Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, this first photo serves two purposes now that I look at it. The first reason was to show you the cute little tree I got at Micheal's tonight for $6.. which made me happy. But now that I look at this photo... it's says alot about my day. BUSY.. because the clock shows 10:45 pm and I had just walked in the door after being gone ALL day! lol

Micheal had some great Christmas stuff marked way down...but it's getting picked over quick. ( wanted to pass that on.. in case you love sales like I do) lol

Yep.. it was a jam packed day..but really fun! "Art group" met today. This time it was hosted by Stephanie and Jessica. The photos below are all take at Stephs house.... I should have taken more photos of her decorations..because everything was done up so cute!!

But , as you can see..there were many distractions. haha

Usually we have a heads up from who ever is hosting .. so we know what to bring as far as supplies..but not this time. These girls were not saying a word! They had us all curious about what we would be doing as far as a project. (Usually who ever is hosting .. plans a project or technique of some sort)
We'll these girls had knocked themselves out prepping for this ...and it was great.
Something really different from our norm.
We made Gingerbread houses!

They had every all ready to go.

They had little metal bucket all filled with different goodies to decorate our little houses with , and a turn style in the middle of the big table.
We chatted and played in goodies all afternoon.

Even Stephanie's mom joined us this time. You'd think we were all a bunch of kids the way we were going at these.

Everyones turned out so fun. Each one different and unique from the other.
I think this one is Paulas.
We were all pretty new to it .. so we just had fun with it.
The one below is Stephanies.

My house (below)
( I should actually show you the way I tried to cover up my "boo boo" on the backside of my house. I'm calling a bunch of little stacked tootsie rolls... a
LOG PILE). lol
Oh... I guess in this picture you can kind of see the little Gingerbread guy, back there.... he's getting a LOG for the fire.. dont cha know. lol

This day has been so busy.. as I'm writing this..and looking at those photos .. it all seems like it took place days ago. lol After Art group.. I ran moms cookies down to the church for her, off the the bank.. a few more random tasks, picked up my friend Sally, so we could go visit a friend who was just released from the hospital. ...
Dinner in Omaha, Christmas shopping finished, ran in to Target...then a quick stop at Micheal's.... whew... hhhhhhh.... breathe!~
Finally brought all the bags in from the car, put stuff away... dogs out... slippers on..... and finally ...
time for my poor neglected blog. lol

Busy... but awesome day!


Jan said...

Looks like you had so much fun and the Gingerbread Houses are adorable. Love your kitchen decor and the "JOY" you have hanging in the window...all SO CUTE!!!

debbiek said...

Love the Gingerbread houses, Vicki and your $6 Christmas tree deal! Doesn't time fly when you are having FUN?!

Country Liv . . . said...

I got worn out just reading all you did! Great houses-how much did y'all eat?

Elly said...

I lóóóve the shutters in your cosy kitchen!!! The wreath looks so lovely hanging there.
And the gingerbread houses are gorgeous! Want to make something similar myself one day.
Enjoy the days before Christmas!
Hugs, Elly

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, you didn't forget us, you blogged! The gingerbread houses are a wonderful and fun idea and you are a sweet talent! Hugs.

Bettyann said...

Vicki, love the gingerbread house...they are so much fun to make, for kids of course isn't it interesting to see the photo of the cookies..they were calling you across town i see hehehe

Elaine said...

The day WAS busy - but it sure looks like it was worth it for the amount of fun that you had! Don't you just love doing up gingerbread houses? I wish I could get my daughter to stand still for a few minutes and do one with me (it's been too long) :(
HOpe you can slow down a bit, and thanks for the info on Michaels!! :) I'm off work tomorrow and may have t head over there! :)

Elaine said...

One more thing....PLEASE (pretty please with sugar on top), send me your address!

chelemom said...

LOL!!! Love the gingerbread houses and your "log pile" in the back!!! Glad you had a good day!