Saturday, February 28, 2009

Neck deep in messes today

I've been making one mess after another today. eek But hopefully the finished projects will be worth it. lol There's going to be a fun little challenge coming up.. starting Monday.. and I need to get started on my project for the month. When I get started, I can seem to stop digging EVERYTHING out! geezzz.. it's ridiculous. lol

I also had company today. "Flat Griffin". lol He is part of Griffins preschool project. He came visiting so we needed some photos of him doing different things around Aunt Vics. I think Griffin only needs one photo of him here... ( but I'm making a simple little mini album), with him posing doing different things. Here... he's having a brownie and a glass of milk.
lol.. oh.. if anyone would have seen me doing this ... posing this "paper silhouette" all over the house.. they would have thought I was nuts. Oh well... I think G will think it's funny!

Yesterday after lunch with Bec, I stopped and spent some time in the afternoon with the mama. She has been working on this huge puzzle my brother Ray gave her for quite away now.. and finally finished it. I told her I was going to bring my camera in and take a picture of it ..after she she had it done. Well.. yesterday when I walked in , she said.. "Did you bring your camera?" This puzzle was a stinker.. and she spend HOURS on it.. I think she was pretty proud. .. as she should be!

I need to get back to my mess so I can finish and clean up. I better get my "Flat Griffin" book finished also.. he needs it on Monday.
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thanks everyone for the nice Anniversary Wishes. We had a pretty quiet evening.. out for dinner and then back home to watch a movie. After looking to see what was on at the theater.. we decided, just to watch something here. It was a nice evening.


There are a couple of things I keep wanting to remember to share with you. You know how you're just looking around , and see things ,that just make you so hmmmm

Well I thought this was pretty Cool... check out this Outdoor Chandelier

and you know how I love my rice sock?.. well, check this out Rice Warmer

And these cute Cookie Bouquets you can make with your kids.

*** Just some fun stuff I wasted to pass along***


Okay.. time to get down to it...

It's Friday... Taylors Sketch day.

Here is Sketch #57

The image is from the Birds and Botanicals Image and Journal Book from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

The tree in the background on the front of the card, and this sentiment on the inside, are from the New "Garden Girls" Set from Crafty Secrets.

They always have great sentiments.

Don't forget to check out the sketch challenge inspiration from the Cupcake Crew! Donna Baker, Jami Sibley, Jackie Pedro, Taylor Vanbruggen, Stephanie Hargis, Ana Wohlfahrt, Monika Davis, Sherrie Siemens. Lynn Mercurio!

And this weeks Cupcake Sampler Dana White


I'm pretty excited to see March arriving because there is going to be lots of fun stuff going on starting Monday. I'll tell you more about it then.

Also , I'm meeting with Becky today to get things all worked out for the classes at her loft on Saturday March 28th. She be teaching a mini album for her class , and I'll be doing a Shadowbox for mine, with a little lunch in between. It's going to be a fun day. More info on that very soon!

We'd love to have you join us!

Have a Fantastic Day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama Fairy

I haven't made one of these for a while, so last night while I was watching TV I started cutting and ... wha ha... a Sweet Mama fairy. This one is a bit different that the first ones I made. I was inspired by some "Fairy girls" in this months Somerset Studio. Theirs are not on dowels or spools but their arm and legs are all paper like this. I just drew out a body , arms legs ect.. all as one piece on chipboard( for stability) and cut it out..then starting cutting the clothes, (and my mamas pretty face).

It's so overcast here today, I tried to step outside for all the natural light I could get.. so you get to see the bblllllllaaaaaaahhhhhh brown grass and trees in the background. ick sorry

Pretty soon, I'll have enough of these fairies to fill an entire shelf in my studio. (and that's okay with me) lol

Where to the years go? 28 years ago today Dan and Vicki were married.

I just grabbed these pictures quick.. these were later at my parents house.
Nice feathered hair and HUGE classes... I know. Stop laughing.

Yep...More Fancy Pants Projects

Boy.. it's been kind of a blast of Fancy Pants Projects , here the last few days, hasn't it? lol Well ... one more. This is a card using some of the new Circle stamps and the Delight line.

I should have taped the card shut to get a better photo..but you get the idea. The red inside shows on the outside , on the edge of the scallop.

You can see the new stamps sets HERE

I always look so forward to seeing what Fancy Pants comes up with next. They constantly amaze me with more and more awesome products.

