Monday, December 08, 2008

New Tattered Angels/Glimmer Mist Projects

It was a busy weekend around there , so I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things this morning. Hated to see the weekend end. Believe it or not, I didn't take many photos this weekend..just let it be and enjoyed the time. Celebrating Dans Birthday on Saturday was a fun time. Neely came down for a bit this weekend and even stayed and spent the night.. so it was really nice to get to spend some one on one time with her too. Last night , we had mom out for dinner and a visit. It was the nicest day this week, so thought it would be a good time to have her out , since it looks like the weather is suppose to turn bad later tonight.
Thought I'd share some of the other Projects I've been working on for Tattered Angels.
(shhh... if you look closely at the background... you see a sneak peek of new things to come)

I took this photo of Wyatt a while back, and have been wanting to do something with it. I thought I might frame this in a back frame and giving it to Gabby and Tracy.
Wyatts Aunt and Uncle brought this outfit back for him. Isnt he cute in it?

The corner pieces are Glimmer Glass.

This dollar store wooden box is another thing I altered using (one of the new secrets), and Glimmer Chips.


Here is the Embossed Dragonfly Chipboard piece. You can see the embossed details. I just spray it with Glimmer Mist.. let it dry, then rub lightly over it with an ink pad.

All the Chipboard peices are self adhesive.. so super easy to use.

I went over some areas and highlighted with my SAKURA clear stardust pen.

Last Friday, I got a start on some Christmas baking, to get put in the freezer. I'm not doing a lot..but it feels good to get this much done and ready. I'm proud of myself for not waiting to the last minute this year. lol

Ok.. better run. I need to make a quick trip into Omaha for some things, and I want to get back before the bad weather heads this way.... so
Have a great day everyone!


Susan said...

Beautiful glimmer mist projects! Those cookies look delicious too, and so pretty. I'm considered the "cookie lady" each year as I make LOTS and give cookie plates to all the neighbors. This year we are all going to Mexico Christmas week, so I'm not doing anything this year!! A first.

DeniseLynn said...

Oh wonderful glimmer mist - I finally got some by the way and I LOVE it (even though I only got 2 bottles). Oh and please come on over with a few of those scrumptious looking cookies ... I'll make the mochas!

stampqueen said...

A great couple of projects - love the sneak peaks!!! Cookies look yummy too!!!!

TattingChic said...

Your projects turned out fabulous! The cookies look gooooood! Yummmm! :)

ali said...

projects! I bought some Glimmer Mist!!!! (pearl)

Have a super day, I soooo love your Blog Vicki!

Ali said...

Oops, smthg ate my post! fixing it...

Love your beautiful new projects... the dragonfly box rocks my world. GORGEOUS. I bought some Glimmer Mist!!!!(Oh, in Pearl...)

Have a super day, I soooo love your Blog Vicki!

2:09 AM

chelemom said...

I love your box and LO!!! Gorgeous!!! We haven't even started our baking yet.......*sigh*

Catherine said...

You make me want to go out an buy every color of that glimmer mist!! Great projects! I'll take a cookie or two :-)

Precious Treasures said...

I love that baby photo. The cookies remind me I need to bake....I also need more hours in the day. hee hee

Seen you were teaching at CHA. I may have to crash the class. LOL

harrahx2 said...

Your projects are always amazing to me. You put so much detail into everything that it is a total visual feast.