Monday, January 05, 2009

New CHA release goodies from Tattered Angels and more on My book planners

More than a peek...

Oh.. it's so fun to finally be able to share some of the cool things that Tattered Angels will be releasing at CHA at the end of the month. I LOVE butterflies when I saw this embossed chipboard alphabet set.. I was freaking out. ( yes..this is just ONE of the sets...that means there are other shapes) ha
I just chose to use the letters to spell out "Create" to make this garland....but it comes as an entire alpha set. I used the outside butterfly shape and the inside letter.. putting Crafty Secrets music paper behind...........BUT...there is the other chipboard piece that fits in there also. So you can use all three pieces together or separate. ( I know!.. can you stand it?) lol And of course they come already embossed and in white.. so you can use your Glimmer Mist to customize them to the color you desire.
I just used my crop-o-dile to punch holes in the top corners to string them together with some vintage lace.
There are other new goodies showing up on the Glimmer Mist blog HERE
Remember the other day when I was telling you about this?
Well I thought... before it gets any further in to the month I should get mine lined up and ready to use. It is 2009! ( now if I could just get in the hang of writing that when I'm filling out checks at the store)

My Book Planner
Anyway... I have a good start on mine. I needed to get dates in line for this Month. With CHA approaching fast..time is going to really fly by. I take my planner with me EVERYWHERE.. so I don't "foof" it up to much. Practical but fun for this one. This thing will see some miles over the next year.. I guarantee it. If I'm in the car.. it's on the seat next to me.. at home .. on my desk... in my bag or carry on when I travel. I just have a big clip on it at all times.. so I can just open it to the right page quickly.

For now I just added this pretty piece of paper.. I'll probably slide a photo in .. when I find just the right one. I love that I can easily change it out (the insert pages or even the cover anytime I want). Each insert does come with a printable sheet.. so you can print off your own photo digi layout ect.. if you choose. Sometimes I use the extra slide ins for important papers, flight info, ect. until I get around to adding a photo.
I have to go back and fill in appointments..but the main thing is that big ol line...across the 23rd to the 29th that says CHA. I even printed of the class time and description, and clipped it on.
I'm feeling more organized already. ha

I need all the help I can get. lol
I have done a number of these now. For me... and for gifts. I keep it simple.. (so I'll actually finish it.. when I plan to give it as a gift). It doesn't overwhelm me "time wise" that way. Here is a link to one I did for my mom last year.. to keep track of her appointments ect.
I wanted to be sure to mention the contest they are having over on their blog. You can check it out HERE.
but it's a fantastic chance to win an awesome prize pack from them.
Heres what it says................................
"I wanted to tell you about our next fabulous photo contest. This time you get to show us what the holidays mean to you. Show us your holiday spirit by taking a photo of your Christmas lights, or tree, or even your favorite Santa. If you celebrate Hanukkah, show us your menorahs or all the wonderful gifts you received. The winner will get a special prize pack from Per Annum. Submit your photos by January 8. Voting will be from January 9 to January 15. So get creative and let the competition begin! Send all submissions to ".

Boy, I've just been Chatty Cathy ( or in this case.. Chatty Vicki) havent I ? It's just that really feel the energy right before CHA.. so much going on .. new things to share.
So while I'm on a roll.............. lol
Remember the other day when I was talking about the 3 for a $ Target Key chains? HERE
well, you have to see what my friend Laurie did with them HERE on her blog. AND .. she's having a giveway!

Check this out.... Finally.... my friend Karla now has 6 sweet little pups. So darling!
Okay.. I'm informationed out. lol
carry on...


TattingChic said...

Very cute. I like that the shape is in butterflies.

chelemom said...

Love all of your projects! soooooo beautiful all the time!!!!

Cassie said...

Your garland is beautiful! said...

I did go and buy some of the graphite Glimmer Mist you recommended,(as well as some other colors too!) and now wish I'd seen the butterflies to order too. Wow. Those are just adorable!

rose said...

ohhhhhh please pick my chin up off the floor,loveeee this swag and oh my very favourites butterflies,oh adding thse on my "want list"
Love your planner and I could get so organised with one of these
You are such an enabler my dear friend!!lol!

Charlene said...

Love your planner but, girl I live in an 8 1/2 x 11" world! I have to have a planner that I can put full size sheets in! Isn't it funny how each of us are different? I know you are pumped about CHA. Are you coming back to Arlington TX in June? I would love to take you to dinner or our junking.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

new glimmer mists! woooooooohooo! love that banner V! You rock :) *huGS*

Charmingdesigns said...

Are those not the cutest little puppies ever!!! Thanks for mentioning the ummmm "Charms" lol Love your book!and the garland!! wow Laurie

Deb S. said...

just gorgeous as always vic! you have been very busy,wow! :)

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for mentioning me...I'm getting a lot of your friends coming over to visit! I love this blogging!! laurie

alisa logue said...

Vicki, I am taking a class from you at CHA and I am SO EXCITED! I have followed your blog for awhile and have been so inspired. I can't wait to meet you in person! -Alisa

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, you are a real trouble maker, you know that? You make my brain hurt trying to keep up with your clever! Excellent job with the banner and why do the pups look so different from mom? Too cute.

bagels said...

beautiful work, as always friend. i got my box of goodies from ST today and when i was flipping through the mag, saw your layout and before i looked at your name, i thought, "that is one gorgeous layout!" and it was yours :)

robin dudley-howes said...

OMG! I love this banner! Enjoyed your picture trail too!