Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Technical Difficulties

just touching base quick, to say my computer is being worked on( I'm using the laptop now).. so that... ( and the fact that I'm neck deep in packing kits), is why havent been posting each day.

I'llllll be back! ha hopefully my computer will be out of the puter hospital soon! lol

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching up

This week as been an emotional roller coaster. The funeral Friday was rough. My heart just breaks for Lorrie, Ashley and Lorrie and Greg's families. The Funeral was such a fantastic tribute to the amazing person he was though... truly touching . With the huge show of support from the the police, fire and EMT's .. along with the amount of people there, who's lives he had touched.. it was really something. He will be so missed. Please keep Lorrie in your prayers. This is such a hard time for her.

After Friday, it was so great to have Saturday with the big fam to look forward to. The weather certainly went down hill.. but we didn't let that bother us.. we enjoyed ourselves in side. Since my sister and her hubby(from Florida), and my Aunts and Uncle from South Dakota were here for a visit, we rented the same place here, we usually rent for gathering , and spent the day together.

Not everyone could make it , and we sure missed those who couldn't ..but thought of them, as we enjoyed the time we spent together.

I wanted to be able to share the photos with my family... (and you, if you want to see.. of course) lol , but because My computer is dealing me fits.. I couldn't size and edit them. I decided the easiest thing to do, is to upload them to a slide show. The aren't fantastic "photo' quality , by any means. It was a dark , dreary day.. not great of picture taking ..but it was important to capture the day.. so I still took photos of course. Like I said.. some are wonky, because I couldn't edit.. so don't get a neck ache , turning back and forth.. if you look. lol


I just have to end by saying HUGE HUGE thanks to my hubby, Brent, Diana , Nathaniel, Jan and Keith.. who stayed and helped me put class kits together for the classes I'll be teaching in MI , the weekend after next. There is ALOT of kits to be put together, and they knew I was nervous about finding time to get it all done.. so they said... BRING IT.. we'll help!
I am SO lucky to have such a totally supportive bunch of people in my life. As we worked ( and laughed alot).. I couldn't help but think.. what a cool thing we were showing Nathaniel... about what family is really about. I told him that.. and he said.
"We've got your back Aunt Vic".
How could I ask for more than that.
Thank you guys... I love ya!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay.. I'm going to try this again. I am either having blogger problems or computer problems of some sort, because this it the third time I've posted this and twice I've lost it. I'm getting lazy.. it gets shorter each time. lol My dates are off, autosave is obviously not working and it keeps saying "Your request could not be processed. Please try again." Frustrating.
Tomorrow is the funeral, so I'll be gone when it's time to post Taylors Challenge. I'll be lucky if this posts at all , let alone at the right time.. so bare with me. Here's hoping.
Anyway... heres the card I made with this weeks challenge.
All Fancy Pants products.

Here is Miss Taylors sketch for this week.
Be sure to stop by her blog and the blogs of the other cupcake crew to see there creations. And also this weeks cupcake sampler Joanne Basile
Taylor VanBruggen , Donna Baker, Jackie Pedro, Lynn Mercurio, Sherrie Siemens, Ana Wohlfahrt

We had dinner with Kate and Jarad tonight after going to the visitation. It was so nice to have dinner with them and spend some time with them before heading home. It was good to end the evening on a little "happier note".
I am SO looking forward to spending time with "the big fam" this weekend!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Desktop Calendar Album

I've been busy with other things today, so wasn't sure what I'd have to share ...but I remember I hadn't [posted this Desktop Calendar Album I did a while back. I used the new Calendar "Creative Scraps" for this album. You can see them here.
They are really fun... the possibilities for these are endless.

I thought it would be fun to make a desktop album/calendar. It would be kind of fun for someone to have on their desk at work, .. have a calendar and also be able to show off the kids to coworkers.

You could put photos of those in the family who's birthdays are that month. I put a little gem on important dates. You could use little gems to mark birthdays, if you did the birthday idea.

The album is from Kaiser Craft.

Cute kiddos huh? lol A few of my nieces and nephews. I'll have to add pages to get them all in.

Today was a bit better. I spent some time with Lorrie this evening. Friends and family are giving her lots of support. Tomorrow will be visitation and then the funeral on Friday morning. Thankyou all for your thoughts and prayers for her.
We have Aunts and Uncles in town visiting at moms, so looking forward to spending some time with them and the rest of the family this weekend... cant wait!
Now.. it's late.. so off to bed for me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden Girl

I needed to work on something cheery and bright today. I couldn't wait to start doing something with some the pictures of the kids from Easter. Here's Kirstyn with your garden hat , gloves and boots on. What a little cutie she is.

I used images from the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Creative Scraps" GARDEN
The chipboard pieces and the red gingham paper is also from Crafty Secrets.

I've had that little unfinished fencing laying around for some time now, so I decided to give it a quick brush of white paint and use it.


