Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little weekend drive in the country

Yesterday afternoon was so nice.. we decided to go for a drive. We loaded the dogs up and took a little drive. I laughed so hard at their reaction to this cow that was close to the road. I think they were in shock.. like it was a BIGGEST DOG they had ever seen.

Not sure which I like better, the one where "they" are in focus , or the one where "the cow" is. Either way.. it was hilarious!

We got out and walked a bit, it was just a gorgeous day.

We were shocked to see fish in there. Weird

I love barns. Well kept ones like this .. or old rickety ones.. doesn't matter to me. When I look at the old abandon ones.. I always wonder what what it was like the day everyone got together for the barn raising. How grand it was when it was new ..and how proud the family must have been. So much history.

The corn is defiantly on it's way up.

We really just drove with in about a 10 mile radius around were we live..but it's funny.... if we go anywhere.. it's usually the same way.. up to the hyway and into we miss most of this.

This is just up the road behind us about a half mile.. he doesn't know me in my car.. only when I'm walking. lol

Today , I'm packing for TX...but tomorrow I promise to post something creative. I have been working on some thing for a couple new kit's for Scrappy Gourmet..that I'll be able to share soon also.
It just seemed like such a long winter.. it feels so good to be out enjoying the nice weather.
BBQ ribs in the crock pot for dinner tonight.. so back to packing.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Until tomorrow.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts / Crafty Secrets in TX next week

Here it is Saturday already.. how did that happen? That Holiday last week really through me off. Hard to believe I leave Tuesday for "The Great American Scrapbook Show" in Arlington TX. I'll be working the booth with Sandy (The owner of Crafty Secrets), and her hubby Scott. If you live near and plan to attend.. be sure to stop by the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage booth and say hello. We would all love to see you!
Speaking of Crafty Secrets... pop over to the Heartwarming Vintage blog to see some great samples and also... an update on new stamp prices!!

Changing gears on you here..but have you seen the Fancy Pants Krafty Kuts. Oh... Vicki LOVES them. lol They have them featured on the Miss Fancy Pants Blog.. with a bunch of adorable layouts using them... check it out here.

Here's a layout I did , using some of them. ( is that Nathaniel a handsome guy or that?) And what a nice nice young man too!
Here's the Kraft Kuts.. but you can see lots more of all the newest releases HERE.

And now... about the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers show last night..... FANTASTIC!
Boy to they ever put on a show!

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a band as much as I do this one.

And let me tell you ..they have some faithful fans. I told Scott Redburn .. who first introduced me to the music of Roger Clyne... that I swear they must put subliminal messages in the lyrics... to suck people in .lol Before they ever came out on stage..the crowd say one whole song.. all together .. without the band even on stage. It was pretty cool.

The guy ( and the band).. give it all they've got.. that's for sure. It was a fantastic show from beginning to end.

I totally enjoyable time.

Now .. on with the weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

TECC 70 and Pink Persimmon Sneek Peek

Yay!! It's Friday! Well.. yes , I am excited that it is another "Taylor Challenge Day".. and I have a little sneek peek to show you ..but I'm excited for another reason also... I'll tell you more about it , later in the post..but first things first.
I decided to do a layout rather than a card with Taylors Sketch this week. And .. here's a little sneek peek at some new stamps from Pink Persimmon
They will be available June 8th! ( the sets I used ,along with a number ofother adorable sets)
Pink Persimmon will be celebrating their 1st anniversary in June, and having lots of great giveaways HERE on their blog.. so be sure to check it out.

Taylors Sketch for this week

I used the "Singing Birdies" set for the corner...

and the "Cute as a Button" set here.
(for the center piece I just double stamped and add the top one, on top of the other with foam tape.

