Friday, October 30, 2009

Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge

*** Thank you all for playing along in the giveaway this week. Don't dispair if your name wasn't the one drawn ..because you have more chances.. so read on!

My giveaway winner is SmilynStef Congrats! Be sure to email me at with your address.. and I'll get your goodies on their way.

******************************** About today......
Yay! This is one of those fun Crafty Secrets DT challenge days, that I love! If you want to see some beautiful projects done with Crafty Secrets products , in a "Bird" theme... just check out the links at the bottom of this post.

***We also have TWO giveaways going on .. so if you didn't get the goodie bag I gave way this week... you will want just over for a chance at these!

***Marisas blog for a $30 gift certificate from Crafty Secrets
***Sandy (owner of Crafty Secrets ) is doing a fantastic "Bird themed" giveaway on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog!

I decided to make an altered box using one of the images and chipboard pieces from the Best Buds Postcard kits.

Box ... $3.99 at Hobby Lobby

Here's how I used the postcard and image on the top of the box.

There are so many different ways that these can be used. You can check out the Crafty Secrets gallery HERE , for lots of creative ideas.

I brought this unfinished wood and glass box at Lobby Hobby a while back from $3.99. I covered the wood with paint and glimmer Mist (Cream paint and Vintage Pink and Olive Green Glimmer mist) Inked edges with Chestnut Roan colored Cat Eye ink from Colorbox (Clearsnap).
** Here is the inside of the box....

Papers from Crafty Secrets "Radiant" Paper Pad and Chipboard corners also from Crafty Secrets. Sweet Chips

We have a new addition to our team, so we are excited to have her playing long on her first Challenge.
(Flo Teixeira).
We are also thrilled to have Melisa Waldorf as our guest designer this month and to have her playing along for this challenge also.

Have a wonderful Friday!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat William

Mom and I have been having a nice time just hanging out and chatting. It's been good for me to have alittle down time also. We really enjoy having her here. I had invited Jarad and Kate out to have dinner with us last night so that was nice, to get to spend some time with them. Wes couldn't come this time .. so hopefully it will work out for him to come next time. Mom is feeling better so she's going back home later today. Winters are long anyway ,but when you cant get out as easily , I'm sure it seem "really" long.. so hopefully mom will spend a few days , here and there this winter, to at least break it up a bit for her ( and for us) lol. And trust me ... (the dogs also). They love all the attention she gives them!


Sharing a layout I did with the Fancy Pants Halloween line. The little cutie pie is William.. my cousin(and good friend) Paula's grandson. Is he the cutest little Dracula you've ever seen. lol

It's posted here on the Fancy Pants Blog with a list of all the products used , if you are interested.

Oh.. and you can get a peek at the new releases from Fancy Pants HERE


Tuesday my sister Jan was here so that her and I could go through class kits to prepare for some upcoming classes, so the three of us chatted and had a fun little lunch together. Boy , I have really been a slacker when it comes to taking "everyday" sort of photos lately. I need to step it up a notch.
Really the "everyday" kinds of photos have always been more important to me than others. Those seem like the kinds of things I think a person would really want to look back on , don't you.?

I don't know if any of you are familiar with designer Faye Morrow Bell but I really credit her with being one of the first designers in the scrapbook world to really bring Scrapbooking "everyday life" into the mix . A number of years ago she was a huge part of the Scrapbook world. She was the author of the book below. One was one of the first designers to really step out of the box, scrapping differently, using office supplies, just having her own style! Actually her style is defiantly not vintage..but I was still inspired by her work in so many other ways. If any one knows what she is doing now .. let me know.. I miss seeing her work.

Sorry , kind of got off on a spiel there..but you know how I am.. whatever pops into my head when I'm writing.
I guess my message here is .. take "everyday" photos! They're important... you'll want to remember them.
Okay.... back to work for me. I have to finish my project for tomorrow. You'll want to stop by ... the Crafty Secrets DT has some fun stull planned for tomorrow.
I'll be posting the winner of the giveaway! So if you haven't gotten you name in yet... you can do it here.

Now.. so take some photos okay?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mid week stuff

Quick post today because I have mom out here for a couple of days to spend some time. She was alittle under the weather, but seems to be feel better today.
The dogs are working her like crazy. Every time she stops petting they nudge her hand. more! more~ lol They know she's a softy. lol
My sis was here yesterday and we went though class kits for upcoming classes at "Scrapbook Paradise" which will take place the weekend after this. They have a huge "Birthday Bash" each November that is just so fun. We teach there every year. We will be teaching 6 classes that day.. and they are all SOLD OUT! YAY! Thanks girls! Cant wait!
Speaking of my is her hubby's Birthday. Keith is the "grill master" in this family. He LOVES to grill and try new things on the grill. He is forever supplying the meat when we get together.. so for his birthday I was thinking some Omaha Steaks delivered might be a good gift. So here is the card I make to go with them.

