Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Fancy Pant Halloween

Hey everyone.. just popping quickly before leaving for the show.. to say.. the show is going great and we are having a super time. I spent the night last night at the house with the Tatter Angels girls. What a bunch of fun people... lots of laughs. Sandy , Lisa and I have been having catching up. When you only see eachother a couple times a year..theres lots to talk about. (okay.. we talk alot anyway)lol
I've been taking photos.. so as soon as I have a little more time.. I'll try to upload some.
Off to the show!

I'm having a hard time giving up working with this Halloween line.. so.. just a bit more.. and you can go back to summertime, okay? lol
I have had these Martha Stewart Test Tubes I got on sale at Micheal's a year or so ago.. so I thought this was a good time to do something with them.
I used the rubons directly on some of them.

I had to have something to carry them in so... I went digging around in my "to alter" box.

The only problem I had here was finding "Halloween Candy" in July. lol
Just did the best I could. I think the lady at the register thought I had quite a sweet tooth. oh.. brother.

There is alot of Candy on my desk right now... DANGER!


harrahx2 said...

Oh, I need to do one. They are sooooo cute! I love that idea. I saw the little test tubes last year but never thought about your idea. Love it and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the pictures....who has the best DP??? What is the big in thing coming out? Fill us in on the it out!

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing the info on the test tubes. I'll definitely be using the idea for my kids school classes.

icandy... said...

Really, really cute! And all that candy??? YUM!


AliGripp said...

Wow..of course I love the Fancy Pants!!! I have loved every line they have ever come out with!! How is CHA going?

KimmyS said...

Oh oh oh - I think I wanna do some Halloween projects now. I think in the process I would love the most is having all this candy flying around *lol*
Totally adore your project - the tubes are prefect and the little lunchbox darling

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

great project! checkers at my grocery store are used to me now. I take projects in with me to match to food, drink, candy etc Ü

Debbie K. said...

Vicki, this is adorable! Candy on your desk and you like to talk alot? I'm coming to your!!!

Debbie Fisher, I thought I was the ONLY one who dragged my stuff into the store to match things up:) Glad to know I'm not.

Charlene said...

LOVE THESE! OH NO!!!!!! My poor pocketbook! $$$$$$$$$$ has been just pouring out NOT IN!

Karen said...

Great Halloween project! Love the test tube idea. I work at a vet clinic so test tubes are everywhere! Thanks for getting us in the mood for Halloween :)

Cathy said...

OOOOOOHHH! I love the test adorable!!!!!

Theresa Grdina said...

Oh man....this is too cute! I gotta get some test tubes and get creatin'! LOVE THESE!!!

Elaine said...

I think the Halloween season is one of my favorites to make goodies for!! Who makes the rub ons? I bet you posted earlier, and I am just getting caught up -- if you already listed it, I'll find out. They are sooooo stinkin cute - whether they have candy or not!!! :)

Precious Treasures said...

Are the tubes plastic? If so where do you get them?