Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scrappy Gourmet kits... and some other stuff

I've been busy working on some new kits for scrappy Gourmet... so I thought I'd share a new two page 12x12 kit. It's new.. so it's not even up on the site yet..but will be soon. I'll post here, when it's up and for sale.

You can click to see it larger if you like.

Feels good to have these photos scrapped. These were from a family get together here in NE quite some time ago. I'm embarrased that I havent gotten them done and in an album long ago. yeeesh

Those beautiful girls are my sweet Florida nieces , Kathy, Becca, and Christine.

Soon , I'll be posting a "Family" themed album done with this same paper line.. that will also be kitted and for sale at Scrappy Gourmet next month.

If you are interested .. you can click HERE to see the other Projects of mine that Scrappy Gourmet has Kitted and for sale now.

It's been cloudy and rainy here all week.. and it's getting old! blah... I sure hope the weekend is better. We are planning a family work weekend at the cabin. Time to paint , clean, .. do yard work. I'm sure hoping the weather improves.. so we can get some things done.
I wanted to grill tonight..but.. you guessed it .. rainy again. lol So... we had BLT's... I havent made them for SO long. They were YUMMY!
I forgot I wanted to share with you, when I got home.. new camera bag. Woo Hoo.. I'm loving it. It's perfect because it has so many great padded compartments. It can easily hold both my camera and my purse stuff if need be.
I got a great deal on it, when I was in TX. SALE!!.. even better.

Now..lets hope we get some sunshine soon , so I can use it and take some "summery" photos. pleeeeeeeeease! lol
Enjoy your day my friends!


MJ said...

I'm trying not to blog about the weather. We are hovering around freezing level virtually every evening. Our crops are at least 2 weeks behind. I know exactly how you feel!

That said, love that Scrappy Gourmet stuff! The red and black paper is smashing!

Charlene said...

I KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT BAG!!!!! The whole story... but, I'm not tellin! :)

We have had rain & high winds, & tornados, & lightening & aren't you glad that didn't happen while you were here? But, we needed the rain so I guess I won't complain. Have a great weekend I hope.

Just think margaritas & fondeaux. Yummo

Charmingdesigns said...

OH WoW! Love the bag...who makes them??? We're still looking for one that doesn't LOOK like a camera bag...Laurie

Jane Wetzel said... are so cool... :) love waking up and getting my feedblitz with your name on it in the morn..I know I am always in for a treat... :)

becky said...

love your new camera bag! i need one desperately!