Thursday, November 06, 2008

TECC #41

Whew!.. here it is Friday again already! Boy, is it just me , or are the weeks just seeming to fly by lately?
Below is Taylor's Sketch for the week and the card I made inspired by it.
Be sure to check out what the rest of the cupcake crew posted on their blogs ..using this sketch.
Always amazing work from these girls!
Taylor Vanbruggen: Taylored Expressions
Jami Sibley: More is More
Monika Davis: M.A.D. Stamper
Jackie Pedro: The Scalloped Edge
Sherrie Siemens: Card Creme
Ana Wohlfahrt: Ink A Stamp
The Featured Cupcake Sampler is Dawn Easton:

Image from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. "Christmas" Image and Journal book.

It was noisy working in my room today, because "this" was going on right outside my window practically. You can see how close the cornfield is to our backyard in this photo..because that is my window frame on the left side of the photo. Can you see the corn going in? Although I live in the Midwest, and in a farming community, I realized while writing this.. How much of a "farm girl" I am NOT. ... because all I would have been able to write about this is.... Do you see the corn coming out of that thing... shooting .. into that other thing? See what I mean?
( I better just stay in the house and stick to paper and scissors)

It's going to be a busy little weekend. Lots to do today before Jan and I leave for Albion. Even meeting with the Artsy girls today at Stephs house. ( after having lunch with my mama). Classes all day tomorrow, so it will be late before we get back. I'm looking forward to spending time with Jan , and see all the girls in Albion though. It's always a good time.
Scrapbook Paradise does a fabulous job with this event.

I think this picture of Aly, pretty much looks like what I'll be wanting to do, come Sunday. ha
Our dogs have a "RUFF" life, don't they? ( sorry .. I had to do it) lol


TattingChic said...

Your card is very cute. I had to chuckle at your comment about being a non-farm girl in a farming community. I grew up in a farming community and I didn't even realize it because the kids from farms were so different from me (Nice and good kids, just didn't have a whole lot in common with each other). I just didn't even really give it a whole lot of thought until I moved away and years later it dawned on me, LOL, HEY I grew up in a farming community...I see that maybe you can relate to my feeling alienated from the world of farming even tho' I lived right smack dab in it. Maybe???

Taylor said...

So pretty, Vicki! I love how you used cardstock and not patterned paper! That's totally not my tendency, but I love it! Hope you have a productive weekend!

Ana said...

Beautiful as always!! Love your doggie picture too!!

Stephanie Hargis said...

What a pretty card Vicki! I had a really good laugh at your "NOT a farm girl" comment! I actually AM a farm girl! :) No one knew it when I grew up though because I didn't show it off! Haha. The farm kids were the hicks in my school and I did not want to admit that I was a hick. Hehehe! Thanks for making me laugh!

P.S. That is just a combine dumping corn into a wagon. ;)

Monika/Buzsy said...

Great card Vicki! Love the colors, the lace, the paper-piercing! TFS!

janel said...

You are probably off on your get-away. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I am sure the gals will absolutely LOVE the wish wands....they are darling. I feel just like doing what the dog is doing, in fact, I guess I will. Just cleaned up my scrap room, so I am ready for the "comforter". Have a great time in Albion!

stampqueen said...

its weird being on the other side too - being a farm kid around 'town folk' - major gap in perspective sometimes...hee hee
Just the simple things like gardening, canning, butchering....I get major looks from folks when I tell them the only things we needed to get from the grocery store growing up was flour, sugar and peanut butter...
Love the Santa on your card.
Have a fun weekend - I have a craft fair tomorrow....

Gemm said...

Vicki, love your card!! I emailed you. Kindly reply back. Thanks.

rose said...

oh the dog has me in stitches here laughing!! and your non-farm girl piece well I`m saying nothing!
Love your take on Taylor`s sketch