Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love me some Glimmer Chips

And , no.. Glimmer "Chips" aren't food. ahah ( I'll talk more about those .. down in this post a bit ) Seems like after the constant bombardment of Delicious goodies over the Holidays.. I'm having a hard time getting my mind off "fooooood". It's over.. the goodies are finally gone! I stocked up on fruit and veggies when I was at the grocery store the other day.... it's time to get back to reality. eeek I had to grab my camera tonight when the sun was going down, because the light was so pretty on this basket of apples on the counter. ( you know.. the apples I'm going to eat.. instead of cookies!)
The light coming through the window, and the shadows it was casting were just gorgeous.

Okay.. now back to the "Glimmer Chips"
This is the "Regal" Glimmer Glass Window Album from Tattered Angels. It's one of the things I've been working one. It's for a kit.. so it's photo-less at this point. I used "Graphite" Glimmer mist on some of the pages and on most of the Glimmer Chips... and I LOVE that color. It was the first time I had used it .. to tell you the truth.. because I was a bit intimidated because I thought it was going to be really black. Wrong... it's just GORGEOUS!
These photos do not do it justice.. it is just SUCH a pretty color!
Every time I use Glimmer Chips , I'm so impressed with how cool they look . These embossed pieces are so pretty even before you add Glimmer Mist.. then you add the Glimmer Mist.. and think it cant get any better.... well... just lightly rub and ink pad over the top of them.. and Wha.. La!

Check out this "lock" piece

This flourish is one of my favorite pieces. ( they all have peel off, and have sticky backs for adhering)

just had to show you "how" embossed these really are. .. and share with you my new love for the color.. Graphite! lol

Oh.. you know, sometimes I just have to close a post with Miss Personality! lol
( you have no idea how annoying squeeking sound that toy has) It's her new obsession!
Oh.. Goodie.

Happy Monday!


TattingChic said...

Oh, that basket of apples looks so good and healthy! I also want that fruit stand! I am really wondering where you got it because I am in need of something adorable and practical like that to keep my fruit in. :) Enjoyed looking at your creative goodness, too!

janel said...

The chips are beautiful, and I LOVE the lock. I am impressed with that graphite color. Very cool. I so need to eat an apple a day, and I need to give up the soda!
Beautiful work as always, and hope your Monday is great!

Sugar Bear said...

I'm with you on the eating! Defintiely time to get back to more healthful habits. The Glimmer Chips are gorgeous - you can't get a sense of the shimmer from your photos. Here's hoping the squeaky loses its appeal!

harrahx2 said...

The picture of the apples makes them look good enough to eat, sort of like chocolate.......okay, maybe not...The books looks amazing and the pup wants to play. I actually also cleaned out the chocolate and other "junk" and will be trying to straighten up my eating. We had a vegetarian dinner last night to make up for the junk week-end!

stampqueen said...

Love it , Love it all - the picture of the apples is so cool!!! And more glimmer chips!!!
You can keep the squeaky toy though - we have more than enough noise to go around most days :) said...

Oh man!! I NEED some of that color!!!!

Sarah said...

The picture of you apple basket is just my house there would be dust under it. LOL

Country Liv . . . said...

Lordy! Molly is such a hoot! I can see her laughing behind the squeaky toy!

I just finished up the last of the Christmas Ham and am about to burst! LOL! I know what you mean about the holiday food. Someone gave us pecans that were roasted in butter and I ate them until they made me sick. You just can't trust an old f--t with goodies!

I've got to get me some colors of Glimmer Mist; I have the champagne and the gold that I love. I think I want some red and pink!

Hope all is well with you, Dan and the rest of the family!

Love ya,

Creative Mish said...

WOW! Those Glimmer Chips are to die for!!! I love them!

Charlene said...

Did Santa bring her that treasure? I guess I am lucky that my "puppy girl" doesn't know she's a puppy. :)
Love the graphite glimmer goodies. Is it for sale yet or only in your hot little hands Ms Designer. Are you coming to Texas for the show again in June? If so, I would love to take you around. One of the BEST Antique Malls closed but, I bet we could find someplace to get in trouble.