Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching up

This week as been an emotional roller coaster. The funeral Friday was rough. My heart just breaks for Lorrie, Ashley and Lorrie and Greg's families. The Funeral was such a fantastic tribute to the amazing person he was though... truly touching . With the huge show of support from the the police, fire and EMT's .. along with the amount of people there, who's lives he had touched.. it was really something. He will be so missed. Please keep Lorrie in your prayers. This is such a hard time for her.

After Friday, it was so great to have Saturday with the big fam to look forward to. The weather certainly went down hill.. but we didn't let that bother us.. we enjoyed ourselves in side. Since my sister and her hubby(from Florida), and my Aunts and Uncle from South Dakota were here for a visit, we rented the same place here, we usually rent for gathering , and spent the day together.

Not everyone could make it , and we sure missed those who couldn't ..but thought of them, as we enjoyed the time we spent together.

I wanted to be able to share the photos with my family... (and you, if you want to see.. of course) lol , but because My computer is dealing me fits.. I couldn't size and edit them. I decided the easiest thing to do, is to upload them to a slide show. The aren't fantastic "photo' quality , by any means. It was a dark , dreary day.. not great of picture taking ..but it was important to capture the day.. so I still took photos of course. Like I said.. some are wonky, because I couldn't edit.. so don't get a neck ache , turning back and forth.. if you look. lol


I just have to end by saying HUGE HUGE thanks to my hubby, Brent, Diana , Nathaniel, Jan and Keith.. who stayed and helped me put class kits together for the classes I'll be teaching in MI , the weekend after next. There is ALOT of kits to be put together, and they knew I was nervous about finding time to get it all done.. so they said... BRING IT.. we'll help!
I am SO lucky to have such a totally supportive bunch of people in my life. As we worked ( and laughed alot).. I couldn't help but think.. what a cool thing we were showing Nathaniel... about what family is really about. I told him that.. and he said.
"We've got your back Aunt Vic".
How could I ask for more than that.
Thank you guys... I love ya!


stampqueen said...

Great pics of the family!!! Looks like fun!!

TattingChic said...

Sorry to hear it's been such a challenging week! So glad to hear you've got such a supportive family!

((Hugs)) to you! :)

Precious Treasures said...

You have such a wonderful family, probably because you are so wonderful!

Catherine said...

Sending hugs yourway my friend, I'm sorry you had such a tough day on Friday.
Wish I could have been there to help you out with your class kits, but looks like they all had it nice of them! Thanks for sharing all your pictures... loved the ones of Neely kissing your cute!! Didn't see any of you though?????? xox.

Shawn said...

Sounds like you had a rough week, thinking of you and Greg's family. What a hard thing to go through. Love your family pics. :)

Leslie Kamm said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Vicki. If I can do anything - let me know! LOVE YOU!!

karin said...

Hi Vicki!
So sorry about your friend's husband, it is always terrible!!
Just love your desktop calendar, as always, your work is stunning!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Super slide show Vic! I was grinning like an idiot the whole way through! Nathaniel is more handsome than ever and he sure does great with the little ones. And the Griffster! He's beginning to think he is all grown up too! LOL! What a little character. Sweet Momma and Neely are looking good too. I'm so glad you have such a wonderfully supportive family as you certainly deserve it!

harrahx2 said...

Such a loving and giving family means you will never be alone. You also have made a lot of friends along the way (count me in!) and you keep us smiling Thanks so much Vic

Staci said...

Great pics Vicki! You know, if you ever get in a bind and need help with getting projects ready for classes, shoot me an email. I am only half an hour away. I would love to come help you out.