I try to blog most everyday, but sometimes when sad things happen, it's hard for me to feel like it. I don't want to make everyone else feel sad..but.. , but... on the other hand.. I just cant bring myself to carry on about "the latest and greatest goodies in the scrapbook world" when my heart is hurting for people I love. Yesterday my long time friend Lorrie's husband Greg, passed away after a battle with pneumonia. It happened so quickly, I think everyone is still in shock. Greg was a good man. I had the privilege of standing as Lorries maid of honor the day they got married. They were the love of each others lives. My heart is just breaking for her. Not only are his friends and family going to miss him.. but this entire communitymost certainly will.

Today was a beautiful day outside, as I was driving into Fremont I thought.. how can it be such a beautiful day, and still be so sad. I remember so clearly how I felt the day I learned my dad had passed way. (back in 1982) We were stopped at a red light on our way to be with the family.. . ( It was winter..but a unseasonably nice sunny day. I looked over at the car next to us.. and saw them laughing and singing to the radio. I thought to myself.. "Dont they know?"

When devastating things happen in our lives , it seems the world should come to a screeching halt...

but it just doesn't. Life goes on ... it has too.

I looked at this tree all full of it's Spring buds as I drove the road home, and the sun was going down.

A new season is approaching. Tomorrow is a new day.

I just hope it's a day that brings some comfort to Lorrie ,Ashley, the Justus and Chamberlain familys. Please keep them in your prayers.
Thankyou friends.

I'll try to be a happier blogger next time. Thanks for listening.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Making use of old jars again

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Busy weekend around here, just getting odds and ends done. With Spring like weather ( finally).. I'm feeling like going through things and cleaning out.
I've been on this kick of using old jars for new things. They don't have to be fancy jars and vintage, .. none of these are. Feels good to make something pretty out of them, instead of throwing them away. Something as simple as a spaghetti jar, or old candle jar, can be something usable. Even something pretty to use as a gift.
I used the new Creative Scraps from Crafty Secrets on all of these to dress them up.
You can see them all here.

These images are so fun.
This was just a spaghetti sauce jar

and this was a recycled candle jar.. I dressed up and filled with bath salts.

Like I said .. I love the idea of using something that would have otherwise just been thrown away. These were so quick and easy to do. Look around and see what you can reuse.
Have fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Special of the week?

I've been excited to make something using this image, because I think it's adorable. You might have to click to see it larger , but the can they are holding says "Canned Joy", and the saying below says "Special of the week". It's one of the images and sayings from the "Domestic Goddess", Creative Scraps.

I have been on this mission to recycle.. so I used this old plaque I found in one of my bins of "things to alter someday" It worked perfectly for what I had in mind.

I worked on that last night, but since I didn't blog yesterday , thought I'd share some photos from my junk run with my friend Chris on Friday.
I love storing my goodies in inexpensive glass pieces , so they are easy to see. I found the 2 shortest ones on Friday. ( 1/2 off.. so $1.50) YAY

Here they are.

The red and green Fiesta pieces are Chris's. ( she has a large collection already, so these will be a great addition). She also found those darling read, green and yellow little glasses. I found those umbrella and flamingo glasses, and a little apple for the wall in my kitchen. I spent a whopping $8 total. ( hey big spender!) lol
When I think , how much I would have spent,doing something like going to a movie... I got SO much more pleasure from this. (And had little treasures to show for it). I'm not much for sitting through movies,.. but "junk'n".. now I could do that ALL DAY! lol

We had a blast and laughed so hard. Chris picked this out for me and thought I should buy it for my house. lol

I picked out "this" for her. What the??? Seriously ??? I swear the price on this was $26.

Needless to say... neither were purchased! ha
It was such a fun afternoon. We have a date set to meet up for their "Spring Flea Market" next month. Cant wait!

Yesterday I caught up on things around here .. one of which was washing bedding. While the sheets where washing, I set the bed pills on the floor next to the bed. I came back upstairs to look in and see this. I swear... dogs are like kids.. they always want to do what they know they aren't supposed to.
Geeezzzz... make yourself comfortable Molly!!! grrrr
The sun is shining here ( atleast for a while), so I'm going to try to stay motivated and go get something done. I cant believe how much a little sunshine can help, after a long winter.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 17, 2009


FRIDAY!! I'm looking forward to today. I'm meeting my friend Chris for a little Junk'n this afternoon. Cant wait! Whether I find any bargains or not.... it will be a fun day.

Friday means it's Taylors Challenge day. I used her sketch design for another altered Project this week. I found this little wood piece with the four wheels , in the Easter stuff 50% off yesterday at Hobby Lobby. ( it had a little wood chick on it, that I pulled off and will use on another project). There were only two of these, or I would have picked up more. I've been looking for some little unfinished wood pieces with wheels for some time now. I found this flat wood box in my stash... so the two became one, and the altering began. lol

Everything else used it Fancy Pants.

Here's Taylors fun sketch for this week.

My plan was that this could be used to sit on someone desk.. so I put a calendar on the back side.

The printable calendar I used , came from the Crafty Secrets Web site. HERE
These pieces are from the new
Kraft Kuts from Fancy Pants.
Most of the patterned Papers used are from the "On a Whimsy" line

I LOVE all the piece and the papers from the craft line!!