Last weeks challenge with Tabithas photography challenge group was "food". Hey.. I finally went an got groceries we have some. lol I sometimes dread grocery shopping. ha

It was SOOOOO beautiful out yesterday! Just like Spring, I tell ya! I even washed my car, and vacuumed it out. Poor little thing was needing it badly.
Short post today, as I am determined to get something done in this room today! Send me some creative vibes will you!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Fancy Pants layout (using "Delight" paper line

Good thing I got a few "creative" things done on Saturday.. because I sure didn't today. Just wasn't feeling the mojo.. so I cleaned house instead. It's weird , but I kind of like cleaning and doing stuff around the house (WHEN I'm in the mood, that is). I'm a homebody at heart. I just wish it was summer so I could go out and mess in my flowers. grrr.. Going to have to wait awhile for that.
Here is the layout I finished Saturday , using the new Fancy Pants, "Delight" line.

Fancy Pants felt, ribbons, and buttons

oh.. and overlay.

I love that line.
I have to share with you , this totally cool bracelet I got in the mail today from my friend Cindy!
How fun is that???
I was also going to share with you the other day , this beautiful sheet music Paula saved for me , after we were together last week. She thought I might like to use it for a project with a photo of my mom. She is SO right!

I have to say, it's been a pretty good start to the week... I got an email from Somerset Memories , saying one of my projects will be the April/May Cover. That mixed with a couple of really sweet emails from blog readers , and I was "smiling" this morning. lol
btw.... while I'm thinking about it , I wanted to ask. Are any of you having a problem commenting? I wonder if it's something with blogger? I 've heard a couple of people mention it. That , and also those who subscribe.. getting a number of posts all in a cluster, instead of , on the day they are posted. Just wonder if anyone else has had that problem here, or on their own blogs?????
hmmmm.... just wondering

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring on my mind

I'm so ready for Spring, it's all I can think about. lol I'll have you all sick of Spring projects , before Spring ever arrives. It was really pretty nice here to day. I should have washed my car, now that I think about it. ( I was being lazy instead)
Yesterday I worked on some new projects using the New Fancy Pants "On a whimsy" line.
I had actually gotten this little bunny and chick , just to prop up Spring/Easter cards, when I photograph them. .. BUT... they were just sitting on my work table... looking pretty bored, so ...

they are feeling much better now. lol
One the jars below I used the "On a whimsy" rubons, along with Fancy Pants paper, buttons, ribbons and crocheted flowers.

Good thing I got some projects done yesterday ,because I have been lazy to day. (lazy I tell ya)

I put bbq ribs in the crockpot.. so no major cooking for me today.

They turned out pretty yummy though.

so while they were cooking.. I did this...

See.. I told you.. lazy! I rarely just lay around.. but this afternoon It sure did feel good for some reason. lol

I guess I day like that doesn't hurt now and then right?

Hope your weekend was a good one!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birds, chicks, bunnies oh my

I have one thing on my mind ... Spring! I cant wait! I worked on this little birds this week to sell at Amy's store. It's funny, I came across these wooden bird shapes the other day at Micheal's.. thinking how cute they would be covered with different papers ect... before I could even get them done..the next day I saw that someone had made them , in a link at ScrapScene. They must have called to a number of peoples creative sides. lol I did put mine in towels so that they could be put in a pot, vase ect. The little note tied around their necks says "A little bird told me". I did some with clothes pins and magnets on the backs so that they can hold papers on the fridg also. ** You can click to see them bigger**

Another thing I found at Micheal's were these darling $1 stamps. How can you beat that? Why is it , I get such a thrill from digging though dollar bins? lol

I worked WAY TO LATE last night.. and my room is a MESS! Eeeeek... time to cut this post short and clean this Mess up. When I get really into a project .. look out, it's like a tornado hit my room. I cant stand to that way once I'm completely finished.. I clean up!
Even though it's a mess right now.. it's a mess of fun stuff. lol So this sign I have hanging on top of my hosier seems quite fitting. lol

Time to dig in.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Another Friday .. another "Taylor"Sketch.. woohoo! lol
This is the card I created with her sketch this week.
The stamped Sentiment I used it from the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage .. Clear Art Stamp set... "Sweet Kids". It's a darling set.
I have a photo posted below showing the supplies I used to make this card...but for the life of me, I dont know where that frame came from. ? Sorry , I wish I did, but it is something that's been in my stash for a LONG time.. and I just dont remember anymore. It was a perfect fit for this sentiment, so I just "had" to use it. lol sorry.
Here is Taylors Sketch for the week.

