Monday, September 07, 2009

Fancy Pants layouts and weekend stuff

Knowing a was going to be traveling alot this month.. I tried to work on some DT things ahead. Here are a couple of Fancy Pants layouts.. with photos from last weekend.

and products used are FancyPants.

On this layout also. I loved this photo of Griffin .. totally checking out the milkweed pods we found while walking around outside a bit at the wedding reception last weekend.

Dan and I were talking to him about it ..but trust me .. Dan is way more in depth about explaining stuff. Holy Moly.

Here they were looking for 4 leaf clovers. lol Dan was telling him about 4 leaf clovers.. and before I knew it .. there were tall tales about pots of gold and leprechauns...... Griff's eyes were getting pretty big.. so I had to step in and put a halt to that. lol. Geeezzz. Give the poor kid nightmares. lol

Last night we went to Lincoln to a surprise anniversary dinner for my brother Ray and sister-in-law Linda. They are celebrating 40 years together.
Lots of people , good food, good conversation... great time.

Two of my handsome nephews and cutie Addison between them.

I think Addy thought the best part of her Grandma and Grandpas party was not the cake..but the corn on the cob! lol She LOVED it!

It's a beautiful day here today..the weather is gorgeous. We stuck around home today.. and plan to grill dinner here tonight. Pretty low key day... just what we needed. I'm almost packed.. just some last minute things, I can take care of tomorrow.
I think mom is getting excited to head for Arizona also.
Until tomorrow... Enjoy the day!


MJ said...

I love Griff! And Addy is getting so big!

Glad to see you put an end to the leprachaun nonsense! They frightened the be-jeebers out of me as a kid & I hated using a latrine as a result!

Nat said...

Oh I love your layouts!!!!!!!
And your photos are too sweet!!!!

Charlene said...

Those sunflowers in the field are beautiful! And Addie is a doll. That red hair is sooooooooo pretty. And the story about Griff & the 4 leaf clover made me laugh. Glad you saved him! Have a great week.

Catherine said...

sounds like a WOnDErful weekend! Love your pages, FP is so lovely! xox

harrahx2 said...

I gotta tell you Vic, I had charcoal grilled chicken and corn on the cob yesterday and some asparagus and a sweet potatoe and you would have been in heaven, it was so darn good! Love the pics and the pages. Grif is growning up.