Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scrap for a Cure Weekend Crop and Classes in Coleridge NE

Well were back and rested up. Since Friday was our anniversary we headed to Norfolk Friday since Dan had a three day weekend and took in a movie and went to dinner. We stayed the night there so it would be a shorter drive to Coleridge for the classes in the morning. While I taught ,Dan busied himself driving around seeing the country around there, and then sitting in the car doing cross I guess he didn't want to be my teaching assistant??? lol
The shadowbox die project below was one of the classes. I taught 5.

The girls got creative and had alot of fun with this. We used the "Fairy Creative Scraps" and they picked out the images they wanted for their specific shadowbox.
The actually finished one project in class, to two others to do up at home .. using the rest of their images. They all seemed to really enjoys this time to just "create".

It's so fun to see how everyone personalizes their projects. Beautiful huh?

Some of the girls , of course where long time crafters..but it's so great to see someone like this who was totally new to this type of thing.. and jumped right in. She just got lost in her project and worked on it on her own way after class was over. I could tell she was really just enjoying the process!

Great to see people taking part in such a worthy cause.
"Scrap for a Cure" Fantastic that they put this event together in this tiny little town!!! Good work girls!

He's one of the other classes. I wish you could see that butterfly better. It's a Tattered Angels stamp..but then we used Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist over it and also outlined with my favorite SAKURA "stardust" pen. We used tracing wheels for a faux stitched look and did some fun pen work with a fine tip black sharpie.

Thank you Amy Hall for putting this event together!~!~
And for inviting me to come.

Next week my sister Jan and I will be teaching in Albion NE, so if you live near and want information just shoot me an email at
I'll share some peeks at classes this week.
Oh.. btw.. they have some serious snow up there!
Just before the turn off from the highway onto our road ... check out the beautiful full moon.
Jammies and slippers I come. lol

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!~~

Friday, February 26, 2010

Find Me Book Winner and a card

Today is the day! The "Find Me book" Winner is Deb S!
Huge thanks to Find Me book owner Kinzie Jones for letting me host this giveaway! If any of you are interested in having a personalized book made.. you can see how easy it is HERE.

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. Geezzz.... the years really go by
No "anniversary" card to sharetoday..., lol.. but I have a "birthday" card to share.
I did this one last week for one of the Crafty Secrets Challenges over at SplitCoast. Those girls do a great job coming up with fun challenges each week. Pop on over and check it out. I know they'd love to have you play along!
This challenge was "using PINK"


**NOTE** I have to tell you , I was pretty excited the other night, I was "listening" to tv (like I do lots of times when I'm working in my room)...and I heard a Tilly and the Wall song playing! I can pick em out anywhere I tell ya. lol It was on a commercial (movie trailer) for the new movie "Bounty Hunter"
( it's not on this trailer) but there are a number of different ones. I had to be sure.. so I gave Neely a jingle.. and YEP.. I was right. It's not "in" the actual movie..but on the trailer for the movie. Cool! WTG Tillys!
( if you're new to my blog and are wondering what in the world I'm talking about.... "Neely" is my niece and she is in the band "Tilly and the wall" And if you stick around you'll certainly hear lots more about them here.. because I'm a PROUD Aunt.. and I love the girl to pieces!) lol

Okay.. I'll catch you kids later.. I'm off teaching this weekend. I'll be back with photos to share on Sunday.
Be good while I'm gone!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Painting with Glimmer MIst

It's been a busy week. Lots going on.. so my blog posts seem to be happening later and later. Deadlines to finish up and Friday is coming fast! I need to kick it into gear. At least the sun was shining here to day...even if it was still freeeeezing. Sunshine helps! It's been a long winter!
Have you ever painted with Glimmer Mist? It's a beautiful effect! These are the new Tags from Tattered Angels. They start out just black and white.. which is cool enough..but oh.. the possibilities!
It takes such a small amount of Glimmer Mist when your painting areas like this.. I just shake and then spray a little directly into my bottle lid. I use a fine detail brush.. and just remember to give the glimmer mist a it's swish or stir with my brush each time I dip in .. to keep the goodie all mixed up with the color.

It's fun for sure. Aren't all the new pieces gorgeous? The "with love" and the rose, are new TA pieces I added to the tag.
Between Tattered Angels and Heidi's new treasures... ahhhh
Check out that designer Crete paper. Woo hoo!

I added some vintage buttons, trim and that little green pretty.. just because .. I COULD. lol
You can see my other Tattered Angels projects along with the rest of the DT here on the
Tattered Angels blog.

Today we all went to see Jarad and Kates new place today. Everyone is so excited for them.