Below is a photo of the two ( complete) sets. ( you can click to see them larger)

This weeks cupcake sampler is Gwen Snater ... be sure to stop by and see what she has created.. and also those of Taylor and the rest of the Cupcake crew. Taylor Vanbruggen, Stephanie Hargis, Donna Baker, Lynn Mercurio, Monika Davis, Sherrie Siemens, Ana Wohlfahrt, and Jackie Pedro

Couple of random things I wanted to share with you. First of all .. check out these totally fun clips I found yesterday at Staples. Both styles are cool , I think.
Especially for $3. Just wanted to show you .. in case you needed to run to Staples quick. lol ( you can click to see them larger)


Another random photo..but I love it , because it totally captured Wes. I have no idea who took the photo.. (Wes sent it to me).. but I love it. He was a groomsman in a wedding last weekend.

Okay... now .. the real reason I'm EXCITED it's Friday! Tonight I am going to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers! Yay.. it's finally here! Luckily Deb said she would go with me, when I asked her a while back. ( I really wanted to go.. but going by myself would be a little weird) lol It would not be Dans cup of tea..that's for sure.( fun hater) lol
So I know, her and I will have a great time.
I hope I don't embarrass her when I jump up on stage. hahhahahahaha
Oh for Pete sake .. I'm just kidding.
or am I? hahahah
remember I'm a rocker at heart. lol

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some things I enjoyed today

Although it was overcast here today... just taking a walk around the yard with the pups was still so enjoyable.

Sometimes when I'm looking at things to take photos of .. its the small things that usually go unnoticed that can be the most beautiful. Something about having your camera in hand.. helps you notice things you might have originally overlooked.
Look at the inside of this opening peonies. I didn't photoshop any of the colors..that's just nature in all its glory!

It was a bit sad to find this sweet little egg that had probably been thrown from the next with all this crazy wind we've been having. Not sure what kind it is? It's kind of light pinkish. I was asking Dan , what he thought it was , and he looks at me (totally with a serious face) and says... "Probably... a Pink nosed Thrush" I took one look at the serious look on his face when he said that , and about laughed my head off!
Since when do birds have NOSES??? lol
The ditch on both sides of the road is just lavender as far as you can see.

I love seeing all my flowers starting to bloom. I planted some new things last year.. it's fun to see them coming up for the first time this year.

I swore when we moved to the country ..the first thing I was going to do , was plant a lilac bush. I wanted to be able to open my kitchen window and smell the lilacs when they were blooming. ( remember this conversation Pam?).
I did just that... and now I'm enjoying it.

Mom and I are heading off to Omaha to her eye doctor appointment. She has been having good reports the last few times so we hope that continues.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Thanks for letting me share what I saw today .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tattered Angels/Cosmo Cricket Blog Relay

With it being a Holiday.. silly me.. I almost forgot it's Monday and also my day to post my project for the Tattered Angels/Cosmo Cricket Blog relay. eekk

But..thankfully, I came to may senses and ... .. here I am. lol

Below is my layout , using both products. ( you can click to see it closer)

What I did for my Glimmer Misted (orange) background, was , lay down a round scalloped piece of paper first ( mine was cut with an AccuCut die). I used it as my stencil by spraying my Glimmer Mist over it, and when I picked it up... I had my scalloped design to work with.

I then punched my circles to add to the inside of the scallops for the basis of my design.

There are so many things you can use to create patterns with Glimmer Mist. Things you probably already have around the house. You just have to think out of the box a bit. ( I love using bubble wrap for a cool pattern)

Other girls playing along in todays relay are ...

Liz Hicks (TA team) and Leah Killian (CC team) so be sure to check em out!
below TA and CC websites and blogs.. with all the info you might need.

Tattered Angels
Cosmo Cricket blog

Yesterday was such a nice day, I'm just sorry that I got so caught up in visiting , that I really didnt take many photos. ( What??? I know) lol
It was the "Dunn" family reunion. ( my dads side of the family). It was a great day! Huge thanks to my cousin Becky for always going to so much work , lining this all up for us. We so appreciate it!
I was SO happy that my kids even made it!! I was not expecting Jarad and Kate to make it at all, because Jarad has been working SO many hours, so that was a real surprise. Wes was already in Norfolk, and he had been a groomsman in a wedding there this weekend.
So.. here's the fam
Like I said.. I was bad about taking photos.. the day just seemed to go by so fast.
But look at little sweetie Halle
That little bonnet , used to be her mommas.

