Saturday, January 30, 2010

CHA... friends ( and other good stuff) lol

I have to tell you... this was one of the best CHA's ever.. because I knew Cat ( Catherine Scanlon )and I were finally going to get to meet our friend Nat (Natalie Kalbach) from Germany. We have all been friends since way back in our ScrapMuse (kit club) days.. when we were all on the Design Team together. With Natalie living in Germany.. we have never met in person, in all these years. We have been planning and talking about meeting for so long.. and finally........

Oh my gosh.. I can not begin to tell you how much fun it was to finally have this happen. We were all just Giddy! We chatted every chance we got ,... and had a fantastic time meeting for dinner one night. Oh... I love these girls!!!

Like I always say.... the very best part of CHA is meeting up with friends! Some you've known for years and others you've met on line and feel very close to , but have never had the chance to meet in person... which was the case with my "facebook buddy", Bronwyn Velazquez. (below). So fun to get to meet her in person!

and I was THRILLED to finally get to meet Mimi Hornberger ( Paper Rose Studio)! What a sweetheart! We have been blog buddies for a long time.

OMgosh... check out how fun the AccuCut girls are!!!! lol I LOVE this photo!

I got to have a peek at Lisa Paces new book "Delight in the Details".... and OH MY!! This is a must have!!! Ordering mine today!

And ... (below)...the sweet sweet owners of Pink Persimmon! Judi and Darci.
You'll have to check out their post HERE... when went to get the link.. I saw they had posted on their blog about us meeting also. lol

and then look below at who was looking cute as could be in her new booth....
Taylor Vanbruggen..... Taylored Expressions. Her booth was just adorable... and she was too as always! I look so forward to seeing her and her mom any chance I get. they are midwesterners that they have moved back to Iowa! YAY! It's been so fun to watch Taylors business grow the way it has!
WTG girl!
(Below).... I got to meet Crafty Secrets Design Team member Pam Hooten for the very first time. What a treat .. as she was with my dear friend Carol Halverson (HB)! See what I mean.. this is what makes going to shows!

(below).. Patty Marker from Sewing Seeds 4u. Just wait until I show you the bag she made me!!! ahhh.... I LOVE IT! I'll be showing you a photo soon! I have been freaking out about them since I first saw them on her blog. She is just such a sweet sweet person .. and so talented. Loved meeting her!

I missed getting photos of so many friends, and I'm sad about that. It's just that things move SO quickly when your there.. sometimes, you just cant get to your camera. Like I said.. seeing friends and meeting new people is the very best part..but then .. right behind this.... lol

yummy food. Luckily you are too darn busy during the day to eat much..but you blow all your calories in the evening. lol

One evening we were invited out to spend the evening with the Tattered Angels crew at their beach house. Good food, good friends.. and the ocean! Michelle and I braved the night to put our feet in the water. It was a blast!

Leave it to a Nebraska and a Colorado girl to HAVE to put their feet in the ocean in Feb. lol

So much more to share..but I'll stop for today. I was SO lazy yesterday, today I HAVE to get something done around here. Feels good to be home and laz around with my pups!
I'll be back to share more tomorrow!
Have a great day!


Nat said...

I so love you too! So funny pictures!!!

cheryl McAdam said...

Vicki, It was so great to see you not once but twice this year! I'm loving the new crafty secrets fairy scraps, and your new Accu-cut die, I'm playing with it right now, as we speak, lol. Sad I didn't get a picture of us. Maybe next time.

Terri Conrad said...

Hi Vicki, looks like you had a terrific time at the show. Hey, I have a quick question - I thought Crafty Secrets sold the vintage style metal hangers (do you know the ones I am thinnking of?) Do you know where they may be purchased wholesale? I am putting together some kits and want to include those.

Thank you soooo much!

debbiek said...

Glad you are back safe & sound Vicki! Thanks for sharing your photos and stories about your adventures at CHA! Looks like you had a terrific time:)

Pam said...

Vicki, I was so excited to finally meet you! You are just as sweet as I imagined!

Charlene said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!! And I envy you having you feet in the water. But, it can be cold all times of the year!!!! I can't wait to get your new die cut. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing! Now that you are home rest & relax a litt;e bit. HUGS! Charlene

becky said...

so happy you had a great time and that you're home again :) lunch soon, right?

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