Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enjoying the weekend

First of all I have to tell you.. I how much I have loved reading every single comment and idea that has been left in the post below. Such fantastic ideas! I had no doubt my blog readers where super NICE people ..but I have to say.. I had a big warm fuzzy after reading those comments. The give-a-way continues until later tomorrow.. so you still have time to get your comment in for a change to win. ALL the idea are so good... I will "randomly" choose 4 winners.
I have to share something with you that made ME smile. The June 2010 issue of Scrap & Stamp magazine has a feature article on my shadowbox dies.
( all paper images and stamps from...
Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage)
Thank you to Scrap & Stamp magazine and Judi Kauffman for such a nice article! AND... to Crafty Secrets for always creating such beautiful products for me to work with!

Lots of great stuff to look at in here.
HUGE thanks to Jan Hennings for sending me this!

Today I ran in to Fremont to one of the cute purses Amy has a huge stock of in her store now. OH by , it was SOOO hard to choose. There are SO many really really great purses in there.
I had to laugh.. Amy took this picture with her phone...and I snagged it from her facebook page. I don't like to have my picture taken and defiantly not when I don't have any makeup on or my hair fixed...but this is just tooo funny, because it totally says it all. The ENTIRE time I was in there I had at least three purses in my hands.. and could NOT decide! lol.... I was in here over an hour.. just trying to decide!!

Here is what I ended up with ....

um....... and this
It's a really fun dyed, canvasy, stitched, beaded bag.. that I fell in love with and had to have. It's one you wear across you and it has a zipper, which is really important to me. It will be fun for just my billfold and camera, so my hands can be free. Two very different bags..but I love them both!

Awesome variety of purses at
405 North Main
Fremont Nebraska
phone- 402-727-7706

It's a gorgeous weekend so far! I'm home, hanging with the pups, (Dan had to work today). Cloey is here to play with Aly and Molly this weekend also , because Jarad, Kate, Wes and some of there friends are spending the weekend at Long Pine.

I even treated myself to a pedi today. Now I'm enjoying a few minutes in the sun on the deck, watching the pups play in the yard and sipping on a big glass of sun tea. Ah..... life is good!

Hope whatever you are doing this weekend , you are enjoying yourself, and taking a few minutes to just enjoy the sunshine and relax.

** Remember you have until tomorrow afternoon to get in on the giveaways below**


Jan said...

Your published work is AWESOME! As I browsed through my issue, I saw your shadbox and said..HEY, that's Vicki :) It's always nice to send a sweet friend a little love through the mail :)
Enjoy your weekend!!

Gail S. said...

Hi Vicki! SUPER windy here in central NE - feels like it is July note May. Glady you are enjoying your weekend. I have really enjoyed the kindness comments and have my list :)

stampqueen said...

I work most of the weekend - night shift rained this afternoon and 70% chance tomorrow so don't know how much beach time DH will get, DS staying with friends, DD not interested in the beach after all these years so will hang out with friends....
Gald you have good weather - enjoy!!!

Nat said...

how awesome- congrats - that is such a cool pub!!! And i love the bags- LOL - funny girl :)have an amazing weekend!!!

Mandy said...

beautiful work and so love those bags...gor-gee-ous!!!!xxx

mindy said...

Looks like a great day you had enjoying your pedicure and tea!! Down here it was rainy and muggy yesterday - but we need the rain, so I won't complain.

Congrats on the fabulous article! very cool...also, love the purses! especially the black one. Purse shopping is the best!!

debbiek said...

Love, I mean LOVE your shadowbox art, Ms. Vicki. Every one you create is amazing. You are such a genius for coming up with this die and I can't tell you enough how much fun I have playing with it. It' out of this world, girl! Congrats on having your artwork published.

Glad to see you are getting a little sun and some rest. You deserve it:)

Donna said...

Hi Vicki! I'm with you on this one.....let all the ladies have their shoes, but gimme purses! Both your choices are so cute! Thanks for sharing! : )

Congrats on the article....your shadowboxes are the cutest ever!

Thanh Vo said...

I have that issue as well and was I ever proud to see your name :) Way to go my friend!

harrahx2 said...

Wow Vicki, you are all over the place in the magazines. You are one fantastic talent. I love th epicture of you too, no not the feet, the other one. You look about 20!