Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fun stuff for March

Classes this weekend went great.. and I have lots of photos to share.. coming soon. I've been so excited to tell you about Sketches:Creativly yours.
I'm honored to be Guest Designing there this month. The first of the layouts and projects (done with Sketch A) are up there now. The girls have created some great layouts. Pop over and check them out HERE
I chose to do a canvas instead of a layout. ( Can you tell I'm really really ready for SPRING??)

Simple project ..but I'm really enjoying the "springy" feel of it , in my room.

You can see some of my previous projects here
I'll link back here, each time new projects are done with the sketches (3 more) this month. Hope you join in the fun over there! Huge thanks to Ali and the girls over at Sketches Creatively yours for letting me be a part of things this month.

Like I said.. I have lots of photos from the weekend to share with you..but for now I have to show you just a couple that I was lucky enough to get along the way.

Good thing I was on a rural Nebraska highway without much traffic when I noticed "this" in a tree and flipped a u-y in the middle of the road. lol
I wish it wasn't so overcast so I could have gotten a better shot.. but isn't that gorgeous?

I don't know how any times we have been in the car and I say to Dan... "look .. and Eagle!!!)... and he bursts my bubble by saying .... "Vic.. that's just a hawk".
Not this time buddy! ha

Time to unpack and put things away... more photos tomorrow.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Nat said...

Love your project and the Eagle photos are soooo cool!!!

Jan said...

Oh MY GOSH...I don't know what I like better, the eagle or your SPRING canvas :) Your pictures of the eagle are amazing! And your Spring canvas is so pretty with the dotted ribbon and that sweet little bird :)

debbiek said...

Pretty card, Vicki. LOVE the shots of the Eagle. Just awesome! So glad you were able to catch that moment:)

Kara Ward said...

Great photos...we were in Iowa and I was teasing my husband that the 3 birds in the tree were hawks. No, they were eagles. He got the best laugh out of me. I will never live it down!

cards4u said...

Great canvas - love the twig and how it flows into the stem of the flower! And the little extras on your flower are wonderful! Do you think Dan would have believed you if hadn't had your camera : )
Have A Great Day!!

harrahx2 said...

Great shot of the eqagle Vic! And I love your spring hanging but even more the Molly! So cute. Glad the classes went well and so proud to have completed one of my frames. I am sending it to my niece because she didn't get an opportunity to know her know how some families are. I was very pleased with it.

Kinzie said...

Love your SPRING project Vic!! hey just went on itunes and 3 Tilly and the Wall songs. Love them!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

adorable work.. ALWAYS, my friend. *hugs*

Charlene said...

Hurray for your side girlfriend!!!! TAHT WAS AN EAGLE FOR SURE! Your projects are all so happy. Love the colors. Have a great week. HUGS! Charlene

Amy Teets said...


Ali said...

We so love having you with us over at "Sketches: Creatively Yours" this month Vicki!

Your creations are always so beautiful! LOVE your Blog.

janis said...

thanks so much for the inspiration - - we love having you over at sketches: creatively yours!

also, love your work and your photos!

Jennifer Moore said...

I love the little bird on your canvas. It turned out so cute.

Sherry said...

your canvas is adorable, what a great way to usher in some spring. I love your photos too!

Thank you for the inspiration! It's great having you with us at Sketches: Creatively Yours! Awesome inspiration.

pamala said...

Great pics!!! Love your work!!!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous canvas!!
Loved having you over at S:CY!!
What a excitng time to see an eagle up close like that!
We once had that happend while we were driving and it was so excitng!
Seen some eagles nesting before and wow our first time and it was awesome!!
They are so beautiful!!
Have a blessed week!