Sunday, April 19, 2009

Special of the week?

I've been excited to make something using this image, because I think it's adorable. You might have to click to see it larger , but the can they are holding says "Canned Joy", and the saying below says "Special of the week". It's one of the images and sayings from the "Domestic Goddess", Creative Scraps.

I have been on this mission to recycle.. so I used this old plaque I found in one of my bins of "things to alter someday" It worked perfectly for what I had in mind.

I worked on that last night, but since I didn't blog yesterday , thought I'd share some photos from my junk run with my friend Chris on Friday.
I love storing my goodies in inexpensive glass pieces , so they are easy to see. I found the 2 shortest ones on Friday. ( 1/2 off.. so $1.50) YAY

Here they are.

The red and green Fiesta pieces are Chris's. ( she has a large collection already, so these will be a great addition). She also found those darling read, green and yellow little glasses. I found those umbrella and flamingo glasses, and a little apple for the wall in my kitchen. I spent a whopping $8 total. ( hey big spender!) lol
When I think , how much I would have spent,doing something like going to a movie... I got SO much more pleasure from this. (And had little treasures to show for it). I'm not much for sitting through movies,.. but "junk'n".. now I could do that ALL DAY! lol

We had a blast and laughed so hard. Chris picked this out for me and thought I should buy it for my house. lol

I picked out "this" for her. What the??? Seriously ??? I swear the price on this was $26.

Needless to say... neither were purchased! ha
It was such a fun afternoon. We have a date set to meet up for their "Spring Flea Market" next month. Cant wait!

Yesterday I caught up on things around here .. one of which was washing bedding. While the sheets where washing, I set the bed pills on the floor next to the bed. I came back upstairs to look in and see this. I swear... dogs are like kids.. they always want to do what they know they aren't supposed to.
Geeezzzz... make yourself comfortable Molly!!! grrrr
The sun is shining here ( atleast for a while), so I'm going to try to stay motivated and go get something done. I cant believe how much a little sunshine can help, after a long winter.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


tina said...

That image is hilarious! I might just have to hop over there :) Thanks for sharing. Love the glass dish idea. What a steal! ROFL about the Bush picture. :)

Elaine said...

I can only imagine how much fun you had! Are you sure you don't want that autographed photo among your props? ;-)

Sarah said...

Don't mess with Texas!! LOL

TattingChic said...

That "Special of the Week" piece is darling! Love it with the black and white and the "bling"!

It looks like you and your friend had a lot of fun! That clock was unreal!

Kara Ward said...

Take me junkin'....I want to go bad. Come here and I will treat you too! Kara

chelemom said...

Love your card!!! That image is one of my favs! Wish I had someone around here who liked to go "junking." Glad you had a great weekend!

stampqueen said...

I am having major junkin withdraws - now room to put anything I find - can't walk in my craft room as it is...LOL
Love the 'Canned Joy' image and what you did with it!!!

Anonymous said...

Junkin'! Ohhhhh how fun!!! Molly looks so sweet lying on that pillow. How could anyone get upset over such

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, you need to be ashamed of yourself! At least your friend picked something, well, semi-normal! You were mean! Love the images and all the wonderful creations you make. I want to come and play!

Country Liv . . . said...

Love the plaque. Now tell me this: What are you going to do with those pink flamingo glasses in your red and yellow kitchen? You are such a junker! Tell you what, as soon as this depression/recession is on the mend, I'll fly out to Kara's and meet you there and we can junk for a week! Hugs, to Allie and Molly.
Love to you!