I love , that you can REALLY see in the photo below what Glimmer Mist can do for a "almost finished" card. I spritz of "Irridesent gold.. or in this case.. Pearl" and ahhh.. now.. I"m finished.

The papers are some "older" chatterbox papers I had ..but I still love them. I dont care if paper are 10 years old.. if I like em.. I use em! ha.. so there! lol

This weeks Cupcake sampler is Pam Varnell please pop over and check out her card ... along with the creations of the cupcake crew, on their blogs.

They always have something beautiful to share!


Where do you find inspiration

I've always loved see inspiration in unusual places ..that's why I loved the inspiration blog while it was around. Sometimes all you have to do , is "look" a little closer at things.. and you'd be surprised at all the design inspiration you see.
Well the other day when we were sitting at moms doctors appointment.. I happen to notice the design on the bottom of my shoe. Now that perked my curiosity.. so I had to check out the shoe rack when I got home. ... You better go check your closet.. because I found some pretty cool patterns.

I was inspired by the second one from the left.. the flower pattern. I was inspired enough by it to "use it" litterally to create something.

I stamped with it , to make the background for this card. Yep,... I just inked up the patterned on the bottom of the shoe and stamped with it. *( if you do this... just use a water based ink so it will wipe right off)
It's just a simple card..but you get the idea. The darling Dear stamp is from Pink Persimmon.

*****No cute shoes were harmed in the making of this card.*****

I wanted to make a little brown center for the flowers.. so I keeping with the idea of using a "non traditional" object to stamp with ... I cut a pattern in the eraser on the end of my pencil..using my exacto knife.

l .. geezzz.. the title of this post , should have been , "Crafting on a budget" lol
Just a little challenge to you to look around you ,and see inspiration in everyday things.

You just might be suprised what you "really" see.

a canvas

Yesterday I worked a this .. and had so much fun doing it. I had nothing in mind when I started it. My favorite thing to do, is just have goodies in front of me.. with no plan for them and ... play.
A little paint, gesso. ink.. markers, paper, .... and just make a mess. No major "work of art" ... just enjoyable creativity.
It was fun though.. and I'm thinking it might be a fun class or kit.

The photo is my Grandma. My mom on the right of her, then my aunt Viv. The little boy on the left is my Uncle Al. The only thing that would make this photo any better, would be if my Grandpa was in it... But he was probably out working in the field.
I used the new claudine hellmuth STUDIO, paints , gesso ect.. on this.. and loved them.

I need more play days like this.. they rejuvenate me!

** I'm pretty excited to tell you a tiny bit about something fun coming up. My friend Becky has invited me for a fun day of teaching at her loft (in down town Fremont) soon. Becky will be teaching a mini album class , and I will be teaching a class where we will create a shadowbox. It will be a super fun day, with lunch included.. on Saturday March 28th. We'll both be talking more about this , and giving more details on our blogs... soon! Cant wait!

I had to laugh at Miss Aly.. when I came around the corner... she's looking pretty cozy this morning , huh?

Enjoy your day.. Aly is. lol

Easter Spoolie (empty Ribbon Spool album)

Today I thought I'd share another "Spring/Easter" themed Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Project.

It's been a while since I've made a "Spoolie Album". Since I came up with this idea a few years ago... I still cant bring myself to throw away an empty ribbon spool. If you havent seen them before..this is a little mini album done inside an empty Ribbon spool. It was one of those "ah ha" ideas , that come to you .. when you stay up way to last working on things. lol It was back when I was on the DT at Scrapmuse (kit club). The idea.... when designing for a kit club.. of course,.. is to use ONLY what's in that months kit. Well that month we had ribbon on a very small spool. After using up the ribbon.. I was about ready to toss the the empty spool.. when I stopped .. and looked at it again. .. well.. now you know how this idea was born. lol

This album is done with a large spool, but really , about any size will work.

If you are interested in how to assemble these little albums , and seeing lots more samples done in many themes........along with other fun "round" ideas, you enjoy this book from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

I used "Spring Joys" stickers and "Spring" Cotton Scraps. The papers are from the Pastel Paper Pad.

Here is one side...

and the other.

some close photos.

That.. OH SO DARING tiny white ball trim is from Fancy Pants! How much do I LOVE that!

Have a fantastic day today.. I hope you get some time to "Create"!