Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tilly .. two nights in a row.. whooo hoo

Wow.. it was a fun..whirl wind of a weekend ..that's for sure. After seeing the Tilly's perform in Omaha Friday night.. we.. ( my sister and brother-in-law...Neely's parents and I), decided we were going to take in the show in Lawrence Kansas and see them perform Saturday night.

Boy did the crowd in Lawrence ever make the Tilly's feel welcome! What a fun crowd!

I could watch them perform .. time and time again. Every single show is so fun and energetic. They really have FUN when they are playing .. and everyone feels it!

I know.. Im a crazy-proud Aunt..but I could listen to her sing forever. Her momma and I have a hard time keeping dry eyes through a couple of songs. ( I think her Dad too..but he has a huge camera he can hide behind) lol

After the show, Neely came back to the Hotel and stayed the night with us. The four of us road home together today. We had some good laughs...enjoyed and day... and Neel and I even caught a little nap in the backseat. She has such a busy life..she was just pooped..... and me.. well and I'm just gett'n too old to party like a rock star... two nights in a row. hahahahahah

(I had one drink.. all weekend) lol

On the way back.. we dropped Neely off first.. I remembered she had this book setting out and I've been wanting to take a picture of it. So many people have asked me where they got the name of the Band.

It's the name of a favorite children's book.. of one of the band members.

THANKYOU.. Jan, Keith, Neely .. and the Tilly's for a super fun weekend!


Oh... on the way home from Lincoln tonight.. Dan called and said... "Come on out to the cabin and see the progress". They boys and Kate were still painting ..but he was about ready to head home anyway.. so I stopped for a bit before heading home.

I'm proud of the kids for being SO helpful with Cabin work!~
The boys loved the cabin when they were little...and...
I think they are really starting to take an interest in the cabin again , now that they are older. I know that really makes their dear ol dad happy.

The guys worked on trimming trees last weekend.. to Dan is still burning, trying to get that cleaned up.

The river was really beautiful tonight. I walked down to take a couple of photos..but the mosquito's were chasing me away.

Since Dan was already out there with his vehicle.. and I with we caravaned home...but I had to make a stop or two for a photo.. because the sky was GORGEOUS!

The first one was just as I came out of Fremont ..heading home. I thought the sky was a intense "orange" then......

By the time I turned on the gravel road to home... this was the color of the sky.

I didnt photoshop the color at was really that bright. Amazing!

This is the sky above the cornfield across the road. The corn as grown SO much with all that rain and how the sunny days.

Some days you have to try to look at the glass half full instead of half empty..
this weekend .. my glass is running over.
Thankful for such a wonderful weekend!

ps. now .. I promise to get busy on something creative to share here ... I'll break out the paper and scissors tomorrow. lol


Elaine said...

Wonderful weekend you had, girlie! Tillie must love havin her auntie come and watch the performance and then spend time together afterward! :) Love that location too!

Linda B said...

You really had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us:) said...

Well durn it, I happened to be out of town this weekend, or I'd have loved to see you while you were in Lawrence!!

stampqueen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!! LOVE the sunset pics - I guess the corn with definatly be " knee high by the 4th of July" My DD was up at Old Settlers this weekend - she rode on a float with my brother and his brood for the parade :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ah! V.. promise me you'll take me to your cabin one day? one sweet day..

Country Liv . . . said...

I'm so happy you had such a great weekend! You certainly deserve it. I really love the photos you took on the way home---gorgeous! I've been trying to find some decent shots of a sandy beach . . . ugh! I'm not a photographer :(

Precious Treasures said...

I am so jealous. I wanted to go to that concert soooooo.... bad! Glad you all had fun. Hopefully they will play again soon.