Saturday, December 27, 2008

A layout and a few more Chirstmas photos

Late last night after I finished up the project I was working on I decided to scrap this photo. I was caught up in a show on TV that I wanted to finish watching before I went to bed , so decided I'd do a quick layout . I'm not a good TV watcher .. unless.. I have something else to do while I'm watching. (keeps me from falling asleep) haha Geezz.. and to think I used to make fun of my dad for doing that.
Anyway... I love this photo of Griff playing with Jarad's cars from when he was little. We got the container of cars and trucks down, the last time he was out here for the afternoon, and he had so much fun with them.
I was looking through some supplies and found those round black brads things. They reminded me so much of wheels.. I decided to go with it. lol ( I just looked at the package..they are called Gromet Brads and are made by Paper Studio.)

You can click to see it bigger

It felt good to get back in my room and play, I stayed out of here for a few days over Christmas ... it was nice... but after I while, I'm ready to come back and play with paper again. I've been working on a project for the summer issue of Altered Arts Magazine. I just finished it up.. and I have to say it I really enjoyed working on it. I've always loved total creative freedom, using different medium and techniques.... It's something I used to do alot and seem to have just gotten away from , as I've been busier with other things. Seems funny to be saying that , after just posting the cutesy layout I just posted. lol But it's true.. I love different styles.. and after I'm done with one style, I'm ready to go to the extreme the other way , and do something totally different. "Odd" I know. That's me. hahaha
Now you know why I dread the "What's your style? question. ha

I'm sharing a few photos of Christmas Day here. We wanted it to be just a laid back sorta day, staying in where it was warm and cozy.. eating good food, chatting , opening gifts, ect.
And that's just what it was.
I went in and picked up mom to bring her out about 10am. We opened gifts with the boys and Kate, and then ate... and ate... and...
I think the boys really enjoyed having Grams to themselves. They love her to pieces.

Wes really liked his new jacket... so did Aly. ha

All I can say, is good thing Kate is a dog lover. Molly was in her face.

This was my favorite part of the day. I had to laugh when Jarad suggested we play marbles (Aggravation). When I was growing parents would always have my Aunt and Uncle over, and they would bring out the marble board and play for hours . Dan and I used to play it at my parents house, with them alot when we were first married. So much so ..that Dan made us our own marble board .. way back then.... (probably 25 year ago).. it's the one we are using in the picture.
Anyway..... Jarad thought it would be fun to play... problem was... we haven't played it for Years.. so we were racking our brains, trying to remember where we had put the board , marbles and dice. Dan went on the hunt.. found the board, Jarad dug in the keepsake stuff and took marbles from his childhood collection, and Dan snagged some dice out of a different game...... so .. we were SET.
Oh my Gosh..we had so much fun playing this stupid game , it was ridiculous!!
(my mom is a pro at this... she was in her element I tell ya!) lol
Building memories...that's what it's all about right?


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh I loved this post!!! What fun you all had!! Loved seeing the "pup" on the couch...part of the family! lol. Your layout is wonderful. Glad you had a break, but now we need to see some more creations! lol. Laurie

Gail S. said...

Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures! I love those pickle/cream cheese/ham roll ups that you had on the table...YUM! (You can tell that I'm hungry!)

bnovacek said...
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bnovacek said...

i only removed it because it had a bad typo! ha!

your Christmas sounds like it was divine! love that you focused on keeping it simple this year :)

love my gift, btw! you are so thoughtful friend!

happiness blooms said...

Vic,that page of Grif is way more that CUTE! I love all the little touches you add. Our family is a game playing one too. Christmas night we had the whole family at the table playing card games waaay into the night (a little toooo late for this old lady. ha!)

Paben said...

Oh I miss playing that marble game!I remember when Grandma and Grandpa and your folks got together almost every Friday night to play this or cards!Those were the days,and your Dad was the best card cheat I knew!LOL!

Precious Treasures said...

Love the layout!