about the hard work they did on the farm... walking long distances to school in freezing weather, ... no washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, or stores close by to run to , to get whatever you need, whenever you need it. She said... " and yet... we call it "the good old days" lol She said... " you know.. we didn't have alot, and had to work hard..but it was a simpler time" They really were "the good old days".. we just didn't know it then.

In some ways.. I guess that's how I feel when I look at the photos of when the kids where little... we didn't have alot..things weren't always easy ..but now they kind of seem like "our" good old days.
Funny how even 20 years ago.. it seems like it was a simpler time.

Any way... I'm sure my rambling post today... has some meaning? lol Enjoy each day.. (and take lots of photos), because...
I guess .... "These" are the good old days"?


Anonymous said...

Um, I don't understand why you say this is not a quality photo! It's fabulous! And so is this layout. I have never even THOUGHT about starting with a beautiful BLUE cardstock when scrapping my Christmas photos, and I love this! This is only the second thing I've read on your blog, and I must say you have hooked me. LOL I see no reason why this isn't worthy of submission. I love it, the simpleness of it, the journaling, all of it! :)


Bev said...

Here's a cyber tissue for you. Isn't it funny how 20 years ago it really WAS the good old cell phones, basic computers, no gps, no cd's, MP3s, HD...whew, how old AM I??? Scarey yes, but just think, today when our kids look back, it will be their "good old days"....makes you think of what the next 20 yrs will bring.....hmmmm.

No matter what the pic looks like from those manual cameras, I always will scrap those moments. A true treasure, I have to grab a tissue (sniff, sniff)....Thanks!!!

rose said...

oh will behave you are making me have a sappy omoment looking at this and reading your thoughts!!
Oh the good old 110 think I still have mine somewhere ROFL!!
This is a wonderful layout and the photos are just brilliant and not poor at all considering it was a 110
the good old days eh,when we only got a little and thought we had got the world,how times change when you consider what they "want these days!

Anonymous said...

The picture is fab and the layout is stunning. Seriously, this is scrapbooking at its finest - simple and to the point. I totally love it!
And i hope we see the other pictures on some layouts soon!

Deb S. said...

omg vic what a touching lo and i love your photos....brings back the memories for me too,they were the good old days. i'd love to have them back....

Judy B said...

Vicki, those pics are so precious...Just love them and the layout!!! They look exactly like pics that I have from my youth...They bring out that nostalgia feeling for me. Thanks so much. Loved it!!!

Calia Yang said...

The quality of the photo is the quality of the memory it holds. i'm glad that you scrapped it. That's what scrapbooking is about - preserving beautiful and meaningful memories. ^_^ I have 3 babies under 3yrs of age. I don't want this moment to end b/c i know when they are grown - i won't see them everyday and every hour that i'm awake. I have to try to cherish every moment. ^_^ thank you for sharing this moment with us! ^_^

janel said...

I have been feeling the exact same way. In fact, I went through old videos today of when the kids were 5 and 3, and I ended up with tears in my eyes..I miss those days and just cannot fathom that the time has gone so fast. I love what Calia said....The quality of the photo is the quality of the memory it holds. So so true.
Thanksgiving blessings to you!

Kara Ward said...

You put a tear in my eye...My oldest has informed my youngest that Santa doesn't exist. Oh, we only have such a short time for the magic. I still believe! Love the photos and the layout and mostly the story that went with them.--Kara

chelemom said...

Love your LO! LOVe the journaling too! I don't have grown kids yet, but I still have my sappy mom moments too. (mine are 13 and 11) The time really does fly, and I just want the days to SLOW down a bit!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh Vic! What wonderful photos of the guys! I love the one in front of the tree with the bear in the middle---I could just pick them both up and squeeze! Hubby wasn't hard to look at either! LOL!
Hope you and yours have a lovely family Thanksgiving. I'm sure your whole clan is gathering so give Sweet Momma a hug from me and blessing on all!

Susan said...

What a great layout! And, you're right, sometimes the best photos are those that recall the best memories. That's what scrapping is all about. I agree, where has the time gone?

DeniseLynn said...

Vic, not sure if you read comments that come in so late but I am finally getting some time to read your blog ... so I'm going back to read previous posts and this one has me all teary eyed. Oh you're so right. My boys are 6 and 3 and we're going through some difficult times right now, and yet I know as I hold my baby boys and kiss their cheeks one day I'll look back and know these times are the best! Thanks for making me think with my heart tonight - I needed that.

Catherine said...

Great old pics Vic...I do agree that 20 years ago life seemed so much simpler..... I didn't even have a computer then so I had time to do things besides surfing and emailing!!

harrahx2 said...

These are the good old days. The good old days of 20 years ago were perfect because they helped create who we are today. You are caring and sharing and (okay) sometimes sappy but that is a good thing. It is what makes your blog and you so real, as in keeping it very real. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Sending my love!