Kirstyn was having a ball on the slide. She went for a walk with us and fed the ducks. She is a hoot!

Jarad and Kate.

I hated to see the day end!
I think my mom really enjoyed getting to see everyone. She was all smiles.
Hope all of you have enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend!

Remembering all those who have served in our military and lost their lives so that we can enjoy these things.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fancy Pants "On Display" Frame

Have you seen these "On Display" Frames from Fancy Pants? I am LOVING them! My mind is swimming with ideas for these. Below is a photo of the different ones.. but you can see the actual sizes here
The DT has lots of great samples done up using them also , that you can see in the gallery on the Fancy Pants Website or the the Fancy Pants blog HERE.

Here's one I did a while back.
The saying around them says.."Happiness is like a butterfly which when pursed is always beyond our grasp, but if you sit down quietly... may alight apon you" author unknown

I used a portion of the Sprout transparency on this wall hanging. I used the sunshine and flower from the transparency along with rub-ons and patterned paper from the On A Whimsy collection . Even the little flower in Kirstyns hand is cut from the transparency.
Couple of cute kiddo's huh? lol
It's another beautiful day here. Dan is fishing with a friend today, so I'm doing some things around here.. (and just enjoying doing my own thing too). I dont watch much TV.. but I love the show , "The Locator".. and today is a marathon. Woo hoo! lol It's a guy who reunites people.. and it's so touching.
So , I messed around in my flowers a bit.. and now I'm going to watch TV for a bit.
have some fresh guacamole I just made and ..
a huge glass of sun tea. ahhhh

Tomorrow we have a big family gathering .. so here's hoping the weather stays nice. Cant wait.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend.. hope they are wonderful!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here it is Friday.. Taylors Cupcake Challenge day. Huge thanks to her for another terrific sketch to work with.

Here is my card for this week

Here's Taylors Sketch
You know the cupcake crew girls contiuiously create amazing things with the sketches week after week, so be sure to pop over and see what they have come up with using this sketch.

The cupcake crew

Taylor VanBruggen ,Stephanie Hargis, Donna Baker, Lynn Mercurio, Monika Davis, Sherrie Siemens, Ana Wohlfahrt, Jackie Pedro

And Jessica Diedrich is this weeks cupcake sampler!


Have a fantastic Memorial weekend!!


KITS for sale
If you are interested .. here are some of the kits I still have available for sale.

Tattered Angels new Bingo Boards and Calling Cards

Don't know if you've seen these new Bingo Boards and Calling card sets from Tattered Angels..but they are SO fun! They come in three different theme right now, Family, Outdoor and Beach. I used the "Outdoor" set for this project.
** Please click to see it larger**

Each kit comes with 9 pieces, Three Bingo Cards, Three Calling Cards, and Three Quote Swatches.
I added Glimmer mist and these Glimmer Chip pieces to mine.
I love to use these Glimmer Chip pieces in different way.. for hinges, ribbon holders ects. It's fun think out of the box with these. These are the embossed Chip pieces , so adding Glimmer Mist or even rubbing an ink pad over the top, really brings out the gorgeous embossed designs on them.

Below I used part of one of the Quote swatches on the bottom of the photo.

You can obviously use these individually or hook the three cards together to make a free standing piece... ( not to mention.. lots of other fun ways to use them)
I decided to do this as a hanging project.. and used the tops of the Watch pieces from the Alpha font set.. as hangers.
All the Chipboard pieces are self adhesive.. so they are so easy to use.
I used the same color glimmer mist on the twill to hang it from as I did on the project. I love that you can color coordinate things so easily by using the Glimmer Mist.
Below you can see the three packaged sets.

You can see other samples using the Bingo Board sets, and other TA projects on the Glimmer Mist Blog HERE.
It's another beautiful sunny (but windy) day here in Nebraska today. I was SO tired of winter.. I'm enjoying sunny day that comes my way at this point. Sun tea, grilling, windows open, sheets hanging on the clothes line.. and a good start on my flowers... ahhhh... perfect!
Hope all of you have a great day.
I'm off to a long needed hair appointment.
Enjoy the day!