Monday, December 15, 2008

It's begining to look alot like Christmas

I have most of my "favorite" Christmas things out now so thought I'd share some photos. I sure don't put out as much as I used to... but..just enough to welcome the season.

I really don't mind setting up lots of Christmas things...but......................taking them down.. now that's a different sorry. no fun for vicki!

We didn't put much up for lights outside this year at all. I put out the wreaths and greenery and called it good. ( are we getting lazy or what???) lol

These little Hummel girls were given to me when we were first married by one of Dans Aunts. I just love them more every year I think.

I found these Christmas balls last year and thought they were beautiful. They only had a few left.. so I snagged what I could.

The old mirror hanging above the table was Dans Grandmas. She gave it to me when she was still alive, and I treasure it.

With it just being "us" here, I put up the skinny tree and just put it in the corner. We still have the bigger fuller tree... who knows maybe someday I'll go back to that..but it just seems to take up so much room. This is just about right , without having to move everything around.

ah.... my bowl of vintage Christmas balls... I enjoy them every single time I walk by.

As much as I love "color"... I also love the sweet simplicity of "white".

I have a couple of Christmas "bird prints" around the house.. that my friend Deb gave me a couple of years ago. They are just so sweet. They will always be a part of my Christmas decorations!

Behind that door is the mudroom... which the dogs think is "their room". lol
They have a big fluffy dog bed just under that bench seat ..where they love to hang out.(below).
The sockings hanging are the ones the boys have had since they were born. I embroidered their names on them, their first Christmas. Wes was an October baby ,and Jarad was born Dec 2.. so their first Christmas's came pretty quick. I can remember embroidering Jarads name on his .. with him sleeping in a bassinet next to me , just after bringing him home from the hospital.
( you guessed it.. the two tiny stocking are Aly and Molly's)

I've been adding some red to my kitchen anyway.. so the Christmas stuff fits right in this year.

This vintage Santa.. is just like one I can remember having as a child..(just smaller). I found it this year at my junk/treasure store...and I was so happy!

Everyone thinks this Santa thermometer is vintage... sorry to say... just from Target. But it was a steel, year after Christmas.

There is another one of the bird prints Deb gave me... I just altered this frame to put it in.

It just isn't right if there isn't a bowl of these sitting out, right?

Well, you better grab one of those cups, and fill is with something warm to drink.. before you look any further.... because it's cold outside!

It was SO cold and SO windy yesterday, Dan was afraid the pipes at the cabin might freeze if he didn't turn up the heat a bit. (it's turned way down, when we aren't going to be there).

So.... as much as we didn't want to go out... off we went.

All I'm going to say is ....brrrrr

Looks like a great day to STAY IN huh?

I seriously can't believe I even got out of the car to take these pictures when we got there. We sure didn't stay long... about 5 minutes!

Just makes you want to grab an afghan, and a cup of hot chocolate doesn't it? lol


Here's hoping the weather doesn't get really nasty again..because the artsy girls are coming here Wednesday for a little gathering. Keep your fingers crossed the weather cooperates. I'm looking forward to seeing them.. and to a fun day artsy play!

Yep.. I'll share pictures. I think we are making Christmas Shadowboxes.
Until then...


TattingChic said...

All your little touches are so sweet and charming! I love the little stand with the glass dome that you put your Hummels in! What a treasure! I would love to find one of those! Your tree looks lovely. The outside shots look cold by your cabin.

Deb S. said...

your holiday decorations are so pretty it looked nasty at the cabin,brrrrrr.hope it isn't like it is outside right now for the artsy get together tomorrow.keeping my fingers crossed!

Marion said...

Brrrrrr. I love your festive decor but you sure can keep the weather outside just now!!!

Wishing you and all your family and friends a WARM and wonderful Christmas and holiday season.

Thank you for being such inspirational company this year.


Shawn said...

Love your birdie pictures and that Santa thermometer. It is cold here and snowy. Good day to stay inside! Thanks for sharing your pretties. :)

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my that weather looks nasty! Stay warm and cozy. I enjoyed seeing your decorations. Nothing wrong with scaling back. We did that ourselves this year. The skinny tree is perfect. I need to get one!

stampqueen said...

Yiikkess that looks cold!!! I'm getting soft living here in the south so long....
Love all your Christmas decorations!!!!
Stay warm girl - talked to my Mom this am and you have another cold one today!!!

Jessica said...

Your decorations are beautiful! I think greenery is festive and classy, not boring! Love that Santa thermometer, too.

harrahx2 said...

Please Please Please come clean my house up and decorate. I just can't seem to get it to look like yours! It' got way too much clutter and I don't know what to get rid of.....short of everything! Love the chickadee pic as they are one of my favorite little tiny birds. The last two pics are beautiful, you can almost see the snowflake shapes on the water....lovely as always Vicki!

Bev said...

Decorations? I have mine still in boxes in the living room! The "man" put up the tree - bare! Deer are in the yard - not plugged in! I've been busy with basketball, work #2, and making gifts I've had no time, so I left it up to the boys to decorate - right! Ha Ha!
I still have to do some you want to take a road trip to Pgh?? LOL!!

Love the tutorial....I'll be off the week AFTER Christmas so I plan on playing lots! Keep sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all your decorating touches...lovely!! Everything looks so pretty along with your tree! It is freezing cold here, too! Seems like January and February weather for sure!

Michelle said...

Everything looks so festive! I love how you decorate so many rooms of your house!

Dapoppins said...

I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

What fun decorating!

and also...


Charlene said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is all I can say! I needed Cocoa just looking at those pictures. We have been cold here in Texas too. Did you send that little bit of Christmas chilly down? :)

I so agree with you about decorating for Christmas. It's not the decorating... it's the putting it all away. Thanks for sharing all your efforts. You did a great job.

janel said...

Loving the shots of your house and Bing Crosby is sounding fabulous. Thanks for the glimpse, and stay warm. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

cindy said...

Everything looks so wonderful! Yeah, we have had a bit of the freezy stuff as well. Brrrrr is right! : D


rose said...

oh what lovely christmas items you have put out ,love the little hummels and don`t you love those domes,I so wish I had bought another couple of these.
Love the mirror what a treasure.
Oh DO not believe you got out the car to take these lovely pictures,but sure looks burrrr weather. Love the stockings hanging
SO need to get my decorating finished up and decide what is coming out with my DS been 5,some things just cannot come out yet until he learns how precious these decorations and Baubbles are Knwm!
Happy Christmas to you all

~liz said...

Hi Vickie! Long time no visit but I'm always lurking and reading. Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing your favorites. I love the simplicity of it. We are also only displaying a few favorites this year. Still no tree up but I plan on doing that this weekend. I'm a little late this year on that front but we were waffling on whether or not we wanted to do a tree at all this year. Anywho love the skates, snowflake lights and the white church. I might steal some ideas and do them in my house. Thanks for the ideas. Of course I "NEED" those snowflake lights. Where did you get the sentiment on the wall in your hallway? I've seen those b4 but forget where. I hope all is well come back to San Diego soon. =D Maybe you should come again this time of year from the looks of it hehe. missprissy

Troy Louise said...

Your house looks just lovely. So many very special touches. Merry, Merry Christmas!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your lovely holiday decorations!! I truly enjoyed each & every photo!! Your home looks so warm & inviting! Hope you & the ladies had a fun time and stayed warm ... sure looks cold in your neck of the woods!!!
Happy Holidays my friend!!

MJ said...

I agree ~ you should have stayed home! That weather looks miserable!

bnovacek said...

so pretty! loved the Christmas *tour*! can't wait to see you tomorrow!