Monday, August 03, 2009

Christmas in July??

Well.. just for today okay? Simply because I have to share some projects from the new Fancy Pants "Christmas Magic" line.
I think I've just about shared all my CHA projects this week. Whew
When I get home , I'll have photos from CHA to share.

***I have to tell you a little story about that tiny tree I have this projcect hanging on while I photographed it. When we were kids we made many many trips to my Aunt and Uncles Cabin in the Black Hills of SD. We all have so many great memories of that place. Not just us ..but our kids also. To this day if you asked my boys what their favorite childhood memories were,.. they would say vacations at Uncle Jakes cabin. They owned that cabin for years and years. We all miss it so much. We miss Uncle Jake .. his stories.. his garden.. his cabin.. everything. The last time I was at the cabin with my cousin Craig a few years ago.. I took a few seedlings of pine trees from the mountain right behind the cabin.. hoping I could have on for our yard at home.. as a rememberance of that place. Mine did not survive.. and I was so sad.....but little did a know, that the one I brought back for my sister.. had survived and was doing really well. It had been a few years and the subject just had never come up.. so we hadnt talked about it.
When I was at her house.. she said to me .. "oh, do you want take this little tree from Uncle Jakes cabin home and plant it?". She didnt have any place for it in her yard. I WAS THRILLED!!
She certainly has the touch..because this little tree just could not look any healthier. Now... I just have to keep it that way! Thank you sissy! I love this little tree!

This is just a little paper mache house from Micheals. I altered it with these papers and matching rubons.

The top comes off .. so I think it will hold Christmas candies for a little gift.

It was challenging ..trying to get in the mood to work on Christmas projects when its in the 90's. Atleast for a Nebraska girl. lol
I need a foot of snow for that.
ick.. lets hope that hold off for a while!
Happy Day!!


Kara Ward said...

I am coming to your house for all the Christmas Treats! How fun is all this yummy stuff!

Clint & Alicia McLaws said...

Love the barn star!!! I picked one up at my local scrapbook store for only $3!! Its huge, and they just didn't have room for it anymore! I've been looking for the right papers to cover it (I decided long ago it would be a christmas decoration) and this line looks perfect!!! :D Can't wait to tackle it!

Love your cute story about the tree!!! :)

Precious Treasures said...

I have made lots of those stars and love them! I seen the one in your house and it killed me that it was plain. LOL

Hope you had fun in Florida. I had a blast even with my knee hurting. I love the ocean!

kiss kiss

harrahx2 said...

Love the Star, love the House, loe everything you do. That paper looks great. You threw me into Halloween so I started thinking OMG, it's fall time already, now you are throwing me into Christmas! I am so lost.........

MJ said...

We've had a frigidly cold summer so doing Xmas stuff isn't too outta wack for me! Enjoy your warm temps!!

Debbie Kaste said...

Love your story about Uncle Jake and all your artwork, Vicki. Hope you are having a ball at CHA!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the sneak peaks, I'll be right over for some hot weather - I could use some good old fashioned sunshine!!

Sharon Harnist said...

Great tree story, Vicki, and wonderful projects with this beautiful new FP Christmas paper!

mindy said...

Hey Vicki, thanks again for the amazing inspiration! The house will make a great gift box. Love the barn star too! I have several that will be altered soon.

It was nice meeting you at the CHA show. Love your work. You and Sandy were working your behinds off!!! Hope you didn't get too tired and too hot!

Mindy from Florida

TattingChic said...

That is all so darling! I LOVE love LOVE your work. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! :)

Ali said...

Oh Vicki-- What a wonderful story about the tree! SO sweet. And the little Christmas house is ADORABLE!!!! WTG!

Paben said...

I remember your uncle Jake's cabin and how the back butted up to the hill,your bros. climbed the hill then jumped on the roof!I liked the creek running in front of it!I think I was there 2x.Memories are priceless!