Thursday, April 01, 2010

April... a fresh start

April is Autism Awareness month. And I'm so proud to design for a companies who get involved in causes like this and others. Almost everyone knows of someone who's lives have been effected by Autism. If not a family member then a friend. Autism Awareness is an important cause and close to so manys hearts.
Tattered Angels is introducing a new campaign called Glimmer of Hope. Periodically through the year they will be creating very limited new colors in honor of various illnesses/conditions, and a portion of the proceeds will be awarded to research organizations.

Introducing "Piece of Heart"

Piece of Heart is a limited edition color that will sell for $5 and will only be available on the Tattered Angels website.
As I was saying earlier, so many of our lives have been touched by Autism. As a lot of you know, I come from a large family. Seven of us kids and lots of kids and Grandkids. I have lots of nieces and nephews, some that live close.. and you get to see lots of photos of , and others (just as special to me) that live farther away. I don't get to see them as often (sad face). I love them all!
My nephew Austin has Autism. He is an amazing kid with amazing parents, but I know the struggles they go through daily.
As I was doing this post I remembered a layout I did of Austin a few years back. I think the date on the layouts is "2007"
Even though my family is spread out all over the US, luckily we do get together often. This photo was taken when we were all together that summer, and had rented a place by some lakes. What fun memories! All the kids had fun running around playing, fishing, throwing rocks in the water ( which is exactly what Austin was doing in this photo). lol

Austin has grown alot since this photo .. and so has his sis Adriana. I got to go to dinner and visit with them all when I worked Scrapfest at Mall of America in October. It was so great to see them all!
*****April -Autism Awarness Month******

Okay, on to a Glimmer Mist technique projects. I thought I'd show you this tag I did a while back using a technique I had never tried before. I started with a cream colored tag ( one of the new ones from Tattered Angles). I laid down one of my Glimmer Screens and brushed over it with Glimmer Glaze. This is not going to give you a "precise" design..because Of course some of the glaze will work is way under the screen as you brush..but it still gives a great pattern.
When your finished brushing the glaze on.. lift up the screen, and let your paper dry. Dry time is not long at all.. buy the time you go wash your screen of and come back it will probably be dry enough to start adding your Glimmer Mist.

At this point the fun begins. lol... you can start adding colors.. any you choose. Spray a little bit, and wipe away using a paper towel. Add another and do the same, repeating with various colors, until you get the desired look.
** When I demo or teach with Glimmer Mist you will hear me talk about the importance of having paper towels close. Everyone has certain ways of doing things that they feel works best for them. For me .. if I have paper towels handy right at my side , I'm a happy camper. For me it just another tool for working with Glimmer Mist. But no worries.. you know I'm thrifty and dont waste. ( I have to be good to the environment)... so Coming soon, I'm going to show you a video tutorial I did , on how to use those paper towels to make some gorgeous flowers!

Each of the new TA tags have some sort of pretty patter on them like this one has as the bottom. Those amazing wings are also new from TA.

Wow.. this post is kind of all over the place today. Sorry about that. But for any of you who know me personally.. "random" is pretty much ME. lol
Yesterday I got to spend some time with another one of my nieces. Neely is in the middle of a move to a new place.. so yesterday I spent the afternoon with her.. trying to help a little bit.
I have to tell you the story of "Jay Jos". I'll have to ask Neely how she came up with that name, not sure. Anyway, she got Jay Jos for her first birthday . Close to 30 years later... He still sits on her bed. I think every time she moves I see him sitting on bedding .. the last thing packed into the car.
Here his is yesterday

I looked through my photo files.. and hear he is .. last time she moved. lol

I think everybody should have a Jay Jos in their life! Who wouldn't want someone sitting on your bed waiting for you to come home everyday.. with that adorable face?

Have a happy day friends!


Bettyann said...

Happy day to you too..Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life...Love the glitter glaze are so bad tempting us..take care..Happy Easter

Jodi said...

WOW, I wasn't aware of this!! My son who will be 11 next week was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. This says sooooo much about the company and am proud that they bring awareness for this great cause!!!!

stampqueen said...

Lots of great photos today. Always love hearing about your family!!!!
The tag is awsome!!!

1CardCreator said...

Precious layout of your nephew, and I love the technique you use with the glimmer mist. I can't wait to see your paper towel flowers. I put plain white tissue paper under my projects instead of newspaper when I spray, that way I can use them for tissue paper flowers. The glimmer mist is so beautiful I don't want to waste a drop! Take care, ~Diane

Ali said...

Vicki, TY for hsaring that this is Autism Awareness month in the US. We are so blessed to have the special little guy we do...Noah, #4 of 4 kids, and just as special as they all are. Love toi you... Ty for sharing such gorgeous projects with us!!

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Easter to you and the family, sweet little altered creations you are sharing with us this week.

Bev said...

Love the tag! I'm gonna have to check out those wings! Great colors!

Precious Treasures said...

Off to order my glimmer mist limited edition. I love to reuse the bottles with just reinker and water as it is fun to mix a matt finish color with the glimmer mist colors.