Simple enough...but when you have these fun images you can keep it simple if you want. I adore retro images like this!

Below is the "Summertime" Image and Journal" book I got this image from.
There are tons of great images in all these books. You can see them all HERE.
Paper from the Earthy Paper Pad (also from Crafty Secrets)


Dont forget that Friday I'll be picking a winner for the giveaway.. so if you dont have your name in yet.. you can do it here GIVEAWAY

Wishing you all a fantastic day!
I'm off to chat with my sweet momma

Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting of the week

I spent much of the weekend just catching up on things around here.. and chilling a bit. I did work on this frame. It was a clearance table frame that I just loved the shape of. I'm glad I got a number of them because I can see the potential. It was so fun to make.
The beautiful lady in the photos is my grandma Bendig.

We had bits of sunshine this weekend ..but for the most part not an "outside" activities sort of weekend. Okay by me.. because I had plenty to do inside. I even when through things in my work room and organized and PURGED big time. Feels good to have that done. Lots more I want to go through..but I got a good start.

Aly and Molly even got baths this weekend. That's enough to wear me out. By the time they both get washed and dried, I get the bathroom scrubbed from top to bottom, then get through the shower ...and do up the towels.... I'm pooped!
Aly is not fond of her bath.. can you tell?
Note: there is no photo of Molly .. why you ask? Um.. well lets just say , my hands are full! She isn't quite and obedient as miss Aly. I love her..but she wears me out! lol

Lots to get done today .. so I better get on it!

Don't forget about getting your name in for the giveaway in the post below.

Have a wonderful day friends!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Time for a giveaway

I've been busy catching up with things around here since I got home , so really haven't had alot to share "creatively" here on the the blog. So.... I was thinking maybe a giveaway mind be fun. Here's what I put together. ( you can click on it to see it larger)
. Crafty Secrets Christmas stickers, Chipboard house and little hanger. Red and Green Glimmer Mist, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L , and 8x8 Acrylic Page Frame, a Melissa Frances Mini Album, paper mache tags, Christmas embellishments ect..

All you have to do, is leave a comment in this post, and your name is in the hat.
I'll draw a winner next Friday OCTOBER 30th. I'll post the winner that morning. Good luck!
I wanted to show you the fun dress form I found at Hobby Lobby before I left for Canada. 10$!!
So I brought it home and dressed it up with some lace, ribbon, and other pretties. I'm loving it.

I came home to some fun boxes of goodies. One of which was from Scrapbook Trends Magazine. I was so happy with the way my project was photographed in the Aug-Sept issue. What a cute little display.
This mail holder was a really inexpensive wood piece I found at Micheal's. Now it's back hanging on the wall here in my work room.

I got quite a bit done around here yesterday..but today ..well not so much yet. lol I should go get groceries..but cant seem to make myself. It's rainly and gloomy again today,.. I'd rather curl up with my book , wrapped up in a big comfy blanket. We'll see. lol

Hope all of you are having a great day, and looking forward to a nice weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sight seeing

We had a great time sight seeing in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon and evening. Thought I'd share just a few photos. I'm not at home yet.. so I didn't bother to edit and lighten..but here they are.
Sandy,(owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage), her husband Scott, daughter Chelsea and I. ( Anthony (Chelsea's boyfriend took the photo).

Heading in to the city.

The trees are turning colors now and soooo beautiful! Cant wait to get home and lighten these photos so you can really see how gorgeous and vibrant the colors are.

I was really loosing light here but the view was STUNNING!

There is nothing like the smell of the ocean. Oh... every time I'm near .. I just want to take it all in.

These are very different things , than the things I see in Nebraska... you can imagine. So every time I see these views.. I'm totally in awe, and just savor the moment.

I love this photo of Chelsea,... I'm sure she has probably no idea I even took it. She is just such a sweet sweet girl. Beautiful inside and out. All Sandy and Scott's girls are just amazing people all the way around. I always enjoy my time here so much , because the Redburns are just like family to me after all these years. They are wonderful hosts. ( oh.. and did I mention.. awesome cooks?) Oh my gosh.... Sandy, Scott and Chelsea all have made delicious meals since I've been here. It's going to be a real reality check to have to start cooking again when I get home.

