Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time... and hand made gifts

I've been trying to work on some handmade gifts this year. This is something I used to do alot, years ago. How I seemed to have more time when I had two little boys and all their activities going on.. is beyond me. I feel way busier now for some reason. weird. I really have been trying to make time to do this more... for a number of reasons, but first and foremost , because I think there is something about a handmade gift that makes them extra special. Time is precious to all of us these days, and I think, knowing someone took time out of their busy life to "make YOU" something , makes it really special. Reason number two.. I love making stuff.. and it gives me an excuse to PLAY. lol
I made a few of these. Super simple..just stamped on a paper CD over, and added a large monster cookie. You can buy a hold box of these CD envelopes, and they are really inexpensive. Then I just added some ribbon and a little stamped tag.
I used stamps from the Crafty Secrets... Vintage Christmas set

Here is one the other things I have been putting together for gifts. If you haven't hear me singing the praises of my "rice sock" ... prepare yourself.. because I LOVE these things. I have suffered from migraines since I was in grade school .. and this is the only thing (well, this and Excedrin Migraine" that get me through them some days. I know they say "cold" is better for migraine sufferers than heat.. but this is what works for me! I have taken so many different migraine meds over the years , it's ridiculous... and nothing helps me like this does. My sister Sharon told me about them years ago.. and now we always have at least three of them in the house at all times. All it is , is a tube sock , filled with about 2-3 cups of rice..that you microwave. It's nice moist heat and it stays warm for a long time.
Two things you want to remember... NOT minute rice.. regular rice
and.... DONT MICROWAVE too long, or it smells like burnt popcorn. You will have to toss it! ( amount of time in the microwave depends of course on how much rice you put in the sock and on your microwave.) .. just test it , a little at a time. I have about 2 1/2 cups in mine and I microwave it about 70 seconds. If its too hot at first..just wrap a dish towel around it.. as it cools , you can remove the towel.
They are great for so many things.... actually , anything that aches!.. and in the winter.. just to keep your feet warm in bed, if nothing else. My mom had arthritis in her feel, and that's what helps her at night.
This is just one of those things.. that has helped me so much.. I always want to share it with everyone.. in case it helps even ONE person, half as much as it's helped me.
( I did a little pink blanket stitch and some embroidered snowflakes on these.. just a little added love) lol

The "artsy" girls are coming over today.. so I need to stop blogging and hit the shower. Everything else is pretty much really.. for an afternoon of creating!
We got SNOW again last night.. and it sounds like more tomorrow.. so it's a good thing it's holding off until after the gathering.

I'll share photos tomorrow!
Have a great day!


Bev said...

Crap! Why don't you live closer??? I wanna skip work and join in your fun! The table looks too nice to messy create! Can't wait to see what you do!

Sniff, Sniff...

Troy Louise said...

Thanks for the rice sock idea - very cute w/the stitching on them. I also suffer from migraines & like the warmth on my head while trying, trying hard to go to sleep. Have fun w/your crafting friends & stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I wanna come over and create!!!

I love those rice socks. I have made them but mine are done using a fingertip towel folded in half because I needed it for a tummy. My DIL has suffered for years with cramping from endometriosis and it has helped. I will make a sock one for me since I have trouble with my neck from time to time. Great project and I had forgotten about them.

Charlene said...

I sooooooooooooo loved the sock idea! Yippeee I am going to do some of those using FANCY SOCKS! You know... Glam them up a bit. Thank you for sharing. And how was the get together? Looked like fun. I wish I lived closer. Or I should say I wish I did until I see how cold it is there. Brrrrrr. I would love to hear about your photography class you took went. That is on my wish list for 2009. And a new camera. What kind do you use for all your fabulous photos?

Shawn said...

I love the sock idea I get horrible migranes and have to take that darn imitrex which doesn't work. I don't know why they say cold because heat always works for me too! Love your handmade goodies. :)

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Love the rice socks. I have a few. I used to get migraines, too. There are some good things about menopause - hehe. As far as medicine, I tried a lot of different stuff, and finally found one that actually worked called Maxalt 10. I would wake up with a full blown migraine and usually one pill would take it away. This is similar to some of the other popular medications, but just a little different (expensive and by prescription only). If you haven't tried it, ask your doctor.

Charmingdesigns said...

I make flax ones...but I don't like the smell, I'd rather smell burnt rice (lol) I like the idea of putting them in a sock...I guess its best if its a new one Ok, I'm a little silly tonight...but I do like how you embroidered the top! and the snowflakes, so cute. Laurie

MJ said...

I was thinking of what a wonderful idea the rice socks are; and then I envisioned what K and N would do with each other if they had rice socks. I think I will wait a few years before I make them! Cute gift ideas!!

Sharon in NE said...

ah...the rice sock...I have mine. Silly me, I bought mine. @@ I have to have ice on my neck, but heat on the left side of my face. Kinda confuses the pain. I do love my rice sock! (the first one)
I'll be making my future ones. (thanks!)

TattingChic said...

Oh, I love the cookies in the cute little package! YUmmmy! The snow covered pictures are so romantic looking and SOOOoooo cold looking, too! :)

justjan said...

I too suffer from migraines, have since grade school...I've tried EVERYTHING under the another poster, I'm currently using Maxalt and finding good results, although it's a "fast acting" med and I've found at times the headache can rebound. Ask your doctor about it!

Marion said...

Thank you so much for sharing your rice "recipe" Vicki; I've never heard of them before.

Marion, UK