I'm really having fun using these sketches in different ways. Thanks Taylor for the inspiration!

Be sure to pop over to check out the Cupcake crews creations this week... along with this weeks cupcake sampler Sandra MacLean


Enjoy your day everyone!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fancy Pants "Felt" project

I'm sure hoping I haven't posted this before. haha Sometimes I loose track. If I did.. just get a chuckle and let it slide okay? haha

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fancy Pants Felt! It's so sturdy.. great for stitching! I did this hanging project for Miss Halle.

I put a mini clothes pin on it, to hold the photo.. and to make the photo changeable.

Um.... lookie lookie what arrived today......Woo hooo!!! Guess who is going to be playing in some fun Fancy Pants Goodies. I can not wait!!

Today was a busy day. Mom and I started out the day with her doctors appointment in Omaha. She had to have another shot for her macular degeneration... but the doc says they are defiantly helping! So that's great news! We left there and then did a little shopping , had lunch and headed back to Fremont. After dropping her off, I got groceries, took stuff to the goodwill, did a load of laundry, and helped Dan pick up and sweep out the garage, ... all before cooking some yummy Shrimp stir fry for dinner. Go Vicki! lol
That is what a warm sunny spring day can do for ya! lol It was SO nice out!!
One other thing about spring and summer.. it.. ... means more grilling, more veggies and fresh fruit!
I am determined we WILL eat healthier!

Oh.. and I did make a quick stop at my favorite junk/treasure spot. I didn't really find anything that "rang my bell" .. UNTIL... I spotted this. I had gotten a similar one before and used to use it for my paintbrushes... now it's storing paper rolls. Anyway.. I found this one for

I'm not sure if I'll paint it for not... will see.
In the photo below you can see the other one I had found before. I don't know why I like them so much.. but they are just kind of fun for storing goodies. And I love unique fun storage ideas. and for $1... I'm thrilled!
Now , if tomorrow I can get half this much done in my studio.. I will be a great day! I need to get some things done..........so heres hoping.
send me the creative vibe will ya?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Button Flower Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Today I'm sharing my button flower tutorial using a Pink Persimmon Banner stamp set. Here's what they look like....

And heres the stamp set I used. ( in a different sort of way) lol Lg Banner Stamp Set
You can also see this tutorial on the Pink Persimmon website HERE, along with my other projects from this month.

Large buttons, white cardstock, 12 GA wire, inks ,gems, glue gun or quick dry adhesive, Stamps (Large Banner Set) #CS010.
1.Start by cutting a 12 inch length of (12 GA) wire. Run it through one button hole and down through the other. Start twisting tight at the top, closest to the button and work your way down. (doubled over , this will give your flower a 6 inch stem

2. On white cardstock , stamp banner piece ( the one that is frame only) with black ink, repeatedly . ( each flower takes 5 of these, so the amount you stamp will depend on how many you want to make.

3.Choose your pattern and color for the inside. You really only need to ink up and stamp the tips of each, because that is the part you will be using.

4.Cut them out . Depending on the size of your button, you can decide how much of the Banner tip you’ll need to use, to allow all 5 pieces to fit around the button

5.Using hot glue, or a quick drying glue, glue all five pieces side by side around the back of the button.

6.Stamp the small flower , cut out and add to center of button. Add a gem and your flower is complete!

Have fun!
Lots to do today.. so off I go. lol... enjoy yourday everyone!

Easter photos

Lots of photos ............
Yes.. this post is nothing but family photos from Easter. lol I'll never apologize for family photos .. because .. "THEY" are the reason I scrapbook.. and the reason I started this blog... so..... No projects today... but you can see some pretty projects.. from the Tattered Angels/Prima Team up on these girls blogs today
Trisha Ladouceur Sally Lynn MacDonald Jen Jockisch Jaime Warren

Otherwise.. it's all about the fam around here today. lol
(thanks to those who participated in holding a letter for this photo. These are the ones that didn't run from me when I started handing out letters for this photo. lol
Family, fun and food...... lots of all of those! lol
I made these rice crispy bars on sticks for the kids. They seem to like them. ha

Good grief.. there was so many delicious deserts there, you would believe it.

Check out Neely's "CupCake Cake". It was so cute!

yesh..... I told you.

and a good time was had by all!

We rent this same place every year.. and it works out so well. plenty of room for the kids and a great kitchen will a huge serving area. There's even an area with a couch, recliner , tv ect. As they family had grown, at first it was hard to get used to haven't it at moms.. but there are just TOO many of us now. We are so used to this now, and it works well.

We had all kinds of Easter Blessings this year.

That is one happy little girl.

It was a fun filled day.. ending with a little Karaoke from Aidan and Griff. What a couple of characters.

When my dad was alive... when there was a big family gathering, he would look over at mom and say. "look what you started". (laughingly) like he was blaming her for all this craziness and chaos. Boy.. there was a number of times yesterday , that I could have just heard him saying that to her.

It was a Great day!