Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010 photos (people)

Well I'm back to share some "2010" photos .... playing along with the my friend Natalie Kalbachs idea.  You can see more about it HERE if you want to play along also.
Last week I posted "Bye Bye 2010 layouts", and today I am sharing some of my favorite photos from  this year for "Bye Bye 2010 photos).
The only problem is I do often... I'm having a hard time following rules. lol  I started looking through photos to chose and could not manage to keep it to (12). lol  I decided I was going to share Favorite photos of PEOPLE that I've taken this year, .. today.  Then in one of my next posts, I will share, some of my favorite photos of PLACES
For me there may be many different reasons why I might be drawn to a certain photos.. usually, the lighting catches my eye , or the fact that I feel like it just really "captures" the persons personality. Might be that the perfect opportunity was just there, and I happened to have my camera in hand. lol 

First photo is of my friend Julies daughter Michelle. It's been amazing watching Michelle grow up from the little girl she was when I first met her, into this beautiful, smart, confident woman.

Couldn't let this one pass by. lol This is the one an only Roger Clyne. (from my favorite band.. Roger Clyne and the Peacmakers.

This photo just makes me smile.  It's my Sister-in-law Lori's Mom. I love the lighting on her face.

I don't think I need to say much about this.. just CUTE! OMGosh.. what a little character.Cracks me up every time I see it.

This is my sweet as can be" niece Lyndsay. Talk about a natural smile! Love this girl.

Below .. my good friend Julie, her daughter Michelle, and pup Elly. I think they love that pup as much as I do mine.. and thats alot!! lol  I love how Elly is kissing Julie in this photo.

Jarad and Kate = jeep ride   awwwww

                                                               Again... no words necessary. Sweet Addy

Loved so many of the photos taken of family when everyone was home this summer...but this one of Becca is defiantly a fave.

 I LOVE the photo below.. and I cant even take credit for it, because I didn't take it..Wes did... but isn't it fun?

This one was just a couple of weeks ago. Nathaniel playing guitar and singing at his show. Amazing kid!

I just realized that this photo was taken at the same spot as in one of the photos above. lol  This handsome guys is my nephew Bryan.   We had such a great time this day.  It was a gorgeous out! ( oh.. how I miss those warm sunny days!.. is winter over yet???)

Ok, I had to toss this one in for good measure.  I'm no "amazing photographer" I just have fun with it and enjoy the process. Lots of times my favorite photos aren't even that great "quality wise" but I love them none the less. 
This one was just snapped quick , while I was sitting on the floor putting away Christmas ornaments yesterday. Gabby and W where here and ..he said.. "hey look".   
He's a hoot!

Wishing you all a Happy Happy Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New layout and a bit of this and that

I've been having fun with some new things.. so I thought I would share.   If you didn't know already.. Crafty Secrets is having a week full of deals with there Shop Hop Sale.  You and read all about it here.
One of the things that is one the Heartwarming Vintage blog this week is some sneak peeks at some of the  printables that will be on the new CD's Crafty Secrets will be coming out with for CHA.
I used one fo the damask prints for the background on this layout.
There will be several designs on the first CD; Creating with Vintage Papers including more damasks, sheet music, text, florals, etc. as well as basic instructions, inspiring samples and tips & tricks. Available for sale mid February with a Typography and Image CD's to follow.

The round base for this layout is from AccuCut. This is one of the projects I have been working on for them for their huge booth display at CHA.
Die- CR626G  Circle- 11 1/2
The flower and leaf die is also from Accucut
Die-F1440J  Flowers & Leaves #3
I also used Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamp Set - Artsy Banners
and ABC Top Hat Letters

Darling family.... my nephew and is wife and kiddos

Below ... the damask printed on different colors of cardstock. pretty huh?
for more info on the envelope template and the downloads check the heartwarming vintage blog.

Had to show you this quick. Remember when I showed you the bargains I got the other day? Well I decided not to paint the basket blue... I painted the frame and stool blue. Thought I'd share.
This frame looks like wood but isn't, it's really light weight.  So I didn't feel bad about painting it. lol

After I painted it, I used a Fancy Pants Flocked transparent overlay to put inside. I love the look of it.

Here you can see the stool. It used to be yellow.  Fun to have a little change now and then. (esp when you spend as much time in a room ... as I do this one! whew

Next post I'll be playing along with my friend Nat for her Bye Bye to 2010 "photos"
You can read more about it here if you'd like to play along.

I know you can!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crafty Secrets Shop Hop Sale!

The week is off to a great start with all the sales and giveaways over on the Heartwarming Vintage blog.  Every day this week there are new posts with all kinds of fun things being shared. Hope you get a chance to check it out HERE.

I was pretty excited to see this....

