Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter photos

Lots of photos ............
Yes.. this post is nothing but family photos from Easter. lol I'll never apologize for family photos .. because .. "THEY" are the reason I scrapbook.. and the reason I started this blog... so..... No projects today... but you can see some pretty projects.. from the Tattered Angels/Prima Team up on these girls blogs today
Trisha Ladouceur Sally Lynn MacDonald Jen Jockisch Jaime Warren

Otherwise.. it's all about the fam around here today. lol
(thanks to those who participated in holding a letter for this photo. These are the ones that didn't run from me when I started handing out letters for this photo. lol
Family, fun and food...... lots of all of those! lol
I made these rice crispy bars on sticks for the kids. They seem to like them. ha

Good grief.. there was so many delicious deserts there, you would believe it.

Check out Neely's "CupCake Cake". It was so cute!

yesh..... I told you.

and a good time was had by all!

We rent this same place every year.. and it works out so well. plenty of room for the kids and a great kitchen will a huge serving area. There's even an area with a couch, recliner , tv ect. As they family had grown, at first it was hard to get used to haven't it at moms.. but there are just TOO many of us now. We are so used to this now, and it works well.

We had all kinds of Easter Blessings this year.

That is one happy little girl.

It was a fun filled day.. ending with a little Karaoke from Aidan and Griff. What a couple of characters.

When my dad was alive... when there was a big family gathering, he would look over at mom and say. "look what you started". (laughingly) like he was blaming her for all this craziness and chaos. Boy.. there was a number of times yesterday , that I could have just heard him saying that to her.

It was a Great day!


Linda B said...

That is just so sweet! It looks like everyone had a great time. TFS:)

Tabitha W. said...

I'm totally inviting myself over for the next family gathering. Those desserts look scrumptious! Great pictures Vicki!

janel said...

My favorite kind of and fun! What a blessing. Looks like one wonderful day! Even though I didn't know your dad, I can just envision him in that group, patting your mom on the knee and saying that to her.
Thinking of you and hoping your memories are all treasures!

Calia Yang said...

you looked like you had TONS of fun during Easter! ^_^ and that "cupcake" is HUGE!!! Lol! looks yummy....

Darcy said...

What a great family day and so smart of you to rent a larger space! I love that idea. Looks like you all had fun.

Country Liv . . . said...

How absolutely marvelous! I want some of each of those desserts! We had frozen pizza for dinner, LOL! Kim had a very good day at her inlaws.

Creative Mish said...

What a feast! I love family and friend gatherings! Nothing better than good food and family!

Catherine said...

looks like dessert was the most popular dish....and they all looked pretty yummy to me! Thanks for sharing your pics....and happy belated Easter to you!

Elaine said...

Your blog is always a feast for the eyes! :) I want to have Easter with you next year! lol The treats look divine Vicki!

MJ said...

I love the little girl with the polka dot dress and the rain boots! As K & N would say, "She's stylish"!

Those desserts look wonderful! No wonder there's such a great turnout!! (Wink!)

Kara Ward said...

Listening to Sugarland on your blog. Wish you were coming with me...they are her in KC at the end of May. Get a ticket and join us!!!!kara

rose said...

oh looks like wonderful time was had by all,great company and great food