Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 NEW postcard kits from Crafty Secrets

I am SOOO excited .. check out the four NEW postcard kits from Crafty Secrets!
I cant wait to get my hands on these. I love these postcard kits anyway.. but these really have me excited. Don't they look fun?
You can check out the post on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog HERE and see the little individual stamp sets that come in each set.

I'm all about beautiful "robins egg blue" and "vintagy pink" colors .. and they nail them perfectly every time. Check out the floral background with the birds. ahhhh.

They did such a great job with baby girl.. I new baby boy would be fantastic also.

Beautiful stuff to look forward to playing with soon! Cant wait!

Speaking of Crafty Secrets, I'll be leaving for Canada in about 2 weeks to teach for them at the BC Creative Expo. Looking forward to some time with my Canadian friends.

My Class Info HERE
If you live near and can make it .. we'd love to see you!


I didn't feel like doing much today after starting out the day at the dentist. ( not pleasant). So I worked on editing photos from Arizona. Got all the family ones edited and burned to discs to send to the Arizona fam..and when through all the others. I picked out a few scenic favorites I wanted to share with you here.
Hope you enjoy.

My sister and brother-in-law just went out of there way to show us a great time.

I'm pretty sure they were getting tired of having to stop a hundred times for the camera bug they had with them. lol

There were just so many beautiful things to see and take in .. and all of them so different from what I'm used to seeing.

It's amazing to me the things that survive the extreme heat there.

Good thing my suitcases where full of class stuff , or I could have been in trouble. I did bring home a few things...but when I got the tattoo from Taylor.. I said "I had to bring something home from there as a souvenir, and my suitcases were full.. sooo". lol

The color of these papers hanging on those blue poles ,was just so intriguing to me. Beautiful!

This sorry looking little bird , became my friend as I was eating my "prickly pear" ice cream cone. ( I'm thinking he thought it looked pretty good too) lol As skinny as he looks , he certainly needed the calories more than I did.

Mom and I both had such a great time ... great memories!

Hope you all have a great day.. and maybe find a little time CREATE!


Debbie Kaste said...

Love the new postcard kits, Ms. Vicki! Can't wait to see what you do with them....Thanks for sharing your photos of your trip. Just beautiful!

DeniseLynn said...

Beautiful pics Vicki. the last one (with church) is my fave. {I am so drawn to church photos and post cards, your photo is fab!}

Creative Mish said...

Nice photo's of Arizona. That poor little bird. It looks like a very skinny robin! The new kits look like alot of fun!

Catherine said...

Love the to kits with the birds on them....LOVE them. Your pics from your trip are beautiful, looks like a great place to visit! Hugs!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki! Love these new postcard sets! Wish I could have them all! Once again..thanks for sharing GREAT pics! Reminds me a little of New Mexico where I go and visit my sister in the spring each year..LOADS of Art there! :)

Julie said...

LOVE those new postcard sets! The stamps in them are really wonderful--can't wait to get them ALL!

Your Arizona photos are great--made me "homesick"--never lived there, but my parents both grew up there & I have so much family there in the Phoenix/Mesa area. Haven't been back for a while...love it in the fall!

lois said...

I was in Arizona two weeks ago and saw some of those odd-looking birds as well and they had an unusual screeching sound - they were so pitiful but all of them looked like that little guy - I'm curious as to what they are?? Thanks for sharing your pics - they are so inspiring.

harrahx2 said...

The new kits look great and the pictures are wonderful....Canada! How exciting!

Country Liv . . . said...

Vic, you are an outstanding photog! Love the Arizona shots-super! Crafty Secrets stuff reminds me of what my Mom had in her 'junk' and 'stationary' drawers when I was little. (Yeah, I know, it was a looonnngggg time ago!)
Miss you girl!

MJ said...

As I read through the blog posts that I've missed, I am listening to the PBS special on the National Parks. What a phenomenal thing! We have them too just different scenery!

Hope your teeth are feeling better soon ~ perhaps in time to avoid another {pleasant} visit to the dentist?

I can barely find my craft room as I haven't visited it in so long. : (