They already have all kinds of plans for their new place.

Everyone got the tour. That's Kates mom and her little niece in the doorway.
I know they kids are anxious to find out the date they can move in . Hopefully all the paperwork will go through quickly for them.

Oh yeah.... meet Stanley
And Steve. lol

Jarad and Kate just adopted them from the shelter. Oh.. our family just keeps growing. lol

Before a end.. I wanted to remind you to be sure to enter for the giveaway
in THIS POST. We'll be drawing for a winner on Friday.

Happy Day Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Generations" Shadowbox

Well..this started out as a layout...and eventually to a Shadowbox. Below is the layout before it was put in the shadowbox. The layout was done for one of my Tattered Angels projects for this month.. using
Tattered Angels and Websters Pages (Teamed up for Feb).
(The photo is of my Great Grandma, Grandma, mom and sis.)

I cut and masked alot on this project ..and stitching... yeah.. went a bit nuts with that. lol You can really see it here..but I stitched all around the dress form also. ( my sewing machine was needing repair for some time. I'm fixed.. and I'm really enjoying having it back up and running!)

For the flower.. I started with a regular.. $ store flower... added Glimmer Mist..then cut some paper pieces to add in. I then brushed Glimmer Glam on the tips. I love the effect!

Here it is in the shadowbox .. with the goodies added.

This was a fun project. I got lost it it. and was almost sad when it was time to stop. lol_________________________________________
Classes this weekend if you live near.
Start Time:
Friday, February 26, 2010 at 5:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 9:00pm
Coleridge Community Building Coleridge NE 68727

For more information: Facebook- "Scrap for a Cure"
or you can always contact me .. and I'll get you more info

I'll be teaching 5 classes (4-12x12 two page layout classes and 1 Shadowbox class)
Dont forget to get your name in for the giveaway below!

and.... HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Candy Giveaway "Find Me BooK"

Oh... I am so lucky! I love it when I get to give stuff away!! lol

A dear friend of mine creates these fun personalized books ..called
"Find Me Book". The are adorable! She is letting me give one away here on my blog this week. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post letting me know you'd like your name put in for the drawing. Winner will be drawn on (Friday) Feb 26th.

Here's a little info about the book and the link to the "Find Me Book" website , so you can check it out. You can actually flip though the pages of the book and see each one. HERE

Find Me Book is a personalized look and find book. It is like an "I SPY" or "Where's Waldo" except you are searching for your family's faces. You dedicate the book, upload your 6 faces, pick out the background scenes, and search for your loved ones.
Super cute idea huh? How many kids would get a kick out of this?? I can see Aly and Molly's faces in those sunflowers already. lol

More info
You dedicate the book.
You choose the faces.
You pick out 11 fun scenes.
Your own faces will be on the cover and searched for on every page.
You can create this 8.5X11 Personalized Hardcover Book for $32.99.
Good luck everyone!!
Hope you all had a great weekend. Pretty laid back around here. Dan had to work this weekend, so I worked in my room quite a bit. Got alot done though.. so that feels good.
Is winter over yet???? Because I'm SO ready for Spring!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Art group gathering / Paulas birthday

Friday the "artsy girls" met here. It was also Paulas Birthday celebration.
It was a fun day. Smaller group this time ..but inspiring as always!
Happy Birthday Paula!

I had out all of my Accucut dies.. and then some others that I had borrowed from Accucut. We cut all kinds of goodies for future projects. You'll be seeing some of the great die shapes used in projects in my upcoming posts.
Paula and Steph, brought with them.. a couple of the projects they have been working on. WOW cool huh?
You can see more of her artwork on her blog HERE

**Art work by Paula Bendig**
Steph made this cool project for Paula, for her birthday. I loved it! I actually took photos of all the folding steps , so that I could show you in as a tutorial soon. I'm working on a project of my own , using this folded album.. so I'll share my project and the folding steps ( and the original link) when I'm finished with mine. ( hopefully soon).
Both these girls are so talented!

My favorite part of this , is how Step cut her ATC's in "house" shapes! I'm so inspired to work on one of my own now. Thanks Steph!

Crafty Secrets "Altered Fairy" Creative Scraps are calling to me! I think they'd be perfect for this!
** Artwork by Stephanie Freeman**

Below are just a few of the dies we were using. Look at the nice note from the AccuCut girls that was on the dies when I picked them up.


Fun papers..cut in fun shapes.. who could ask for more? lol

Lots of FUN things going on. Check this out!!!

HUGE Congrats to my friend Nathalie Kalbach on her first paper, stamp and transparentcy line!!!!!
Click below to see them all!

