Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Holidays are in full swing

Just over the past few days, I've really been feeling the energy of the Holidays in the air. Thanksgiving weekend has been a busy one.. and Christmas is creeping up faster than I'd like. I spent today, putting up the tree and getting out some Christmas stuff. I still have plenty to do..but it feels good to have a bit of it done anyway.

Maybe because I've been gone so much lately... I am really looking forward to being home and enjoying the Holidays! Trying not to be so rushed all the time. I love just being at home on a snowy day, baking.. listening to Christmas music... ahhhh. Hopefully there will be a few days like that this year.

I haven't done much in the way of projects for a few days..but I did do these the other other night. Remember when I showed you the cuff I got when I was in Colorado. I loved it... so I paid the $40...but I kept thinking ... how easy they would probably be to make and how fun it would be to use some of the vintage buttons on them.
Here's what I came up with. They were fun, so I'm defiantly planning to make some more.
Gave them to the girls in the fam.. on Thanksgiving .. so I need to work on a few more. I was short a few.

On Thanksgiving I also got to show Amy (Addisons mom) the photo of her and Grandma Dunn, on this layout in Scrapbook Trends. Addy has grown so much since this.
Like I said.. it's been a busy weekend...but lots of fun for sure. Jan, Neely and I went to see "New Moon" again yesterday in Lincoln. It was SUCH a fun day!
We shared some blue cotton candy. lol The tell tell signs...
After the movie... we shopped some .. and cased Hob Lob. It's always fun to have something new to put out for the Holidays. I loved this. Mine now. lol

Oh.. and I've always wanted a chandelier for my studio. lol..... half price in the Christmas ornaments at HL. It's may only be 8 inches tall..but it's still a chandelier in my mind. lol

Jarad and Kate are in the process of moving to a new place this weekend. Like I said... "busy weekend". We helped them a bit the other night..but hope to be able to help them out more over the next couple of days. I'm excited for them. Its a great place out by the lake. Actually they'll be hosting Christmas there this year. ( thanks guys). It should be alot of fun. I'm looking forward to it.
While they are in the middle of moving ... Cloey is hanging with us. We love her.. and she fits right in.

Tomorrow is a new day.. and I'm hoping to have time to play with the new
"Kitchen Time" cuts from Crafty Secrets.... Oh..they are SOOO Cute! I'll be sharing soon I promise. You're going to love them!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Sharing a bit of our Thankgiving with you. We totally enjoyed a day spend with the people we love. Hope your's was wonderful also.
I'll be back tomorrow with a project to share.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just to make you smile

I love all the Crafty Secrets Images ..but every once in a while there are those that just really make me smile... and this is one of them! I love everything about it, the image, the colors ..just everything!
Image from the Creative Scraps "Birds and Blossoms" sheets
Papers from the Classic Paper Pad

I've had a bunch of these tins in my stash .. forever.. and keep thinking I should make a little embellishment holder , that I can take with me to shows. It's a small enough size that it will be easy to pack.. but it sure holds a little bit of alot of different things. Which is good , because you just never know what you might need.. right? lol

Set to go now.

Speaking of things that make you smile. I have to share with you what came in the mail the other day. I ordered this when I was in Canada. I saw the lady that hand makes these, had these pups that looked so much like Aly and Molly..but they were separate. She said.. "no problem.. I can make them together". YAY!
I'm thrilled with them! You can check out here website HERE if you are interested in her work. She has lots to look at.

*** Aly***.... for those of you who have asked about updates on Aly. I took her for the biopsy on Monday.. so now we wait for the results. It had to be sent away.. and with the Holiday.. it might be a few days longer. Please say a little prayer. Thanks. I did feel some better when the Vet called me in the room and said he thought it had reduced in size! (hope). When I was gone last week in Colorado.. Dan had called and said, he thought it was smaller..but when I got home and checked it , I didn't think so. I didn't mention that to the when he thought he it was smaller I was really happy. I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Okay.. speaking of things that make me smile... Here's a little hint of something to come that's been in the works for me. I'm so excited to share it all with you..but I have to hold off a bit longer. Oh.. .CHA secrets are so hard to keep!! lol I'm giddy about this.. and think you will like it too!

Okay... Next subject.. Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for I cant begin to list..but I incase I don't say it often enough...
I am SO thankful for the friends I've made here .. through blogging. You girls make my day so often have no idea. Thankyou for being my long distance friends.. even if we've never met in person.. I feel like I know you. Thank you for coming by , reading my ramblings.. and leaving me comments.. sharing a little bit of yourselves with me. I love it! Thankyou for letting me share not only my art ..but my family with you. Speaking of things I am thankful for ...
my family... I'm a lucky girl!
Love you all!
Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge (Christmas)

What a way to start off the week, now that I'm home! A Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge. I always look so forward to these. Once again.. the girls have come up with some amazing creations... so be sure to check them out, on the links at the end of this post.
I used images and sayings from the "Christmas" Image and Journal Notes Books for my project. When we decided to make the challenge be "Christmas"... that certainly gave us alot to choose from , because Crafty Secrets has so many different Christmas products. ( and all of them are fantastic)
I had found a couple of different styles of these "fillable" Christmas bulbs at the Craft store a while back , and have been wanting to do something with them.. so ...