Oh.. and here is the little brother of the family. His name is Ottis. I love him to pieces. Keeps me from missing Aly and Molly so much .. just to have a pooch around to love on.

I leave early tomorrow morning for home.. so I'll see them soon.
Ottis looks like he's getting bored with me anyway huh? lol
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We did it!

We wrapped things up last night, and are taking some time to just chill a bit this morning before we finish unpacking. It was a great show and really fun "Girlfriends go Vintage" crop night (hosted by Crafty Secrets).
The classes went really well .. and we had tons for fun. Below it the Christmas Box and card set class.

It was so fun to get to meet my friend Thanh in person!!! I love this sweet girl!

and look what she brought me. It was yummy.

Thought I'd share just "some" photos of the gorgeous samples in the booth. There are hundreds of samples so I certainly didnt get a forth of them in the two photos but.... Our all the girls on the design team do such amazing work!! Thanks for sharing you talent girls!

Lots for people to look at and be inspired by.

Sometimes when we're putting out samples I see things I had forgotten I had even make. This is one that I did quite some time ago.

Here is a photo of Sandy being the cheery little hostess last night at the crop we hosted. lol

I have to say .. I never knew the difference in candy bars ..from US to Canada..but seriously.. I had never seen THESE until yesterday.

THIS one is my very very favorite. SO different from any American candy bar I've ever had. Ohmgshhhhhh!

I wish I could give you all a bite.. right now!
We are heading out today for a little I"ll share more photos later.
Hope all of you are having great day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

First Day of BC Creative Expo

First day of the show under our belts now.. and one to the second tomorrow. I taught two classes today and have one tomorrow. Tomorrows Christmas card box and card class is a large one, and has been sold out for some time now.. so that's going to be fun!
Below is just a photo of a part of the show floor from up on the third level where my classes where.

I'll post photos the booth soon..just haven't had much time for editing photos and posting here.

But Below is one of the projects I did before I left, and didn't get a chance to photograph it at home. It's done using the Christmas Creative Scraps. The bingo cards are from Jenni Bolin and the Die cuts are from Accucut.

Here are just a few shots from a couple of today classes.

This was the Vintage Halloween album and postcards class.

Here is Sandy and I , with one of Crafty Secrets DT members Marisa Grossman. It was great for me finally get to meet Marrisa in person.

This is a short post, because we have another day ahead of us tomorrow, and tomorrow night Crafty Secrets is hosting the "Girls gone Vintage" Crop.

Here's were we are ..the new Langley Event Center.

Off to bed now...but I'll share again soon. Hope you are all doing well... and enjoying your weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Postcard kits from Crafty Secrets/ Teaching in Canada

Packing up the last of things, so I should be ready to go EARLY tomorrow morning. BC Creative Expo.. here we come! Crafty Secrets is going to have a huge booth at this show.. so it will be lots of fun. The Christmas Card box and card class is now sold out, but there are some spaces left in the Halloween and Fairy classes, so if you interested you can find out more about them HERE.
Lots of info and pretties being shared over on the Heartwarming Vintage blog also.
I thought I'd share some of the postcard projects I've been creating with the 4 newest postcard Kits from Crafty Secrets.

Best Buds

They are fun to embellish! I used stickles on the front of this one, and on the back ..Glimmer Mist. Each set comes with it's own mini stamp set. You can read all about the postcard sets and what's included in them, in this post on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.

Baby Boy.... speaking of which.... Congratulations to Jodi and Jared Stanford (Fancy Pants Designs), on their new little guy!!!!

All six images in the kits are just gorgeous!

These are fun for a group project. We did them together last week at Amys, when the girls got together.

I just Glimmer Misted the edges of this one. When stamping and Glimmer Misting .. keep in mind if you are stamping , and then planning to spay afterwards , made sure you use a permanent ink , such as stazon so that it doesn't run. Glimmer Mist is water based. You can spray and let it dry , and then stamp with any ink.. it's just if your spraying over the ink, you need to be using a permanent ink.

These images are FUN!I cant even pick a favorite from these. Love em all!

I used some Vintage Glass glitter on this one, along with my startdust pen to outline.

I just inked around the edges of this one with my pink cat eye inks.

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here. More like a whirl wind. lol Spending some time with the fam ( and the pups) tonight and then hoping to get to bed at a decent time to be ready for tomorrow. It's going to be way early when that alarm goes off . zzzzzzzzz
** taking my laptop so hoping to blog while I'm there**
oh... and...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING today my Canadian friends!!