Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pink Persimmon Project

Sharing another project I did for Pink Persimmon this month. I love this banner set. Not only is it darling ..but I love that it's so easy. lol I'm not a huge "colorer" when it comes to stamping as you have probably noticed. This set has a negative and positive stamp.. so all you do is add ink and stamp. Woo hoo!

For this project, all I did was use a old candle jar. I have always cringed every time I have to throw one away after the candle is all burned. It seems like such a waste. They actually clean up really easily.
Simple , inexpensive.. and would make a fun little gift, don't you think?

For the top.. I just added the papers then a painted wooden bead, hot glued on.

You can see all the Pink Persimmon goodies HERE
I have to show you the cup and saucer I got from my sis for Easter.. isn't it pretty?
Gifts for Easter you say?.. Well my sister is the most giving person I know.. she gives even when it's not a occasion.. that's just her. Anyone who knows her.. knows what I'm talking about. lol
I love it Sis!! Thanks!
When I got out of bed yesterday, I was determined to get on it.. and get some things done!! Car washed, bedding washed, ...and dogs washed. lol
They hate baths.. so it's never an easy endeavor. We're all worn out before it's over. whew!
Looking forward to the weekend. We are going to see Wes's band play on Friday night , so that should be fun. Then .. looking forward to seeing the fam on Easter Sunday.
I'm hoping SPRING has finally arrived in Nebraska!!! I'm SO ready!

Enjoy your day!


rose said...

oh just love that stamp set!
oh what a hreat easter gift of your sis,
Oh just look at the face on her all wrapped up! Dog washing ohremindsme mine needs it soon,but she is in trouble today and is sulking!

Linda B said...

Love their stamps! Need to order some. I like your project. I'm not a big coloring kind of gal either, so I can relate. Happy Easter!

Elaine said...

Our dog will speed around in circles if she knows we're giving her a bath and then tries to run like a racehorse through the house! It's hilarious!

The pennant jar is delightful! How cute!!!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh Vic! I love Pink Persimmon's stamps and your cards and projects are wonderful!!!

Deb S. said...

oh vic i love the banner on that jar! soo cute! that photo of ally just cracks me up! poor girl.... :)

Toni K said...

Adorable jar! I looked at the pics of your crafting space on Pink Persimmon. Wow! I would so love that! How inspirational to work in an environment like that. Love all of your work!

Karen Cheetham said...

Good to know that I'm not the only one that does not do much in the way of coloring! Great banner! I love the positive and negative effect :) You have a very cool sister! Love the cup and saucer.

Scrap for Joy said...

I have this set of stamps and my favorite thing is to stamp the plain pennant on printed paper and then cut out using pinking coloring at all! You have made some really adorable things using Pink Persimmon stamps. Loved your pooch book, too!I hope they come out with more sets soon! The cup and saucer are so cute and look great with jelly beans. Happy Easter Vic and thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

harrahx2 said...

Just catching up after a few days away from the computer. The pink box? Fabulous! I am so into pink lately and I am not a "pink" kind of lady. Almost finished my box/scrapbook/card kit that I got and will send pics when completed. Love the candle jar and agree about the cringe. Hope the weather warms up soon, we are overdue for spring. Sending Easter wishes your way.

Bev said...

Your jar looks so summery! What a great idea using an old candle jar! I seem to be looking at everything I'm about to throw away to see how my imagination can use it. Thanks for the great idea as usual!!
Have a nice Easter!

Catherine said...

Love your cookie jar.....adorable! And so is that little pup - miss her! I just got the message you left me about having a 'rita and waiting for Jan...sorry I missed that. i'll try and give you a call tomorrow!! Miss you too!!

chelemom said...

What a great stamp set! NEver thought about saving those candle jars.......add THAT to the list of things to alter! LOL! Have a wonderful, blessed Easter!