Thursday, May 06, 2010

More pictures than words

It's late and time for me to be heading for bed.. so this will be lots of photos and very little words. lol I just have a few photos form today. I didn't even think to take out my camera during classes today, but I did take photos of the make and take table , with samples... so ...
New Tattered Angels products , Crafty Secrets image ( in the center)

Gorgeous colors huh? I love , love , love this screen!!!

My "Paper towel" flower

Nanette working the make and take booth when I came back from classes.

So many creative samples done at the make and take booth today. Everyone put their own spin on it...using their favorite Glimmer Mist Colors.

Nan, showing off her "Irresistibles"

I was showing how to use the negative and positive images you can achieve with Glimmer screens.

We had all ages.. and everyone had a great time Shak'n their Glimmer!
Super Creative girls.
Fun to see so many people excited about learning new techniques using Glimmer Mist.
More to teach tomorrow.. so better get some sleep.
Time to shut this thing down.
ps... btw... remind me to tell you how my phone got wet. No phone for me until I get home.
More photos to come after tomorrow.


Precious Treasures said...

Awesome picture of you. Hope you are having fun!

MJ said...

I'm just waiting to see what gorgeous treats you can make with a coffee filter. If you can make flowers from paper towel, you will do wonders with a coffee filter!

Nat said...

Those are amazing!!!! Love your make and Takes!!!

Jan said...

the design on the screen is gorgeous! Great pix of you, too :)
Tell me your phone didn't fall in the toilet???? That happened to my daughter a few weeks ago LOL!

debbiek said... the projects, Ms. Vicki! Looks like so much fun. Can't wait to hear your story about the wet phone. I can only

jan said...

Wish I could be there! Great make and takes!

Jane Wetzel said...

omg...that first tag is just to die for!!!! wish I was there!!!

harrahx2 said...

Cute pic of you and the projects are beautiful. Love the pic on your tag. Creative young folks there too. Hugs.

stampqueen said...

Such beautiousness!!! I dropped my phone in the sink once when I was in a hurry and trying to brush my hair with one hand and teeth with the other.....

Kathryn Moffatt said...

Hi! What a surprise to see myself in one of your pictures at Mega Meet! I'm in the 4th pic, I have on the rust colored print top & jeans. I loved making this's great that you give us the opportunity to try out new products & learn how to use them before buying. Thanks so much!


P.S. would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the pic? Again...Thank you!