I actually did the same image on both sides of my ornament. ... not really sure why , now that I think about it... because there are SO many CUTE images in this book that would work. hmmm...... guess I'll just have to make more. lol

These fillable balls are available at, Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, ect.. and are really inexpensive.

This is the larger , lighter plastic one. It opens differently than the two bottom ones I have posted here. And it doesn't have the pretty metal trim.
I added the goodies on top and the snow to the inside , after adding Stickles to the image and letting it dry.

I used sayings and bits of papers from the same book to add to these two smaller ones.

Even that music paper print that I cut with my large scalloped scissors is out of the Christmas , Image and Journal book.

These were really fun to play with. I'll be heading back to HL this week to get more. I think they would make cute little gifts.
***Here are the links you will defiantly want to check out today***
(just a update to let you know my blog posted a bit early so everyone will have their posts up by 10am central time)
Design Team

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little peek inside...

A little peek inside Tattered Angels today?? How about it?? Do you want to see where this beautiful glimmery goodness I am always playing in ... all begins?

I got the okay to show you a little bit of what goes on behind the sceens. I found it so interesting to see how things all come together and I thought you might also.

As you can imagine... it starts with a whole lot of these.....

The bottling of the colors comes next. Pretty cool system.. to make this all happen quickly and effeciently.

Here are the bins and bins of different colors of Glimmer Mist.
Here's Andy ... working near by in the kitting dept.
With the shipping dept right around the corner. Here is Kendra... hard at work. Funny how everyone scatters when you pull out a camera. Thanks Kendra for hanging in there for me. lol

Below.. boxes and boxes of yummy products , lol ready to be shipped out. Album, Glimmer Mist, Chipboard, Glimmer Glass... kits.. ,ect.... anything your little heart desires.
all for your creating pleasure. ahhhhhh... lol

Here is Tattered Angels employee Liz Hicks..... oh...shhhhhh... I can say no more. But... do we have a surprise for you. Cant you just see the sparkle... ( I mean GLIMMER) in her eyes?

You are in for a treat, I can promise you that much. ( hows that for being a tease?)

It's been a busy, exciting learning experience, this week, with a bunch of really nice people.
Tomorrow is the TA Christmas Party and then we are all off to see the premiere of "New Moon" at Midnight. (20 of us). Should be blast!
I'm having a wonderful time..but missing my fam and my pups a bit. No supprise there.. I always do , when I'm away. I'll be home to see them all on Saturday. Untill then....
I'll be swimming in Glimmer Mist! YAY!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A project and some Colorado snow!

Thought I'd share another Tattered Angels/Graphic 45 project I did for this months little team up with the two companies. The G45 line I used was "Domestic Goddess". Sprayed my little wood box with Glimmer Mist and added the embossed Chipboard piece from TA. Super Easy little project. You can see other GM /G45 projects on the Glimmer Mist Blog this month.

We were out and about yesterday seeing the sights and taking in the snowy beauty! While we were out .. I found this fun bracelet I just couldn't live without. Treated myself. lol

We drove up to Estes ..what a gorgeous drive.
Here is the Stanley Hotel where the movies "The Shining" and "Dumb and Dumber" were filmed.

Now that's a porch! ( just one half of the front porch)

View from the front porch.. looking out.

I had to! lol

It was an amazing day for sure.

I'm sure glad Kyle was the one driving these winding roads as it was snowing .. not me.

but.. it was a perfect Colorado winter day.

This morning it was off to the office and warehouse. Check this out....
it's the view from Wendy's office! ahhhhh

I do think by the looks of the photo below ... by the time we finished this mornings meeting... we had put Jack to sleep! literally. lol

It was so great to get to the office and see everyone!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend stuff from Colorado

Having a fun/snowy time here in Colorado. Wendy and I stopped at this amazing store on the way home from the airport Friday. I could have spent all day in here. Talk about fun stuff!

The name of the store is Cozy Cottage. Its in the Promenade shops at Centerra.

Beautiful things to look at everywhere in this place!

Here is the owner and her daughter.. super sweet. .. oh..and that big bag they just set on the counter??? ... yup...mine! lol

Yesterday I took in part of Kaitlyns game.Wendy and Kyle have amazing kids. I'll sure you'll be seeing plenty of photos of them in this weeks post. lol Fun to have kids around to photograph.

Then yesterday afternoon and last night I got to spend with my nephew Ryan. He lives in Denver.. so he drove up to meet me. I miss him so much since he moved getting spend this one on one time with him as great! We had such a nice time.

The photo above is what it looked like after the movie. I was worried about him driving back to Denver..but it turned out okay.. and the trip back was fine. ( off course I made him call and tell me he made it.)... He laughed and said "I know the drill". lol I'm sure he does ... he's my sisters son. lol
Well gotta go.. the girls are out playing in the snow and I need to grab my camera!
back soon!