Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some Tuesday Stuff

Brilliant title for my post today huh? ha Just couldn't think of anything better at the moment.
I do have some fun things to share though... First of all ...Thankyou Susan (Artful Musings)
for this award.
Now I am supposed to send this on to four blogging friends and a new(ish) blogging friend. So..
here goes...
Cindy at (Yapping Cat Studio)
Liv at (Country Liv)
Laurie at (Charming Designs)

and as for a new(ish) blog friend.. well, she's not only my friend but she's my cousin.. so she's not "new" to me..but she is new to blogging.
Paula at (My Art Keeps me Sane)
Still enjoying the beautiful fall weather , we are lucky enough to be experiencing !!! Woo hoo!


Today I'm sharing a silly little project I made with an image from the Crafty Secrets "Little Dolls" Image and Journal Book.
This book has lots of fun and different things in it!

This is a jointed little joker type doll that is in the book. You cut out the body , arms , legs , head and hat and put them together with brads , so they are movable. There are even three different faces to choose from. ( or you would add one of your own.. from a photo).. which I think I'm going to try next. "funny"
I really wanted to put Hersey kisses in the bottom but.. none in the house. lol ( that's probably a good thing).
I thought this would be a fun Birthday treat..just to set on a friends desk to surprise them on their Special day.
The base... well.. because for some reason , I'm obsessed with using empty ribbon spoons.. it' just that .. a large empty ribbon spool.

I think stamped out the "party" letters with the "ABC TopHat" stamp set and cut out little pennant shapes to string on the piece of wire I have her holding.

In the bottom photo.. I took the candies out so you can see how the wire in attached. I cut out a separate circle and poked a hole in the center. I then wrapped the wire around in a couple of large circles ( about the size of the spool). .. I ran it through the hole and then glued the paper circle down... (holding the wire down). Widening the wire circle under the paper just helps with stability.
I just used a large scalloped scissors to the paper that I added to the base of the spool. (above)
Below you can see how I attached the lid. After I had them covered in paper, I just punched holes in both and tied them together with ribbon.

I was feeling the need for a silly project late last night.. ... it was fun.
Oh happy day!


harrahx2 said...

Oh my gosh Vicki, this is too stinkin cute! I just love it. That little doll looks ready to dance and make everyone smile. Way too clever.

Sharon in NE said...

How fun is that!

Bev said...

This is just brilliant!! Now I'm gonna have to run out and get these pads and save all my ribbon spools!! I'm gonna have buckets of recycled stuff I can feel it!! I just started to save some of my cello bags from store purchases....Geese, this is so great!

stampqueen said...

Love the fall leaves - we just don't get good color down here but the weather has been awsome lately!!!! Love the little doll - soo cute!!!

Angela said...

OMG....this is just the best little project EVER! I love it! So very creative...thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

WOW awesome project!

Paben said...

Oh this is so cute and thanks for the little friend award!Sometimes we need the fun little funky projects to keep us creative!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

great idea with the doll picture. So cute. Thanks for giving us these ideas! :)

chelemom said...

Could you PLEASE pass along some of that creativity over here? PLEASE?! This is just incredible! I wish my brain worked that way!!!

rose said...

oh this is such a fun project,love it! how brave to cut the book,I`m still drooling and pawing mine lol!!
oh thank you so much for this blog award,now I will need to check the rules,thanks again

cindy said...

How freakin cute is that little party jester? Oh...right up my alley and I will have to give it a whirl! And thanks for the nomination! :D
I appreciate it honey!