Friday, April 30, 2010

Sharing some previous projects using Crafty Secrets Products

Here we go with Day FIVE of the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage week of celebration for National Scrapbooking Month. Today I thought I would just share some projects from the past year or so , that I've done using Crafty Secrets Projects. Nothing specific.. just random projects from my Crafty Secrets Files. Hope you enjoy.

If you have question about any of the Crafty Secrets products used .. wondering what booklet, sheet or stamp set they came from .. please feel free to email me, and I get back to you with the information, okay?

done with AccuCut dies
As I looked through my file, I noticed with out a doubt , I'm always drawn to Birds. lol

Love playing with the postcard kits also.

Classic Paper pad papers used here, and "Frame it" Stamp set.

another "bird" project. lol... it's almost embarrassing. lol

Sharing a couple of cards

I'm also noticing I choose to use papers from the Classic paper pad alot. I love all the Crafty Secrets papers..but this one seems to call to me. (alot) lol

I have a couple more projects to share. These are actually classes I'll be teaching for Crafty Secrets in TX for the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington. June 3-5
These classes are very close to being sold out .. so if you are interested in either of these two classes, you will want to be in contact with them as soon as possible. We are taking 50 in each of these classes ,but like I said.. almost filled.
I'm looking forward to these classes.. I think they are going to be really fun projects!
Altered Fairy Class
We'd love to have you join us! Workshop registration
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Okay... I few of the pretties I saw in AZ

My nephew Taylor and is wife Lena. They are SO cute together.
Happy day everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Announcement Shadowbox

Okay... DAY 4 of the National Scrapbook Day Celebration, Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage is hosting.
Hope you've been keeping an eye on the Heartwarming Vintage blog to get in on the free vintage printables and lots of giveaways! Check it out HERE each day this week. I'll be hosting my $50 giveaway on Saturday!
It's been a inspiring week with all the gorgeous things the DT has been sharing

My Crafty Secrets project today is a Birth announcement, using my shadowbox die.. ( which you can purchase already cut HERE on the Crafty Secrets website)
The images I used are from the "Joys of Life" booklet, although you can get lots of great baby images from Crafty Secrets HERE on the website.
When I was thinking of this.. I wanted to be realistic (time wise), and not have it be so involved that if you had a new baby you would never have time to make, right? lol Sweet and Simple .. yet cute! Easy enough to be able to make a few of them for family members and close friends.... or atleast for Grandma and Grandpa.
I did this so it would close into a card. It's held shut with Velcro.

If you knew what you were having you could have the rest all put together and just add the photo and print out the info for the space on the right.

** (Thanks to my friend Deb for letting me use the photo and birth info from her sweet little granddaughter Kaylie.. for this project) Isn't she a doll!
Last night was just such a gorgeous evening! Lots of people where out enjoying the weather. These guys were in flying around the field just to the East of us..and they were so colorful against the pretty blue sky.

They might have wondered what I was doing out there taking pictures of they didn't seem to mind , since they kept flying over and waving. lol

Today was pretty out ..but really windy. We took the dogs out to the cabin for a while, since it was Dans day off.
( haha.. I just looked at this photo closer and it looks like Dan is carrying a bucket in his hand, or something. He's just walking past a tree stump)

Hoping all of you are having a good week!
Until tomorrow!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Altered Bingo card and "The Junction"

Here we are "midweek" into the celebration. Crafty Secrets is full swing into the fun filled week of crafty goodness, free printable downloads, tutorials, and over $500 in giveaways! You need to check the heartwarming Vintage blog everyday to see what in store. Lots of fun stuff you wont want to miss out on.


Todays project is an altered Bingo card using one of my very favorite bird images from Crafty Secrets.

The Bingo card and is from Tattered Angels


Im also sharing some photos from one of my favorite treasure spots in down town Fremont. When I write about going in to look around for vintages finds and fun alterable, at a place close to me..this is where I go.

Here is funny Liz.. helping me show off the sign. lol

People rent booths here.. so there are lots of different things each time you go in .Always new treasures.

I don't think there has ever been a time that I've gone in and not found at least one thing. ( or 2 or 3 or 4.... ) lol
Big and small.

Yeah... you have lots to look at in here.

Be sure to stop in if your ever in the area.. ( but don't buy anything I might want) lol Kidding

Oh.. and this is Pete.. he runs the place. lol Ok, not really..but I'm sure he thinks he does. He keeps his momma company at the store.

