Sunday, September 06, 2009

Make ART everyday (canvas)

Oh how I love working on canvas! Especially with Glimmer Mist. It just takes to the canvas so well.. I love the effect.
( you can click on it , if you want to see the canvas background up close)
After putting on the first layer of color and drying it good with the heat tool....
I laid my screen down and ran an embossing pad over the top, catching the negative areas..then sprinkled holographic embossing powder (from Clearsnap) over the top of those areas and heated. I then went over it all with some more (Glimmer Mist ) .. until I was happy with the color. I was thrilled with the effect.

geeezzz.. you know me.. no project is complete without a little vintage lace and paper ruffle. ( I cant help myself) ha

Below you can see the textured effect from the embossing powder. Uttee.. I'm sure , would really give it some great texture.

* the letters I used on this project where all from Tattered Angels also.
I missed the three different fonts. But you can find them here.

Have to share with you.. a peek at the fun mail I got yesterday. I got my first Mail Box Muse from Altered Arts Magazine. The theme is "Dolls".. and trust me.. there is some fun stuff in here! Cant wait to play. You can find out more about mailbox muse here.

Also .. inside the box .. was the fall issue of Altered Arts. I was excited to my Crafty Secrets Chipboard house... Whoo Hooo

The house was done with Crafty Secrets, papers, chipboard, stamps ect... with Glimmer Mist thrown in for good measure. The stand was made from a round wood piece from Hob Lob and 4 round ball feet.

Crafty Secrets Chipboard "Frames and More"
Glimmer Mist -Tattered Angels

( sorry about the glare on this photo of the page.. it kind of washed it out. I tried to bump up the contrast .. but still not the best photo of the page)

So that was fun.
Speaking of color ... I thing "Fall" is coming. Check out the colors of the field ac cross the road last night as the sun was hitting it. It was so gorgeous. No photoshop needed on this photo... all God work on these colors!

I snapped this photo out the car window as I was coming down the road home last evening. Dan and I took the dogs out to the cabin to run ( the dogs not us) lol. I had lot of kitting to do ..but thought some time with the fam would be a good thing, since I'm going to be gone to AZ for 6 days, and then off to Scrapfest for 5 days.. with only about 24 hours in between trips. (whew..that's a close one..they almost overlapped) lol
Came home last night and kitted until about 1:30am. I'm almost finished.
Actually it was a relaxing evening. Dan kept Molly out at the river.. and they spent the night here... but ( my baby) "Aly", came home with me. She just laid on the floor at my side, while I kitted classes.. and watch a bit of TV. ( my kid of tv company..she doesn't channel surf ) lol
Have a Wonderful Day!


Pattyjo said...

Hello Vickie, I LOVE you and have a wonderful safe trip!
Pattyjo :+)

Carol (HB) said...

OMGOSH! I soooo want to try this on canvas! I see Christmas gifts in the making! :o) Genius idea to use the colored pencil as the flower stem. Thanks for the inspiration Vic!!

Linda B said...

I, too, love working on canvas. Now that I finally purchased some Glimmer Mist I have to pull out some canvas because of your inspiration! Thanks:D

KimmyS said...

Would you believe that I never even thought of trying the GLimmer Mist on Canvas?? What a dope I am, so thanks for the reminder - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that canvas, especially how you made that ruffled paper. i am sorry to say but I have to "borrow" that ide for one of my projects. LOVE IT

Catherine said...

The corn field looks gorgeous - hardly seems like we had much of a summer here and now it's definetly fall.....hopefully it'll stay just like today for a couple more weeks.

Love your canvas....have a safe trip...xox.

Ali said...

Just love ya Vicki my dear- you are ONE BUSY GAL!

((HUGZ)) TY for sharing the beautiful pic of the field... wow... and the dear little house-- and that CANVAS!!!! OHMY!! Chat soon my friend! :O) xo -Ali

Susan said...

YOur canvas is beautiful. I bet it really shimmers in real life! And congrats on having your house published in the AA mag.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

*gasp* amazing amazing textures on there. . . darling girl, i wanna move in with you... :D

Jane Wetzel said...

Hey girl, Love this! This is my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE BLOG...I may not comment all the time but LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pics and they make me want to move there! Your stuff by far is the BEST Ive seen..gees..dont want to sound weird ..I have told u before..Keep up the gorgeous work!!! I always look at your blog first!! :)

Linda B said...

Hey Vicki, when you get a chance, stop by my blog and see the canvas project you inspired:D

harrahx2 said...

Beautiful canvas, even more beautiful house! Amazing lady. Fab photo, from a car?? Hellooo too much talent in one person, the lord should have spread some my way. Have fun and will you be blogging while away? Sure hope so as I will miss you if you don't my friend!

Country Liv . . . said...

Everything is beautiful, Vic. I couldn't imagine living across the way from something so beautiful as that field. sigh . . .
What a spread in the art mag! Six? Gee Willikers!
Hugs, my friend.

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