Special things are happening each day.. so be sure to pop in each day over there.  Sandy has so many new things in the works, endorsement programs, blinkies( with benefits), info on new digital goodies to come, favorite Design Team projects, ect , ect.. ect...
LOTS of new exciting things happening over there this week!  Heartwarming Vintage Blog


Guess what today is??? It's my sweet Mommas Birthday!!!   Happy Birthday to her!  Can you tell she is LOVED!!!
(photo taken this summer. left to right .. me my sis Donna, brother Dan behind her, mom, sis Sharon, brother Ray behind her, and my sis Jan on the far right)


I had such a FUN afternoon with my sister Jan and my niece Neely today.  Neely is back from CA for the Holidays, so I had to squeeze a bit more time with her before she has to head back.  Such a NICE NICE afternoon.  We  chatted, did lunch, chatted some more, ... and then spent some time junk'n and chat'n. lol
It was a "good deal day"!

Basket, birdcage and suitcase .. that were all under $5 each. frames, tray, and other goodies all were $1 and under (each).   I got some ...oh so yummy .. vintagy blue spay paint that has a date with that basket tomorrow.  My sister had painted a chair in her dinning room this blue color.. and I LOVED it!  It's amazing how just changing the color of something has such a huge effect.  My sis is so good at this. She can take anything and make it look so great just by picking the perfect color paint for it.
I've been meaning to show you the frame I painted pink for my room a while back.(below)   it had a mirror in it and was a icky gold color.( oh and it was a $5 junk deal from years ago).  I painted the back board with Chalkboard spray paint and the outside frame with this pretty pink. I'm loving it now.

I also have to share this beautiful  Nebraska sunset.. ( can you see my son there .. working at the capital??) lol  What?? you cant?? lol  Well, he's inside. 

These beauties made us all smile... ( just inside the doors at Trader Joes... Gorgeous gorgeous flowers lined the wall)
It was a sunny day... filled with great deals, lots of laughs, and 2 of my very favorite people! Perfect!

The saying on the chalkboard is a favorite 

Life is Grand
Love is Real,
Beauty is Everywhere

                Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Until tomorrow friends!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bye Bye 2010 {layouts}

Here we all .. Christmas over and heading towards welcoming in a new year.  My friend Nat is once again doing her .."Bye bye 2010" posts this week, and I'm joining in.   You can read about it here on Nat's blog, but the just of it is, that she is doing two different posts, one ..posting her favorite layouts (she created) in 2010 and the other posting her favorite photos (she's taken) turning 2010.  I see that Nat is posting (12) layouts and photos. What I'm doing is just sharing some from each of the companies I do work for.  I guess I don't have a set number. lol.. just some from each.   It's was kind of fun to look back on these as I was choosing.  Fun to look back on the new products these companies have come out with over the past year and how they have grown.
I know Natalie would love to have you join in and post your favorites. Feel free to use her image below if you do ,and link to herNatalie Kalbach  "Scrapbook Trends"
I will be posting some layouts and some projects for "bye bye 2010" post
Hope you enjoy!

I'll start with  Crafty Secrets Projects....

I had alot of fun creating this little book from a 12x12 piece of paper, stitching, some Glimmer Mist and  Crafty Secrets "Altered Fairy" Creative Scraps.

This piece started with a piece of corrugation from the side of a box and some old sewing patterns.
Images from Crafty Secrets.

The frame below is simple but still a favorite. It was done with a $1 Store frame and a Dahlia stamp from Crafty Secrets. (the stamp was stamped  only with black ink on the actual plain mat the that came with the frame).

Another ..bit more "Altered" frame using Crafty Secrets "Birds and Blossoms" Creative Scraps.

The next few projects are from Fancy Pants.

I'm not sure if it's the layouts or the darling photos that I like on these. lol

The one below of A.. is done on a canvas

I don't do "guy" layouts often I guess I'm just happy to have this one.

We were asked to do a layout that we thought best represented "our style" .. this is the one I did.

I gave this to my sister as a gift..but It's probably one of my very favorites. I was happy with how it turned out.

                                                            Tattered Angels
This is one of my newest projects done with TA products. (Glimmer Glaze on Glass)

sassy! lol

Below... I love trying something new.. and was so excited to see the effect you get when using your Screens to emboss.  ( this was done on a piece of soft copper running it through my wizard machine)

well, you can imagine that as far as AccuCut projects this year... having my own die made was defiantly the highlight! lol     So I have to share projects done with that right?  totally!

Crafty Secrets Products and this die, are a match made in heaven ..that's for sure.

                                          Vintage Street Market

Its only been a short time but I have had SO much fun with kits from VTM.  Keep your eyes on them because CHA is going to be bringing exciting NEW products from them that will make you very HAPPY!
Here are some of my favorite projects that I've created with their kits.

below.. Mitten gift card holder

Album made from a popcorn bag.

wow..that's a "bunch" of stuff. lol   I am SO lucky to get to create for companies that have such fantastic and inspirational products.  Lucky me huh?

Thank you for all the times you stopped by in 2010 and left comments and words of encouragement. They always brighten my day!   You guys are the best!  

 Here's to another year of creativity and friendship!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharing our Christmas

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas! 
Thought I would share a bit of ours with you!

Love ,Vic