Monday, June 01, 2009

Altered Journal

Time for one more post before I leave for TX. I'll be back next Monday with lots to share. Remember to come by the show and say "hello" if your there.

Below is a Altered Journal I finished last week, with an image from the "Summertime" Image and Journal Book from Crafty Secrets.

Have to share these photos that Jarad and Kate "shared" with us yesterday. It was from a tower climb his did this weekend. ( As part of his Ham radio group)

Yikes.. I'm glad I didn't know he was doing this until after the fact. I asked him why he couldn't take up a hobby like doing jigsaw puzzles???

About "here" is where I'd be sick.

He loved every minute .. I could tell , listening to him talk about it. It's always good to see your kids be so excited about something.

he said he could see for miles.
It's nice that Kate shares in his interests, and supports him like she does, when it comes to his "endeavors". lol I think they have alot of fun together.. and make the best of what little time he has away from work right now.
Okay kids.. hold down the fort again.. until I get back.
Texas here we come!


Elaine said...

Holy snakes, Vicki! that's scary! My husband does the ham radio thing too, but goodness...he never mentioned having to climb a tower...probably because he knew he'd be in trouble if he DID! Love the card with the vintage journal cover!

MJ said...

I think it is hilarious that he's got your photography bug. What did he take up with him? A safety harness and a camera! You done good!

harrahx2 said...

The pictures are scary, let alone being the person taking them! Have fun and keep in touch while you are away.

becky said...

love the altered journal!

safe travels! see you next week :)

Jessrose21 said...

I love your journal, Vicki, especially the wrinkled ribbon treatment. Have fun in Texas!

Kara Ward said...

LOL...we have the same Sugarland song on our it! I should of had you come down for the concert! Next year for sure!!!! I love the lady on your creation. She screams Summer!!!!! I don't really like heights. I couldn't be a member of that club! We are going to the Grand Canyon. I am a little worried about it! Have fun in Texas and buy a pair of pink boots for me!!!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh man ... yea I'd be sick at that point too {maybe even sooner!}. His bravery impresses me!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Have a great time at the show in TX. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Why or Why does Ohio have to be so far away from Texas?? I would LOVE to come meet you & Sandy!!
Thanks for sharing the photos of your son & his passion! I was getting light headed just looking at the photos (I have a serious fear of heights) LOL!!

chelemom said...

WOW! That is awesome and scary! Love your altered notebook! Have fun in Texas!!! (be safe!)

Savor the Journey said...

Hey Chicka!
I'm so glad you came to Texas!
I got to meet you here! Come back again now, ya' hear?!

hee hee
See you in Orlando!

~Bev Gerard
a.k.a. TexasGrammy

Anonymous said...

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