Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Fancy Pants line "Little Sprout"

Sharing a 9x9 layout and a card today .. made with the new "Little Sprout" baby line from Fancy Pants.

It's such cute line. I love that it's not just the traditional pink and blue.. because these colors are so fun.. and really easy to use for tiny babies.. or kiddo's that are a bit older.
Of course there is rub ons.. buttons, ribbons ect.. to match all the new lines.

I love this photo of sweetie pie Halle. I saw her briefly , a little over a week ago.. and I could not believe how much she had grown. I'll have to get over there and get some current photos of her to share.

Aren't these little animals cute?

Here's the card. ( I had to put that little bird on the giraffes back.. I just HAD too. )lol

Be sure to pop over and get in on the giveaways on the Fancy Pants Blog , and see more projects that the Design Team have done using this new line.
I finished up the last of my projects and I'm taking today off with my family, before I leave Sunday morning.
Last night I ran in and helped mom with the corn she was freezing. It was fun.. I love spending time with her.. especially doing stuff like this. I am always so in awe of her and how she doesn't let anything stop her. She does amazingly well at 87! She has some problems with arthritis in her hands.. so I tried to do some of the husking and cutting. She would certainly NEVER ask for help.. you just have to sneak your way into it. lol
It will sure taste good this winter huh?

Sweet momma at work in her kitchen.

After we cleaned up our mess.. I headed for home.. an watched this coming at me all the way. It was freaking me out. The sky was just creepy! You can click to see it larger. It rained on me so hard before I finally got home.. I could hardly see. I was just praying ... PLEASE don't hail on my car! Just a few pieces of hail and it stopped. Whew!

Seriously ..the sky was SO weird.. I saw people pulling over, ( before it started raining) video taping it. Me.. well, just snapping pics with my camera. lol

Just glad it wasnt as bad as it looked.

I have posts schedualed while I'm gone.. but I'm hoping to be able to add to those posts while I'm gone.. with my laptop..( we'll see.. it will all depend on time .. and how tired I am. lol)



Elaine said...

Shat is it with you attracting water related stuff - lol ...first the river, now the eerie (almost) hailstorm - glad it was no biggie! Your mama is a sweetie - she looks great! And the corn looks delish - I bet she treasures your visits and time you spend with her too! You're her "little sprout"!! Speaking of little sprouts, what a great layout! Something to cherish forever! :)

MJ said...

Hmmm... Is that where frozen corn comes from? Not from a store-bought bag?! Wow, I am impressed that she freezes her own corn!

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