WTG girl!!!!

Oh... and my Tattered Angels projects for this month are up on the Tattered Angels blog , if you want to check it out. HERE

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 19, 2010

3D Shadowboxs are available for purchase!

Yay... it's an exciting day! For those of you who have emailed asking when the Shadowbox die kits will be for sale.... TODAY is the DAY!
Crafty Secrets now have the 3D shadowboxes (both styles), on their website for order. Each package will include 3 die-cut sets of which ever style you choose.. (portrait or landscape you will get 3 of that style)
* They will be cut out of a number of different Crafty Secrets ..double sided papers.

Each Kit will come with (3) of whichever style you choose and the cut paper pieces for each. ( as seen in "Step 1" below .. on the direction sheets.) From there, you can add Crafty Secrets "Altered Fairy Scraps" , or any of the other gorgeous CS images....along with your own embellishments create 3 beautiful shadowbox projects.. or cards from your kit.

Portrait Style
Landscape style
The dies are easy to assemble...especially with these set by step directions. You can also watch the video HERE on my blog.
The possibilities are endless.... have fun creating!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A challenge for everyone

It's "Random Acts of Kindness week"... so I have a little challenge for you.

I recently ran accross a blog that I think is just so positive and uplifting I have to share. It's called "Kind over Matter" It's refreshing and so fun to check everyday. Simple and sweet.
Well, there's another reason I'm telling you this. It's because the idea behind this post, came from a post I saw there. You can see the post here.

___ I decided I wanted to do I little something fun. My own Random Kindness. I based mine on the idea I linked above, only I did up three different flowers with ribbons and tags and decided I leave them in random places for whoever stumbles upon them first to enjoy.
Nothing to costly, time consuming or difficult... but hopefully it will brighten someones day.

Okay... first one.... on a snow bank

a pretty high snow bank. ( Certainly "someone" will see that.. and just "have" to go see what it is) right? lol

Second one. car wash anyone?

Third one ... at the park.

Do you see it?

It took so little effort.. and was so fun to do. So's my challenge to you.
I know you all do kind things everyday..but this week... one day, do something unusual.. out of your norm. Something that will make someone elses day, and at the same time make you feel all warm and fuzzy. lol
If everyone did this .. just think how many people would be having something fun happen to them this week that would make them smile.
Cheesy post ? maybe... but cheesy isn't that bad now and then right? lol
I'd love to have you come back and post here, if you decide to do something ... anything... by a coffee for someone, let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store... or something like the the flowers and tags I did. Anything at all.
Have fun with it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crepe Paper flowers and other random-ness

I must be needing spring because all I can think about is "color" and "flowers" and other springy things! lol
I was messing with my 99Cent rolls of crepe paper the other night, and ended up making a bunch of these pretties to brighten up my room.

Super easy..nothing to it. just need a flower stem, some double sided tape, ...some wrapping and (gathering) .. as you go.

Crepe paper is so inexpensive and comes in so many fun colors now. ( these are my favorites right now.. as you could image) lol SPRINGY colors

Melissa Frances also has some of this yummy stuff in larger sheets.

You can really have some fun with this stuff!
Okay.. I have to show you my new "re-do" project. I should have taken a "before" photo...but I was on a mission.. and started tearing right into it. lol I found this vintage headboard lamp at one of my flea market haunts. It was covered in a orange and red floral fabric. I love to read in bed... and have really wanted one of these. At $4.99.. the price was certainly right. lol I was hoping I would be able to get the fabric off , easy enough so that I could cover it with something simple that would match our bedroom. It came off pretty easy. I had an extra pillow sham from this bed set , so I used it to recover the lamp..
I was pretty happy with it... simple and practical.
Then I googled "Vintage Bed Lamps" and saw THESE!!!!
Wow... mine looks pretty plain now huh? lol
But I still like it for now. I can always add to it right?

I've been "in" again alot these past few days... because we had a bit more snow..but alot of BLOWING! The roads were traitorous!

Lots of classes coming up.. so I finished up kitting
Coleridge NE- "Scrap for a Cure" Feb 26th ( 5 classes)
Albion NE- "Scrapbook Paradise" March 6th (6 classes)
If your interested and live near... shoot me an email, and I can get you all the specifics.

Other fun news I've been wanting so share.
Jarad and Kate are now first time homeowners!
They just bought their first home. I'm so happy for them!
I'm sure this is just the beginning of good things to come for them.

Jarad and Kate

Time for me to get back to this mess in my room. Hope you are all having a great start to your week!