Monday, May 03, 2010

Come play--- how about a challenge??

First of all thank you all for participating in all the Crafty Secrets Challenges last week! Thankyou to Crafty Secrets for all the fun and for letting us have pleasure of getting to host a giveaway. The winner of my $50 Crafty Secrets Gift Certificate is Cynthia ( Stamp'n in Alaska)

I had a really fun experience recently that I want share ( and hopefully get you involved with). My sweet long time friend
"Nathalie Kalbach" from Germany
now has her own paper line! I was thrilled to have her send some of her papers to me to work with! I am SO proud of her. She is an amazing artist and scrapbooker!

I have to share this photo of Cat and I .. so happy to finally get to meet Nat in person at CHA in January. We have all been long distance online friends for YEARS! To get the finally meet was Fantastic!!!

I'm sure you can take one look at my layout and see that it is not my usual style. But I have tell you .. how much fun I had, challenging me to step out of my "usual". "My comfort zone", "my zone"... "out of the box"
Check out Natalie's Blog post with my project here.. you'll see what I mean.

Sometimes it really spurs your creativity to do something different from what you are used to. For me ... no PINK? no pom pom trim, or vintage lace. No vintage buttons, no stitching??? Instead, bright colors, transparent overlay, ink, and paint ect. It was really fun to just enjoy using different mediums and colors.

So ... heres my challenge to you.
I'd love to have you play along. Challenge you self to step out of your comfort zone. If you dont normally use bright colors.. try it. If you dont normally use acrylic paint, ink, embossing powder, stitching, dimensional embellishments, gel medium, mod podge,fabric,stamping, watercolor, penwork,or any other materials or techniques... TRY THEM! If you normally only make cards... do a layout , canvas, or altered project of some sort. If you normally do a 12x12 layout.. try a 6x12 or 8.5 x 11 or other size.If you normally do digital.. get your hands messy! If you haven't tried digital.. give it a whirl! It's all about trying something a little different.. getting creative and enjoying the process!!!
I would LOVE to have as many of you play along as possible!!! I think you'll be surprised at how fun it really is. SO I CHALLENGE YOU!!!
Come play with me!!! Super easy .. read below

What to do???
All you have to do is CREATE!

1) Create anything "out of the box" for you!

2) Shoot me an email letting me know you plan to play

3) Post it on your blog on Sunday night May 16th or at the latest "early"Monday morning May 17th ( I'll be posting my project on my blog with links to everyone who will play along at 10am Monday morning)

4) Send me the link to your blog post so that I can post it here on my blog. ( email above). Once I post the links .. you can get them from my blog to post on yours if you want to do that,..but that's up to you.

The goal is just to get you to stretch your creativity! AND have fun!

I hope you will play with me! Stretch you creativity!!________________________________

*** I leave for Michigan tomorrow to teach for Tattered Angels. I plan to be in touch by taking my laptop. Talk to you in from Michigan soon! or better yet.. if you in Michigan and plan to be the the "Great Lakes Mega Meet" .. come say hello!!!

Time to go pack


Jan said...

Fun challenge! I'll be playing and have my thinking cap on!

Elaine said...

Love the fresh hip papers and your project even if it is out of your normal style, it's fabulous!
I will think of something - gotta get back on track and make SOMETHING to share soon :) Thanks for the inspiration!

stampqueen said...

Just spent some time catching up - been away from the computer for a couple days for the most part - I switched back to working night shift and its taking a few days to get used to aagain....
Love all the eye candy lately and the pics from AZ!!!
I will try to play along - after tonight I have 3 days off....I am going to try and get my briefcase done that I have been working on so that may be my 'challenge' :)
Have fun up north :) - we are hving a monsoon here!!!

Pattyjo said...

I must say are the most kissey group I have ever seen.


Cynthia said...

What a fabulous surprise! Thanks Vicki. I have emailed my information to you.

Susan said...

Just getting back from dd's Mexico wedding but love the idea of this challenge. Will be playing!

Nat said...

ahhhh so love the layout you made and love the photos of the three of us- so funny :) I will play along :)