Friday, May 01, 2009


Ah..... feels good to be back! My computer is still being re-formatted..but I at least have the laptop set up with my camera software, and things so it's easier to use while I'm in a pinch. I knew I used my computer alot..but boy... it's rough to be with out it. I'll be so glad when it's back to normal. I guess if there was every a time to be without it, now is the time. I've been so busy with so many different things the past two weeks.. it's been a blur. I have all my classes kitted for MI ( I leave Tues), and have all the classes ready to go for this Saturday in Gretna. ( At precious Treasures). I'll tell you more about those at the bottom of this post.


On to Taylors Sketch. It's Friday .. so here goes. This is the card I did using Taylor Sketch for this week.

Taylors SketchThis weeks Featured Cupcake sampler is Jenn Biederman

You'll want to check out her creation, along with those of the rest of the cupcake crew.

Taylor VanBruggen

Donna Baker

Jackie Pedro

Lynn Mercurio

Ana Wohlfahrt


So much has gone on since I blogged last. Like I said .. seems like it all comes at once.

Kate and Jarad where here a couple of nights this week.. and it was so great to get to have them around. Kate and I were laughing about "How", ( or if)I would blog about "The Campers". I didn't think I would..but here I am. lol Oh.. why do I feel the need to share everything. lol

Long story short, when we first moved here ,someone out where we have our cabin was getting rid of a couple of old campers. Well, Jarad..being the fixer-up-er guy that he is... wanted them to put on our land out here. How he talked his dad into this, I'll never know. lol Our approximately 3 acers are outlined with trees... so the plan was for Jarad to have these out in the trees on the East side of the property, where there was already a cement slap from a old out building when this was old farm land , years ago. It really was a fun place for a 15 year old kid to have his guy friends out to , to hang out after school or on weekends. He cleaned up the area, Dan and he built a fire pit, a privacy fence around it, a path out to it out of woodchips, and lots of other "guy projects". I think they had alot of fun working on it together. As Jarad got older, in highschool, he even bought an above ground pool to put out there. I have to say, it was a great project for him at the time. But as we all know..... our babes leave home eventually.. their lives get busy with their own things. I thought ... "oh man...these campers are going to be left out there, until they rot". Ahhhhhh.... it was driving me crazy! We'll believe it or not.. this week Jarad had both of them hauled out and they are GONE!!! I am a happy momma!

Like I said , Kate and I laughed... she wondered if I would put a picture of the old camper on my blog. Um..... no thanks. lol But Jarad found this (below) out in the camper. He said he'd had it in there since he first got the camper.. and wanted me to put it in his keepsake box for him. lol

If nothing else.. my kids have gotten the "preserve the memories" thing from me huh? hahah

Below is a picture I took of a photo Jarad found in the camper,that he wanted to got to the keepsake box also. It's Jarad at 14 or so ,and Dan, when we first moved here and he

was setting up "camperville".

Oh..were do the years go?

see kate.. I WILL blog about just about anything. lol


On another note.. I was telling you earlier about packing kits. THEY ARE DONE! Woo hoo!

It was a big job. The classes in Gretna on Sat are have been done for some time..these are the classes for next week in MI. 12 classes. We're talking 360 kits, not all the same. Now you can see why I'm doing the happy dance because they're finished. YAY!

So... if you live anywhere near Novi MI... and the Great Lakes Mega Meet .... come over and take a Tattered Angels Class! You can read more about it here.

Or if you live here in NE..... Jan and I will be teaching at Precious Treasures on this Saturday.

Amy is having a huge Crop over the weekend. (but you do not have to be signed up for the crop to take the classes. We'd love to have you. More info HERE.

Tomorrow UPS will pick up the finished , boxed up kits.. and they will but out of my living room.

Have a Fantastic Weekend Everyone!


Jami said...

360 kits? I would die! But I bet you'll have fun teaching!

Your card is beautiful.

Oh and I'll blog about practically anything as well....we're weird huh? LOL!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Stunning Vicki. What a wonderfully crafted project. Such beautiful colors and design elements.

Linda B said...

It is so, so good to have you back! We missed you:) I can't believe how fast time flies. I love the keepsake your son asked you to save for him;)

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a great card Vicki! Love the colors. Have fun at the crop. TFS!

Sharon in NE said...

Beautiful card Vic!

I would have loved to take that class with you and Jan...unfortunately, I am expecting 60 high school kids over for a post-post prom party Saturday night. Hmmm...crafting or flipping pancakes and helping make omelets at 4 a.m.

Paben said...

I love this card!I haven't been able to get on line through all this rain,I am so sorry to here about Gregg,I also lost a childhood neighbor friend who was the wife of my 8th grade steady,We usually met up with them in Gregory for the 4th of July and visited and I e-mailed them a lot!It is very dpressing!Call me when you get over this trip!

Carla said...

WHEW!! It looks like you have been crazy busy! I think I'll try to remember you whenever I start to feel overwhelmed! Love the card, and all the goodies you used! I especially love the way the tag circle/ball chain works as one of the sketch elements-very clever!

Meli Mitchell said...

Beautiful take on the sketch. I love the patterned papers you used!

Sherrie said...

You are one busy lady! Love that you and I both had birds on the brain...not that we are bird! Have a great weekend!

stampqueen said...

Love the camper story - great for the scrapbook!!!

TattingChic said...

That card is a work of art (just like everything you do)!

You are one scrap-happy gal and I love it! Love your blog! :)

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vic! Love the card; first time I've seen you use ball chain and I really like the effect.
Sorry you are having computer problems and I had no idea that Dan is a computer geek! (brains and brawn-wow, did you ever luck out!)
Life in NC is still hectic, sad, and hot. I'm trying to get a job. ugh! Have fun in MI!