LOTS to get done today so I need to get busy. Need to finish up class samples for classes in Michigan for next weekend. If your in the area.. you can find out more about Tattered Angels Classes at Mega Meet. I'd love to see you there!
Have a fantastic Day!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chipboard house vase holder/ and a little look in to Miami Rose Vintage Shoppe

Here it is the second day of the Crafty Secrets Celebration week. Today I did a project using one of the Sweet Chips Chipboard houses. I've wanted to do this for some time now.. and finally did it. I thought it would be cute to cut out the windows and door and make an opening in the top, so I could make it a vase holder for flowers. I wish I would have had some fresh flowers for the vase..but we're settling for silk flowers today. lol

The papers I used are from the Classic Paper Pad, and the stamp from the "Card Sentiments" stamp set.

You can see on the packaging below , all the die cut accessories that come with the chipboard house. They are so fun to decorate! Of course for this one, I cut out the spaces where the doors and windows are also, but you wouldn't have too. I just thought it was fun to be able to see vase inside.

** If are interested in seeing other samples of the house all done up in different themes, check them out here in the Crafty Secrets Gallery HOUSES
Besure to check out the Heartwarming Vintage blog for todays giveaway info.

Okay... a few more photos from my trip to AZ. Check out this fun place!

Does this look Glorious or what?

I'll take that chandelier please!
.. and that floral print on the back wall.
pretty cool place huh

Just the color combinations on the walls with the contrast of that
awesome ornate black door frame .. is enough to make me giddy. LOVE IT!
Not to mention all the treasures that filled this room.

Oh.. if I just had a never ending amount of money, time to do nothing but go to these fun places and treasure hunt... oh.. and have a huge house to hold them all. Ahhhhh

A girl can dream right. lol

Kicking off a week of fun!

Crafty Secrets is celebrating National Scrapbook Day (May 1st)... ALL WEEK this week. Monday, April 23, 2010 to Sat. May 1
You will want to be checking in over at the Heartwarming Vintage Blog everyday this week, to get in on the giveaways. Over $500.00 in blog candy giveaways, free downloads, amazing samples and inspiring ideas for 5 straight days! Our talented DT ladies will be posting $50.00 blog candy giveaways throughout the week and the rest will post theirs on Sat, May 1 when we have our DT Challenge.
I personally will be posting projects using Crafty Secrets Products every day this week , here on my blog and doing my giveaway at the end of the week. So .. stay tuned.

Okay... I'm kicking off the first day with a storage idea , using some $ store tins, stamps, paper, magnets, and odds and ends of ribbon and embellishments.
I was inspired by the new "Material Girl" stamp set from Crafty Secrets.
The tin in the background is one of the shapes that I have found at many $ stores over the last year. There are also round and oval shapes. I have one just like this screwed under the shelf above my work table, with stickles and glues
(with magnets glued on the bottoms) hanging upside down from it. ( all the product is always down at the tip .. ready for use)
This one will just hang on the wall. I bought some of these little round favor tins, glued magnets on the bottoms , to hold them in place on the tin.
This will hold sewing notions.
( you can clickon it to see it larger if you want)
Gorgeous new "Material Girl"Stamps.

I've found , hot gluing them one works best. The ribbon on the back is also hot glued. I am using my hot glue gun on a daily basis again, after not using it much for years. Why did I ever stop using it so much??? It's great!

I used some of these super detailed border stickers to decorate the round tins. (available from Crafty Secrets soon)

I punched out little round scalloped patterned paper pieces for the insides of some of the tins.

Great space saver. Inexpensive and convenient storage.

I know my room is full.. when I can barely find a place on the wall to hand this. lol You can never have enough crafting stuff right? lol
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I still have so many photos from AZ I want to share, I'm planning to add some to each post this week. ( you know me... love photos.. and have to share! lol

Here we all are out for dinner on Rich and Rhonda's Anniversary.
Rhonda( my niece) and I. She is 2 months younger than me. ( and she will certainly remind me "SHE" is the Younger of the two of us).lol

The view from my sister and brother-in-laws front yard

The rest of these are just fun pics from our sightseeing/ shopping day. Small towns along the way. I think most of these photos were taken in Miami and Globe AZ.

I love getting to see and experience things that are different from what your used to . The grand...

and the "everyday". I love it all. I was just soaking it all up.

Oh .. and I decided I could just live here.. in this little yellow house with the mountains as a backdrop. Hook up my little camper when I want to travel.. and see the sites. lol Cute huh? Pretty tiny.. I might have to build on a craft room. lol CUTENESS

Miss my Arizona Family already.
Mom and I certainly enjoyed our time with them.
Happy Monday everyone!~