Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tattered Angels Meets Michigan Mega Meet

Hope you all had a wonderful week. I got back from MI late yesterday afternoon, so I've been busy unpacking and starting laundry. I wanted to get pictures uploaded so I could share with you today... so I got on that..first thing this morning.
It was a fun time with the Tattered Angels crew. Lots of laughs for sure! Michigan crafters love Glimmer Mist that's for sure. Wow... so fun to see so many people be so excited about the product,and to learn techniques.

The first day is always set up day. It's a good thing Kyle and Jeff are good at puzzles..because getting all the extra boxes for classes ect.. that were sent to the Hotel.. into the van to get to the convention center was a challenge. haha... I'm in the backseat in this photo... look behind me.

I first day ... no classes for me to teach, it's totally spent setting up the booth and the class room so we are ready for the next three days.
I had a great teachers assistant for each of my classes , that helps so much. It saves so much time if they can have things out
and ready to go, while I'm preparing for the next class.

Like I was saying .. it was so fun to have people taking the classes and excited to learn! Their enthusiasm makes it all that much more fun. When they do the different techniques and see the results, you can really see "the light come on" when they pull the screen off their paper and see the beautiful results. Oooo's and Awwwww's all around!

Check out these girls , showing off their beautiful techniques!

12 classes... and a number of them totally full.

I had a couple of guys in my classes at different times. ( always fun to see). Below is Jeff... new to the Tattered Angles Team, sat in on of the the classes to learn more about different techniques. He did a great job! ( his wife Allison is also part of the team).

I love getting to meet new people went I travel. Always feel like I leave, having made a bunch of new friends. Michigan was great! Super friendly people.

After the first day.... time to soak our feet in the hot tub. ahhhhhhh

Four classes each day, a full booth every day and people lined up for Wendy's make and takes.
It was busy... so the days go by pretty darn fast.

Below are my classes...using all Tattered Angels products. The first one below is the one I love to show as the great example of how you can create all your own papers and matching embellishments for you pages using Glimmer Mist. The layout below was done using no patterned paper. All the papers started WHITE. Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Screens , and white paper only. Beautiful patterns huh?

These were "Technique Class", but we wanted everyone to leave with projects also... so the hour we had for these classes were defiantly filled from beginning to end.

They had a chance to try a little bit of each of the products and try lots of different techniques.

When I did the next two samples ... I used "mock ups" now TA has new Bingo Card packs in three different themes.. .BEACH, FAMILY and OUTDOOR.. that are so COOL! Those are the ones we used in the classes. It was exciting to get to used such a brand new product. I'll be showing you more done with those soooon... because I'm dying to play with them.

And we also created garlands using the "Alpha Chips".

This was the "CREATE" garland....

and this , the "FAMILY" garland

While I was teaching during the day, Wendy did Make and Takes and demos in the booth.. and always had a full table of girls ready to learn and create.

By the end of the second day...... our feet were were ready for a treat... so look what we did after the show. This day spa was so beautiful. We had foot massages and pedicures..that were soooo fantastic.

all finished and ready to go to dinner and back to the hotel at this point. Pink tooties to match ourpink and brown shirts. Cant really tell here.. but my flip flops are Pink and brown also. lol

Back at it the next day. Wendy always had a line waiting for make and takes. She was a busy girl.

Some photos of the booth.

Here are some general photos of the show floor.

It always amazes me to see this start as this huge empty space .. and so quickly turns into this.
It was bustling the entire time.... when I took these photos the show was closing.. ( too busy any other time to get away from the booth or classes) lol
When the show is over ... it's time to pack up. This process is also a time consuming one. Lots to do to pack up to send things on (organized) and ready for another show in another state.
Below... Jeff and Kyle... showing off there packing technique.. making it all fit!

Again .. always amazed at how it starts to go back to that big empty room. It's like watching a bunch of worker bee's. lol Each time is always a learning experience.
I had a great time with the TA peeps at this show... as always. What a fun ( and funny) bunch. Shows are always hard work.. but all the companies Ive had the pleasure of going to shows with .. seem to know how to make the best of it... have some laughs and enjoy spending time together.
But... as I've said before..I always look so forward to getting home .. that last day... seeing my fam, my poochies , and sleeping in my own bed. Thatsthe homebody in me. lol
Now it's time for laundry... so off I go.
That was lots to share.. so if you got to this point.. thankyou for hanging in there... and if you were one of the fantastic girls I met in Michigan.... HELLO from Nebraska!! I loved meeting you!


Linda B said...

WOW! Imagine my surprise when I saw you back blogging!! Thanks for the great photos! Looks like a lot of work but a log of fun, too! I LOVE those glimmer mist projects:) I'll have to add that to my wish list:)

DeniseLynn said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your trip to Michigan. I'm still bummin that I couldn't go this time. *heavy sigh* Those bingo cards look fab - hope my local pit stop gets some ASAP {you know I'll be putting in my order!}

becky said...

so glad that it went well and that you treated your tootsies :)

we need to have lunch soon!

Michelle Granger said...

Loved seeing you this weekend! Great pics on the bloggity blog too. Next time you guys go to the spa, let me know, I'll definitely tag along!

Heidi Blankenship said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos! It looks like you had a Fantastic time!! I know the shows and the classes are a ton of work but they are also so much fun getting to meet so many new people. I would love to have taken one of your classes, the projects look Amazing!! Happy belated Mother's Day!!

Catherine said...

thanks for sharing your class pics with us....sounds like fun - especially the pedicure! wish I had been there to be the TA for you....though something tells me we would have laughed to much!

chelemom said...

Looks like so much fun!!! (and a lot of work!) Some day I would love to attend one of your workshops!!

Paben said...

You look like you had a lot of fun in spite of all the work you have to do!I love all your glimmer mists layouts,esp tha bingo one of your family and Ariell's is just beautiful,She will be estactic when she see's it!

rose said...

oh wonderful photo`s from your trip
such hardwork and such fun to! no wonder them feet needed a treat!

TattingChic said...

WOW! Those projects are fabulous! What lucky ladies to get to take a class from you!

I am drooling over that banner! I would love to make one that says "Tatting"! I'll bet ya can't guess what I'd embellish it with, LOL! ;)