Monday, May 18, 2009

Crafty Secrets "cooking" theme sticker, cotton and Images

Hope everyone is off to a great start to the week. I'm thrilled that the weather is finally so nice.. that I can have the windows open! YAY!
I even worked on a new projeds late last night, because I was SO enjoying having the window open in my studio.
I have had these cute photos from out last family get together, that I have been itching to do something with, so I made a little cookbook from one of the Crafty Secrets Wooden Clipboard albums.
All of the papers,chipboard, stickers, cotton and images are from Crafty Secrets also.

The last time I was in Lincoln, I ran across this sweet little heart shaped cookie cutter when I was wondering through Ben Franklin. I knew it would have to be a part of this cooking album.

The little cutie in these photos is my cousin Casey's little girl. She had such fun playing with the big pots ... ( actually ALL the kids did) I have photos to prove it. I'll be using those for other upcoming projects.

I had fun stitching (alot) on the album. ha

Crafty Secrets has a huge variety of "Cooking themed" products to choose from .. and I love them all. Like I said , I used images from the Cooking Image and Journal book, cooking stickers, and Cooking Cotton. They also have the cutest Cooking themed stickers, Here, here and here.

She was such a little show off for the camera. ( I was loving it)

What a ham.

I love the way all the different things, work so well together.

It was a fun project.
Yesterday was a beautiful day! Dan worked on finishing up the mowing and I worked in the flowers some. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.. (and the look of it too).
It's so great.. after a long winter.. to see my plants again.
Popping up little by little.

Even the Hosta's look so healthy.
Back in the trees and filling the ditches are wild phlox. Just seeing COLOR is such a treat , after months of looking at the "browns" of winter in NE.

I haven't gotten many new planters yet this year..but I did get these petunias for the porch. Out here, with the wind and summer heat.. "they" are one thing the usually will survive hanging out front.

The best part of the day , was that the kids all came home for dinner. We grilled, drank sun tea, and walked the yard with the pups. ( All this mom needs to be happy) ha Really.. that's my idea of a perfect day.
It was wonderful
Jarad and Kate, kinda have the "old farm couple" thing going on here. lol
They are so cute working on all their little projects together. They even have a garden.

Why does everybody walk away from me when I get out the camera?

Or.. in some cases ..Run! lol
It really was a nice day. Having them home for dinner, being able to grill out, enjoy the nice weather, and have a few laughs.... perfect!
Hope you had a super weekend also!


Unknown said...

Love your mini book about the cooking girl.Real peace of art.

Charlene said...

ADORABLE BOOK! I just love what you did with it. Do you just have stock piles of Crafty Secret stuff to work with at whim? :)

Yes, that yard stuff is hard work! We have been green a LOT longer than you have. Bought 2 white Lady Banks Rose plants this past week on our little trip south. Can't wait to see them fill in. Spring is so wonderful! Enjoyed your post & laughed at your fur baby RUNNING for the woods when you wanted a photo. Welcome to my club!

Deb S. said...

your kitchen creations book is adorable! everything looks pretty and green at your house. just lovely! i love this time of year don't you? oh i have the same"problem" when i get my camera out! ;)

Catherine said...

Pretty soon the cicadas will be out.....Love your cooking book too- super cute!! xox.

stampqueen said...

What a cute little cookbook - and such a sweet Chef!!!
Your yard looks great!!! Love the hanging baskets - I gave up on hanging baskets for the most part - planted cactus in 2 of them (3 years and they haven't died yet LOL) I do have a coupkle out front this year - maybe because they are so visable I will rfemember to water them....

janel said...

Adorable project. Such cute images! My it is green in NE. Love this time of year when everything is so fresh and beginning to grow. So happy you had such a great weekend...Have a wonderful week!

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Owww.... I lóóóve your little album!!! Crafty Secrets images are so cute!
And I'm surprised by your huge garden! Oh my it looks like a football field! That's hard work!
But with lovely weather you've much to enjoy!
Hugs, Elly

rose said...

oh what a beautiful mini cook book you have created her and with such a darling to pose for you to! yeah why is it kids like playing with the pots and pans and love banging lids together or bashing with the wooden spoon!
Oh soon be time for the Vacumn to be on stand by for the vacing up of wasps!! Glad you had a wonderful day and flowers look beautiful and the host very healthy!

Michele Kovack said...

Your minim book is absolutely darling! I wish I had little subjects to photograph! My nephew and niece live too far away!!!

Micki said...

I love the album. I really haven't been into the 'cooking' or 'recipe' theme yet. I didn't even think about the toddlers playing with the pots, lol. Emma & Gracie love doing that!!! Oh thank you..... I hope you don't mind me CASEing it???? Your flowers and garden/house are beautiful. Enjoy this weather, before we know it, it'll be hot, humid and sticky :-(.

Unknown said...

Your project is precious!!! I love the Crafty Secrets images on cloth. :) You make them so tempting.

Your home is GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Cute Cute~ Love the pics and thanks for sharing. Isn't family wonderful?

Charlene said...

Just posted the details for my giveaway. Can you believe it has been 100 posts since YOU got me started with your encouragement to do my blog! Pop over & register. Have a great week.

Darlene said...

I just love, love, love the mini book and the photos are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the family photos too ... I can feel the sun on my face as I view these lovely snapshots!!!

Anonymous said...

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